Chinese Oracle Bone Divination Cards 2.0

Four years ago I released for free digital download the first version of the Chinese Oracle Bone divination cards. Since then there have been 18,769 unique downloads, many have written in telling me the deck is eerily, spookily accurate, so I’m making the inference that there’s a use for this deck and it’s worth my while to edit them and offer an improved version 2.0. I’ve also revised and formatted the companion guidebook for paperback printing.


Here’s a checklist of all the free digital downloads in this post:

With the above, you’ll be able to craft and produce your own 33-card deck, any way you like. Customize to your heart’s delight, until it’s exactly what suits you.


I’ve also prepared direct-click purchase options on third party external websites for those with no intentions of customizing and redesigning their own deck:

Design Option #1: Taoist Seal
$16.17 for the deck
$4.88 for the guidebook

Design Option #2: Three-Tailed Fox Spirit
$16.17 for the deck
$4.88 for the guidebook

These divination cards are intended to be produced at 3.5″ x 5″. I test-printed with MPC, so if you print through that site, it should look decent.

Chinese Oracle Bone Divination Cards

Download Zip File of All Images

To custom-produce your own set of divination cards, click on the below external link for print-on-demand 3.5″ x 5″ game cards:

Print-on-Demand 3.5″ x 5″ Deck

Follow the instructions provided by the site to upload the image files with the card back design of your choosing.

You don’t have to purchase a printed copy from MPC. Over the years you’ve all shared with me how you hand-wrote the 33 cards or printed them out at home or at the office to craft your own oracle deck. There are only 33 cards, so it’s a relatively simple one-day arts and crafts project if you want to do it yourself from scratch.

There are seven card back design options to choose from. See above. No you are not beholden to use any one of them. You’re free to design and personalize your own card backs.

For the companion guidebook there are seven corresponding cover design options to match the seven card back designs.

The companion guidebook for the deck is formatted at A5 trim size, or 5.83″ x 8.26″. That also means if you’re savvy with home or office printer settings, you can print them as two-page spreads, To Fit, on 8.5″ x 11″ US Letter paper landscape, and create your own little booklet.

There are only 70 interior pages. That means you only need 18 sheets of US Letter size print paper and you’ll get 2 extra blank end pages for note-taking. Print the front and back cover design separately on a single sheet of cardstock. 

Download the PDF digital book below:

Oracle Bone Divination Deck Guidebook

Download PDF E-Book

Guidebook Cover Design Options

Download Zip File of All Images

You can also design your own matching card back and book covers. The dimensions are as follows:

  • Card Back: 3.5″ x 5″
  • Book Cover: 5.83″ x 8.26″ (you’ll need one front cover design and one back cover design, as two separate image files)
  • Resolution: 300 dpi minimum

Yes, please feel free to create your own deck and guidebook set with your own customized design.

In the guidebook I discuss Fu talisman houses (you’ll know what that is if you’ve read The Tao of Craft and if you haven’t but you read the chapter “How to Work with the Cards” in the guidebook, then you’ll be able to infer what they are). If that whole section of the guidebook on one way to work with these cards is of interest to you, then the below zip files may be of interest to you, too.

Fu Talisman Houses

Download Zip File of All Images

The 33 Oracle Bone Scripts (JPGs)

Download Zip File of All Images

If you’re not that enthusiastic about customizing your own deck and can live with my default selection, then the below links are for those who just want to click and buy. You’ve got two default options.


Taoist Seal

The card back design for Option #1 is reversible. It’s simple and neutral. The three main oracle bone scripts you see are from the deck– Luminescence, Affluence, and Beneficence. The center features a glyph for Divinity. This is a power seal for facilitating well-being.

33 Cards, 300 gsm, 3.5″ x 5″

33-Card Divination Deck

Design Option #1

70 Pages, Perfect Bound, 5.83″ x 8.26″

Order the Guidebook in Paperback

Design Option #1


Three-Tailed Fox Spirit

The card back design for Option #2 is non-reversible. This option features the three-tailed fox spirit (cf. nine-tailed fox spirit). You don’t want to be working with the nine-tailed fox spirit unless you know what you’re doing. =) It’s going to be easier to work with and have a harmonious, compatible, non-committal relationship with a three-tailed fox spirit than it would be with the nine-tailed.

33 Cards, 300 gsm, 3.5″ x 5″

33-Card Divination Deck

Design Option #2

70 Pages, Perfect Bound, 5.83″ x 8.26″

Order the Guidebook in Paperback

Design Option #2

If you order any of the default option decks from MPC, I get $1.47 per order.

