Free PDF Download: Excerpts to Sole Proprietorship in the Sacred Arts

The following free PDF download is an excerpt from a manual that will be part of an online course forthcoming in 2019: Sole Proprietorship in the Sacred Arts.

Part guidebook, part hands-on workbook, this excerpt is 62 pages of reading and prompted brainstorming that will cover the following:

  • My story
  • Myths of the six-figure mystic
  • What is a business model?
  • What is voice and how do you define your voice? (This is the starting point of effective branding.)
  • Branding your identity (Let’s begin considerations for your brand’s physical appearance.)
  • How do you build a reputation? (Preliminary thoughts are provided; the online course will go more in-depth on this topic.)
  • How do you create value?
  • The magic of prosperity consciousness

How do you start thinking about a solid business model for your venture and why do you even need to start there? Can’t you just wing it? Or just do what “resonates” with you at the moment? Who needs planning?

Fine. You’ll bite. You’ll maybe think about your business model. Well then, what are the core elements of a successful business model?

Before you think about sales, or services you’ll provide, your website, writing copy, or how you want to brand yourself, you need to think about voice and what you represent. I promise you if you start here, the rest of branding will come effortlessly, beautifully, and in perfected harmony with who you are and what you stand for.

Voice consists of three parts: point of view (your perspective), mission (your purpose), and vision (your potential). In this free download, we’ll cover the tripartite considerations of Voice.

Once you’ve mastered Voice, how do you ensure that your Voice is heard through the name of your business, logo, presentation, dress, and core signatures? Start with your positioning statement, because your positioning statement is the heart of your brand identity. This free download will even get into due diligence logistics for securing a unique business name.

How do you build a brand reputation? First, you need to begin with a vow. What is your brand promise? The free guide helps you brainstorm a brand promise. Then we’ll cover basic marketing theory on brand trust, goodwill, and storytelling a brand.

Finally, you have to create value. How do you create value?

What most financial analysts know and keep secret is that value is illusory. Over a long-term head to head comparison, hedge fund managers do not outperform the index. Yet these hedge fund managers are paid millions of dollars for their salary. Why? Because hedge fund managers are magicians who have mastered the esoteric art of glamour. That’s why. They know how to cast the illusion of value.

One of the first questions you’ll ask is: what should you charge for your services?

Instead, ask yourself how much money you want to make for an annual salary, what kind of lifestyle you want to be able to command, and then how can you create value for your products or services to the extent that clients and customers collectively will pay you that annual salary?

Read more on how to create value in this free excerpt and follow the workbook prompts to brainstorm a strategic plan.

The excerpt closes with some commentary and notes on the magic of prosperity consciousness.

Excerpt Chapters from

Sole Proprietorship in the Sacred Arts

Download the 2018 Excerpt (PDF)

This comes as a sequel to a free handout I provided back in 2016: How to Earn $50K+ Working 27 Hours Per Week. Link to the original post here, or download the PDF directly below.

How to Earn $50K+ Working 27 Hours Per Week

Download the 2016 Handout (PDF)

6 thoughts on “Free PDF Download: Excerpts to Sole Proprietorship in the Sacred Arts

  1. Kalliope

    I want to laugh. Seriously. What pours from your brain into your blog feels like it’s meant for me. Totally narcissistic but… hey. I don’t really worry about that… *sigh* everything is just so hard because everything about *me* is just so… backwards. Lol


  2. Kalliope

    Ok… I totally went back to read over the parts I glossed over… and you speak of VOICE. I am “shook”. Because… That’s one of my self identified metaphors… And… ok. Whoosh I probably shouldn’t air my silly mcnilly stuff on here. So I’ll stop. But I want to thank you a million times over for everything. For existing, and just doing the stuff that you do, as you feel moved to do them. Thank you.


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