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Although the First Edition is sold out, I’ll be re-designing the deck and releasing the deck for sale again in 2019. Sign up by clicking on the banner above to receive e-mail notification as soon as pre-orders are open.

Spirit Keeper’s Tarot is a hand-illustrated black and white 78-card tarot deck (with 2 additional versions of Key 0 cards, for a total of 80 cards) inspired by late Renaissance woodcut prints, with symbology based predominantly on medieval European alchemy, Hermeticism, Zoroastrianism, astrology, the Kabbalah, Abrahamic angelology, Egyptian mythology, Sufism, and late Renaissance Christian mysticism. The narrowly-tailored premise of Spirit Keeper’s Tarot is to transform tarot keys into calling cards for accessing angelic realms, or the spirit world of beneficent immortals.

R E A D :

You can check out images of all the cards by clicking on the banner below:

Because the deck’s point of view is heavily influenced by the late Renaissance, Hermetic philosophies on the prisca theologia, and thus by extension Rosicrucian texts from the late 18th and early 19th century and freemasonry, the deck may appear to be Christian in its focus, but that Christian focus is only the result of the deck imagery’s historic legacies.

I drew the deck myself in pen and ink, over the course of 38 days, start to finish. The preparation process for creating the deck was heavily ritualistic and also unapologetically religious in orientation. Through ritual I evoked Waite and Crowley to be present during the creation of the cards, an experience I share in detail in The Book of Maps. I’ve made that chapter available for free reading online, in case it’s something that you would need to take in to consideration for yourself before acquiring such a deck. Read it here.

The deck is a hybrid of the Rider-Waite-Smith system and Thoth and yes, I know that the two systems have irreconcilable differences, which is exactly why I aspired to create a hybrid of the two.

You can read more about my design process and point of view here:

Delivery Date

Delivery is scheduled for December 21, 2018.

International orders may take a little longer for arrival.


You have two purchasing options:

  1. Just the Deck (No Book of Maps, but includes an LWB) $55
  2. Premium Package (Deck, digital files to Book of MapsA Child’s Coloring Book, an online video course, and zip folder of selected illustrations from the cards and Book for you to reprint, reproduce, and use as you will, for non-commercial, personal use only) $65

U.S. domestic shipping is free.

International shipping to any country is an additional $17.

The Deck

  • A 78-card black and white tarot deck + 2 additional versions of Key 0 (total 80 cards).
  • Standard tarot size, 70 mm x 120 mm.
  • Absolute matte finish 350 gsm cardstock with luxuriant gold edging.
  • Comes in a keepsake two-piece matte finish top and bottom lid box.
  • Includes a tarot card size little white booklet, 80-pages total (no card meanings or card by card explanatory entries, however; it’s about as useful as any run-of-the-mill LWB… which tarot readers know means it’s useless…).
  • Autographed Certificate of Authenticity to authenticate your copy of the deck as an original First Edition Print (each one is individually hand-signed by me, and therefore will bear my original signature in consecrated ink, not a photocopy; that’s right, it’s not like my signature is being printed on the card, oh no, my friend– I am hand-signing and autographing all 1,000 Certificates with consecrated ink and reciting prayers and mantras while I autograph).
  • Anointed with holy oil and consecrated with prayer (each one is individually anointed and consecrated by me; not done in bulk; done box by box and so I have personally handled and prayed over each and every single deck), though done so over the plastic shrinkwrap.

Book of Maps

The Premium Package comes with the digital files to The Book of Maps, a 420+ page companion guidebook (100,000+ word count) to the deck formatted to trade paperback trim size.

I will give you a private, unlisted link on a third party print-on-demand service so you can simply click and order a hard copy if you want. That way you don’t have to go through the trouble of uploading it yourself.

However, the printed hard copy of the book is not included in the Premium Package. You only get the digital files with an option to use a convenient order link at Lulu so that you don’t have to do the work yourself. You would still have to pay that outside print-on-demand service to print the hard copy. Estimate cost for printing and shipping domestic is about $12.00.

Although you can theoretically print an unlimited number of physical copies of the book, I am only granting purchasers (you) the right to print copies for your personal, non-commercial use. So if for some reason you need fifty copies of the book in your home, have at it. You’re more than free to do so with your order of the Premium Package. But you cannot print fifty copies of the book and distribute them to people who have not ordered the Premium Package. Are we on the same page?

You can download whole chapters from the Book for free preview here.

