Print Your Own Tarot Stickers and Notecards

How lovely are these homemade print-them-yourself tarot notecards! To make them, I first printed the card images on self-adhesive mailing label sheets, so by default, this is also a tutorial on how to print tarot stickers, since the printed self-adhesive sheets themselves are stickers.

Oh, I did mention that when you order the Premium Package for the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck, book, and online course set, you will also get a digital file folder filled with selected high-res images of cards, right? It’s the Majors, the Aces, the Archangel (King) cards, and the Shields (Queens) in the deck, along with other miscellaneous image files for you to tinker and craft with.

This tutorial post will demonstrate one idea for those image files.

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