Divine Masculine Tarot Prototype Look-See

Tarot of the Divine Masculine by Vasich & Vasich is a deck I’m really excited about. It features extraordinary talent in every aspect of its conception and design.

This post is a look-see of some prototype cards from the deck. You can also check out more images of the deck on Marko Vasich’s Instagram feed, @markovasich, linked here. The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch today, October 1, 2019, so please go here and support their campaign.

The artwork here is done in oil paints. Like Da Vinci and Renaissance oil painters, the technique used is a multi-layering method, also known as the Flemish technique, which is what gives these works of art such vivid coloring. These works are hand-painted on gessoed art board. I can’t stop extolling the beauty of the art in this deck.

Look at the detailing etched into the temple columns for the background of the King of Wands. Look at the hairs on the lion’s mane. Check out the lizard or gecko coiled around the man’s left ankle and shin. Even the checkerboard tiling is painted with such expertise and subtlety as to exude realism.

Each card tells a story about an independent personality. In the King of Diamonds, for instance, we see someone shrewd and observant, with a penetrating gaze. In the Six of Wands, we see a fighter or warrior.

Vasich & Vasich sought to create a tarot deck that would be gender role provocative, and they’ve done exactly that. From the 32 prototype cards I was sent, you do see that this deck is multi-ethnic and all-body type inclusive.

In terms of thematics, animals and scenes of nature are featured prominently to convey the universe of the Sacred Garden. Figures of masculinity are paired with animals, showing the connection between man and nature. This is also a faithful RWS-based deck, so will be fluid reading for the RWS readers out there.

I love the barely-there single line borders in the graphic design and layout for these cards. The graphic design skill demonstrated here is exceptional. Every aspect of the cards is so easy on the eyes.

I love the diverse portrayals of masculinity. It isn’t just about physical strength. Some of these men are nurturing. Others are soft and full of compassion. You have scholars, healers, soldiers, leaders, followers, those who are meek and timid, those who are courageous and aggressive, and a deeply spiritual showcasing of masculinity in its many forms.

Some of the card titles have been modified, such as Key 2, the classic High Priestess card to Intuition, or The Empress card to The Protector. These totally work for me, and I dig it.

Each card face features gold-foil stamping. As you saw previously in the first photo, the edges are browned to give the deck a premium wood-like feel. Texture of these cards are smooth and silky. The surface of these cards feel like rose petals. It’s luxurious and sensuous. According to the PR packet I received, that’s because the cards are coated with an anti-scratch, non-reflective rose petal foil.

I hope you’ll consider supporting Vasich & Vasich’s Kickstarter campaign to help them raise the costs of production. At this time, all 78 cards plus box and packaging design have already been completed, so your risk is relatively low.

In terms of reaching out to me, the Vasichs were exemplary. Their query letters showed they did some research into who I was, and weren’t grasping out with blind, careless solicitations. They sent me a press kit with all the information I needed about the deck and were prompt about sending me the prototype cards. They gave full disclosures about every aspect of their process and to me, observing how they handle these otherwise mundane tasks says to me they’re going to deliver on their promises to the consumer.

Now back to gushing over the cards. The card back design features symbolism for the four elements. The boar symbolizes earth; the eagle for air; the fish for water; and the lion for fire. I’m loving this card back design. It does feel like woodwork and it complements the art style to perfection. I can’t stop gushing over the unequivocal talent and eye for detail from the Vasichs.

The deck will come with a 36-page Little White Book, though I haven’t seen it, in print or a digital copy, so can’t comment further about it. I do like the fact they’re going to be including one with the deck.

The deck creators Filip Vasich and Marko Vasich are first cousins and both come from artistic backgrounds. Filip Basich is a graphic designer based in Cologne, Germany and Marko Vasich is an oil painter based in Belgrade, Serbia. I am just enamored with every aspect of how Tarot of the Divine Masculine came together. I’m thrilled they thought of me and reached out for my comment, opinions, and perspective of their deck project.

Running through the month of October 2019 is their Kickstarter campaign and I hope you’ll show them some love and support the production costs of this incredible tarot project. For more drool-worthy images of the deck art, check out Vasich’s Instagram.

Link: Tarot of the Divine Masculine Kickstarter

5 thoughts on “Divine Masculine Tarot Prototype Look-See

  1. Terry

    Agreed. This deck is truly beautiful. I’ve been following the development for months. Joined the campaign and looking forward to receiving the deck as I have no doubts that it will be successful. Thanks for sharing!


  2. O.L.P.

    thank you so much for posting about this. I’ve been bummed out for a really long time that there are so few decks out there celebrating men in a healthy, humane way. this deck looks really great.


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  4. Achello

    Supported and ordered a set of this wonderful deck. If all goes well, the decks should be shipped out sometime in May.

    Since this review, they have now created a coffee table sized book with full page colored images of each card, along with detailed information about the card, that will be shipped with every deck purchased. Wow!

    As of the beginning of April, to my knowledge, the product has been completed. I’m sure that everyone who supported this project is very anxious and excited to receive it.

    Their website hasn’t been updated but the kickstarter page has continued to update, with information about the book, many more images of the cards and updates about the status of the project.

    I don’t think that the deck can now be purchased but I can bet that it will be picked up by a major company and will be available at some point. So glad that I was able to help fund this wonderful, beautiful Tarot deck.


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