A Child’s Tarot Coloring Book

Right now adult coloring books are all the rage. This is not an adult coloring book. It’s targeted for children, so it is written in a tone and style for children ages 7 and up. However, I have personally found it very comforting to read and work through, so it is a great exercise for inner child work.

Unlike The Book of Maps, print out as many physical copies of the coloring book as you want and give them away to others. As long as you are gifting them to others for free, in a non-commercial, beneficent manner, print as many physical copies as you want from your digital files and distribute freely. However, the grant of license to you is limited in scope to non-commercial personal uses only, including gifting to friends and family and as many children as you like. What you cannot do is sell or cause the coloring book to be for sale. You cannot copy or distribute the coloring book for commercial, profit-driven purposes.

The coloring book is at the 8.5” x 11” standard US letter size and as with the Book of Maps, I will give you a private, unlisted link so you can order the printed copies from Lulu directly, without having to go through the trouble of uploading it yourself.

Video Course on Using the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot

This is not really a course because it probably won’t teach you anything. There are no instructions and I’m certainly not going to teach you how to read the tarot. Anything you need to know in terms of operating this deck is in The Book of Maps.

Rather, this is a video-only series that’s going to be commentary on the deck, my process, and my point of view on some of the key ways Spirit Keeper’s Tarot might be used by a practitioner.

Digital Folder of Selected High-Res Images

The Premium Package also includes a digital file folder of selected images from the tarot deck and book in high-resolution. The point of including these digital images is so you can create prints, posters, stickers, decals, protection talismans, for altar use, or even just to customize personal effects with these images. The selected images you’ll have access to are as follows:

There are so many websites that offer print-on-demand services for customized blank journals, calendars, shirts, tote bags, magnets, decals, mugs, stationary, art prints, posters, I mean it’s endless. Print one of the card images out with an intention of it having a talismanic effect, and color in that one single card. You can then keep that colored-in image as a personal work of art to be displayed in your home or scan it in and print customized goods based on that derivative work.

So long as you are a purchaser of the Premium Package, you are granted a limited license to use, reproduce, modify, and/or create derivatives of these Works for your own personal, private, non-commercial uses.

Delivery Date: Dec. 21, 2018, Friday

If you pre-order now, then shipment of your tarot deck order is scheduled for delivery on or before December 21, 2018.

Autographed Certificate of Authenticity

Every deck, no matter regular or premium order, comes with an autographed certificate of authenticity. This is hand-signed with consecrated ink. It’s not a printing of my signature. It’s my original signature.

Consecrated Deck

Each of the 1,000 decks in the first print run First Edition will be individually consecrated. Regular or premium order, doesn’t matter. Every deck gets consecrated. One by one. No batch ritual consecration. That being said, it’s not all that elaborate either.

I will also be anointing each and every single deck with holy oil I crafted myself from resins and whole herbs by a hot infusion process, per the art of the apothecary aka how it would have been done in medieval times, except for the fact I’m doing it on an induction stovetop instead of an open fire. If the silent auction I did for vials of my hand-crafted holy oil are an indication of value, the highest bid was $250 for a 10 ml vial of this oil.

I’ve made custom square magnets that will be placed atop each deck as part of the craft and consecration process I do over each deck. The magnet helps to cast a magnetic field to amplify the ritual consecration process. In my consecration process, I use sandalwood incense that was hand-crafted by Buddhist nuns in a temple my mother grew up near, in Tainan, Taiwan. (One of my aunts is a nun at that temple.)

Limitation to the Consecration Method: I will be anointing the holy oil onto the plastic wrap around the decks before tucking each into their bubble wrap sleeves. Even as a practitioner, in my point of view this is not ideal. However, I also don’t want to open your brand new box of cards. So we have to settle for anointing over the sealed plastic wrap.

Watch a video snippet of what goes in to the preparation of each deck, by me, here on Instagram.

$55 for Just the Deck

Free Shipping in the United States Mainland

+ $17 for International Shipping

You’ll get the deck only (which includes an 80-page little white book inside the box). The deck will be consecrated by me and will include a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

$65 for the Premium Package

Free Shipping in the United States Mainland

+ $17 for International Shipping

You’ll get the deck, digital files of The Book of Maps, digital files of A Child’s Tarot Coloring Book, zip file folder of the selected card and book illustrations for your personal crafting uses, and access to an online video course.