If you order any of the default option guidebooks from Lulu, I get $1.78 per order.

Again, bear in mind that you’re free to customize, customize, customize. So if you don’t like the two default options, create your own. It just means you won’t be able to use my default click-to-order options and you’ll need to do all the upload work on your own.

Do you have to use these cards in the same exact way I use them for myself? Absolutely not. In fact, honestly, that’d be kinda weird. What, you don’t have your own sense of mind? =)

Once the deck and book are in your hands, they’re yours. Figure out how you connect with them. They’re designed to work for you, not the other way around. In what very personalized ways will they be useful in your own practice?

I’ve also crafted this deck with the intention that a total lay individual with no metaphysical background to speak of can print out a copy of the cards without ever seeing the guidebook and find them useful. The guidebook should be nothing more than a pleasant bonus.

That said, if you’re learned on Eastern esotericism, then you can probably also intuit right away that this system goes deep and should in theory be quite versatile and useful to an occult practitioner, especially one who integrates Eastern esoteric practices into your personal craft.

This Work is provided to you under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license. That means you can remix, tweak, and build upon my work for any and all non-commercial purposes and uses, and although your new works must acknowledge and attribute me, and be non-commercial, you don’t necessarily have to license your derivative works on the same terms. For more information about the Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons license, go here.

Appreciating the Free Downloads on My Site?

When you order one of the default option deck and guidebook sets, I make $3.25 total ($1.47 from the deck at MPC and $1.78 from the guidebook at Lulu). That’s like tipping me. Thanks!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use the default external-site printing options, send a donation via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card to

All Amazon Gift Cards are given to my parents. They’re at that age now where they don’t like to go out to shop, especially when my sisters and I got them Amazon Prime. They buy everything online now so your Amazon Gift Cards go a long way for them. =)

If you want to support my work financially, please purchase one of my Independent Study online courses. A full course list is provided here.

There’s also a lineup of several new courses forthcoming. There’s one for indie deck creators, one with the formula and everything you need to know to lay the foundation for a six figure online home business, one on tarot and the underworld, one on prosperity magic, and a few esoteric Taoist leaning courses. If any of that interests you, then stay tuned. =)

As of this posting, we still have some Spirit Keeper’s Tarot decks, Vitruvian Edition, in stock. If you haven’t already, order your copy today.

Order the Vitruvian SKT

16 thoughts on “Chinese Oracle Bone Divination Cards 2.0

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  2. Dan Cruz

    Hello, Wen!
    On page 14 one of the ideograms become a black square lol
    I’ll comment again if I find any other errors 😉


    1. No, I went with the most budget-friendly options MPC had. If you want to order with the gilding, log in to your own account, upload the files, select your preferred card back design, and then customize with the gilding option. =)

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      1. Okay, thank you. I did price it out of curiosity and your preset option is far more budget friendly. I prefer that anyway so that way you at least get your cut 😉 Thanks again!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha that is very sweet and the sentiment means so much more! Thank you for that! ❤ So I just want to assure you I'm okay with not earning the $1.00 if it means you get exactly the deck production you want and so you will actually put your oracle deck to use! ❤

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  4. Oh! This is Awesome! Luv Your free downloads!^^ Thank You for Sharing!^^ haha! 1$ *royalty exactly how I started selling my Chakra Lenormand on printerstudio & still not many people ordered!x,x facepalm lol btw you may wish to check tgc jumbo size think it cost half of mpc to print 36 card deck?;)
    p.s think I can turn these into poker size without resizing & print with my favorite drivethrucards & gamecrafter!?:) will note you if I manage to do it once I finish my current project & have more time to do good redesign!^^ think tgc should have option to add different designer as well?!;)
    btw did you write these scripts by yourself?:) is there a chance i mess cards fengshui if I try painting same symbols myself?x,x facepalm All Best! reall/Irena;)


  5. Hi, once again thank you for your incredible generosity! I am intrigued by the three-tailed fox and just followed up googling the 9-tailed version. How would you suggest working with the fox spirit? I’m tempted to just go with the “safer” option–can’t go wrong with well-being 😉 –but still, fox may be calling?? Thanks for any insights!


  6. sylvanmoon

    Thank you Benebell! Ordered the deck with the 3 tailed fox spirit and the guide book. I have so much to read and practice, just need to utilize my time better! 🙂

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