Bling Crystal Box (Monthly Subscription) by Zen with Gems

Melodie of Zen with Gems, an amazing Etsy store for all your gemstone and crystal needs, by the way, has just launched a monthly subscription box, the Bling Crystal Box, which I’m totally in love with.

There are two options, the Medium (for the 7-inch wrist) or Large (for the 8-inch wrist). If your wrist circumference is over 7 inches, go with the Large. I went with the Medium and it was perfect.

I was sent the October 2019 launch box for review and, if I like it, to also help promote. Normally I decline to receive and review overly-commercial products. Before I said yes to Melodie, I did a little bit of research. I really liked what I saw. I liked her work ethic, her passion, her incredible knowledge of gemstones and crystals, I liked her Etsy shop, and wanted to see her Bling Crystal Box succeed. It meant something to me to be part of this, so that’s why I said yes to Melodie, whereas I more often than not say no to such promotional offers.

The October 2019 Bling Crystal Box came with a bonus peacock ore pocket stone, and I love peacock ore! How perfect!

Peacock ore, or bornite, is iridescent sulfide, and metaphysically, is said to help facilitate shamanic journeys. It’s a good protection stone for lower realm journeys in particular, and can also amplify mediumship. Quite perfect for an October box where we’re so close to Halloween! =)

Pictured above is everything you get in the October 2019 subscription box and generally what you can expect from each monthly box. All of these are genuine gemstones and the Medium set comes with 22 beads, along with everything you need to craft your own beaded gemstone bracelet.

I also received 2 spacers and 1 charm, a witch’s hat, in line with the October Halloween theme! I used the spacers for my own bracelet that I made out of the box materials, but I left out the witch’s hat.

Now let’s take a close-up look at the gemstones included. Note that yours may be a little different from mine. Each box is unique and hand-selected.

I received 3 rutilated quartz beads. That just means quartz with cool inclusions. And they are definitely cool! With the 2 spacers that came with the box set, I knew that center rutilated quartz would most certainly be the centerpiece of my bracelet.

Then there are 7 beads of a fire agate of different shades, which I love. Fire agate contains the Eternal Flame, and holds within it all of your good thoughts. It’s great for giving Light through the darker and colder months of the year, and therefore perfect for a September box as we enter the autumnal equinox. These are stones that help encourage strength, courage, leadership, ambition, and high achievement.

That’s 3 beads of honey calcite. I connect honey calcite, or golden calcite, with the solar plexus chakra and also to the Egyptian goddess Bastet (or Bast). Honey calcite helps amplify personal power, achievement, and intelligence.

Plus 2 beads of different amethyst hues. Amethyst– everybody knows and loves amethyst. I like amethyst because it amplifies your intuition, especially in ways that make you more resourceful and strategic in business.

Finally, I got 7 beads of black tourmaline, for a total of 22. Black tourmaline, or schorl, is the stone of ceremonial magic. It’s just one of those stones witchy people tend to love and swear by. Psychic protection, shielding, grounding, protection against hexes, all the good things, right?

There’s an instructional video on Melodie’s YouTube channel, Zen with Gems, which I’m sharing here:

I followed the instructions and her suggestions from that video. I also added my own personal ritual spin to it and shared how I crafted my October Bling Crystal gemstones bracelet. Here’s my video:

The combination of colors is really beautiful and perfect for autumn! They remind me of autumn leaves.

Or even Glass Gem Cherokee heirloom corn. Doesn’t it?

I loved this autumn treat for myself! The final bracelet exudes warm, calming vibes and are a great way for me to soothe any anxiety that erupts throughout my working day.

After I finished crafting the gemstone bracelet (see video), I did a single oracle card divination and got the message Serenity. Yay. Exactly what I need. ❤

Here I’m using my Chinese Oracle Bone Script Divination Cards. You can download the digital files for free and print out your own physical copy of the oracle deck.

All I need to do when I’m getting agitated is remove the bracelet from my wrist, start with the bead between the spacers, and repeat a mantra 22 times, thumbing the beads around the bracelet. By the time I return to the bead between the spacers, I’m good. =)

The peacock ore is also such a generous bonus gift! For $20 a month, you are getting an incredible charm to integrate into your personal spiritual practice. The crafting of your own gemstone beads bracelet is not only a lot of fun, but is also a great way to work rituals into your routine. Add this to your monthly new moon or full moon ritual (depending on which aligns more with your correspondences for those phases).

I enjoyed the Bling Crystal Box so much! Melodie hand-selects the gemstones for the month and season in question, and the colors and metaphysical correspondences for the October box were perfect.

Order the Bling Crystal Box (Monthly Subscription), $20

Zen with Gems, Etsy Shop for gemstones and crystals

Zen with Gems, YouTube Channel

FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received the October Bling Cystal Box from Zen with Gems for either a prospective review or unboxing. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion of the product.

4 thoughts on “Bling Crystal Box (Monthly Subscription) by Zen with Gems

  1. Scorpion Moon

    Wow, very cool! And you know, I hadn’t thought of doing a divination *after* spell crafting, I suppose the “set it and forget it” mentality that is usually recommended after spell work has sunk in pretty deep, but I think I might give it a try sometime.

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