53 thoughts on “Pre-Order the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot

  1. Sheyah Fay

    This is such wonderful news that deserves such enormous congratulations! I hope this gets the reception it truly deserves! What an honor to to be a small part of this journey you are on in sharing your humongous gifts with the world!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Tess Riley


    Just a quick note to make sure that my order had been received. I placed my order for the Deluxe edition of the new tarot deck for $65 on Oct 7th.

    You mentioned that we should contact you if we haven’t received confirmation within 48 hours.

    I will attach a copy of the pay pal transaction with the details.

    My pay pal email is tessriley@hotmail. com. The name on our account is Jimmie Riley (my husband).

    Thank you so much for checking on this for me! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need more info!

    Tess Riley ________________________________


  4. Krysta Brinkley

    Oh dear, pre order is all gone. Bummer for me and congratulations to you. I’ll keep watching to see if there is another opportunity. If you’re making a list of latecomers and wannabe’s put me on it😂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lauren Gray

    I just saw a post about your deck and was in love! I’m disappointed about missing out. Do you have a waitlist or will you be taking preorders for another run? Thanks and congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yvette Leija

    I saw this deck on Jessi’s channel and was sadden to find out that it was sold out but at the same time happy that it’s being enjoyed. It’s beautiful and I hope that some day you decide to reprint or perhaps make another.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Matt

    Omg I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this till today. It looks incredible and I can’t believe you completed the art in 38 days! Your book looks stunningly and overwhelming- such a grand tarot set! Sigh, I’m so upset I missed the preorder and it’s all sold out. Kudos to Tom Benjamin for his review on YouTube today but wish this had been advertised more widely. I hope you do a second print run!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. ann Mueller

    I am so sorry I didn’t order the deck in time. Please put me on a list for reprinting. I so enjoyed meeting you at Tarot NW in Portland in 2018.


  9. Krissy

    In his video walkthrough Tom Benjamin asks everyone not to bug you incessantly about whether you’ll be doing a reprint, as you’re probably needing a bit of a rest. So with the non-buggiest energy I can summon…..I very much do hope you do another run of these.


  10. Tressa Peck

    Please tell me there will be another opportunity to order. This is LITERALLY the only thing I asked for, for my birthday. Have been dreaming about this deck.


  11. My goodness! You must be inundated and totally overwhelmed. Blessings to you on this incredible journey. I understand that the Spirit Keepers deck is sold out and there will not be a second run. However, would you consider selling the Book of Maps separately? I find it fascinating and informative just from a quick view. If so, I would love to purchase the digital download. I have your Holistic Tarot and it’s wonderful. Thank you for all you do. And to those grubby whiners who dissed you in this process, well Pffft! on them. Consider this: your deck was imbued with protection spirits and they probably decided who would be worthy to receive this deck as caretakers. Just a thought. It seems to me your deck went to the right folks and the right time.


  12. Robin

    Have any of the first runs gone to retail outlets? If so, where can I purchase?
    If not, please notify me when there is a second run. Thank you.


    1. Hi Robin! The first edition decks are entirely sold out. However we will be reprinting for a second re-designed edition in 2019, so keep on the look-out for that. =) The decks are sold directly from me to you, via this website and through PayPal. =)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ashley

      Hi, I have just come across your Spirit Deck, and so disappointed I missed it. Should you decide to do another print run on the deck please include me on the waiting list. TY


  13. Ian Radford

    I only found out about your Tarot deck today and it looks impressive but shame it is sold out which shows you did a sensational job. I would like to buy a deck should you do a rerun. I am sorry you have had so many issues but please do not give up. Ian


    1. Mary Hodzen

      Hi’ It is Mary Hodzen and I just sent you 68 Dollar For Another Full Deck. I would like to know if I could pay the extra for the 180 pages, and if not and I still owe Money for this other full Deck Please Let Me know ASAP. Love and Light. Mary MoM


  14. Ashley

    Hi, I have just come across your Spirit Deck, and so disappointed I missed it. Should you decide to do another print run on the deck please include me on the waiting list. TY


    1. Wing Span

      Hi Benebell,

      Just trying to figure out why I got this email a few days ago.

      Have you decided to reprint your deck for sale? Or possibly have a spare?

      It was a question I left on your blog after discovering about you and your deck, several months too late.

      Sincerely, Ashley


  15. Moon Watson

    I am new to tarot and was wondering if there is any way to get the 1st edition of SKT? Your YouTube videos really resonate with me I like how you combined Thoth and RWS. If there is any possible way to get the 1st edition I would really be so grateful. Many Thanks 🙏


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