A Child’s Tarot Coloring Book

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The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot Children’s Coloring Book focuses only on the Major Arcana cards of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck.

Although titled for children, the coloring book is also written for your inner child. It’s basically the free guidebook for ritual-coloring in the Majors that you can download for here, but written for the audience of children ages 7 and up.

  • U.S. Letter Size (8.5″ x 11″): 71 pages
  • Format: Delivery as a PDF formatted for printing and binding

The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot Coloring Book cannot be purchased as a standalone item.

It is bundled in the Premium Package with the tarot deck. To purchase the Tarot Coloring Book, you will have to purchase the Premium Package of Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

Want to preview the coloring book before you buy? Sure! In fact, I’m not just going to give you a few preview pages from the coloring book. I’m going to give you preview pages for the entire coloring book. That way before you buy, you can rest assured with your decision one way or the other as to whether this coloring book is suitable for your children.

And so long as you order the Premium Package, since you get the digital files for this coloring book, you can print out as many copies of it as you like, so long as it remains for personal, non-commercial uses only.

So if you have ten kids, go ahead and buy one Premium Package and print out ten copies of the coloring book for each kid. However, you can’t print ten copies of the coloring book to sell or make profit. Does that make sense?

Can you bankroll the printing of a hundred physical copies of this coloring book and give them all away for free, so long as you’ve been a purchaser of the Premium Package? Yes.

Can you bankroll the printing of a hundred copies of this coloring book and sell them, even if you purchased the Premium Package? No. No you may not.

Can you give away or distribute the PDF file for the coloring book? No. Please don’t do that.

Commercial copying or distribution of the coloring book is prohibited and I’m asking you to not give access to the digital files of the coloring book to anyone who did not buy a Premium Package from me.

Other than those conditions, go happy. If you spend your own money to print out a hundred copies of this coloring book to give away for free to a bunch of people, heck, that’s amazing. I think that’s totally cool of you. But please do not produce copies of this book for commercial gain. Copying and distribution is only permitted if it’s for non-commercial benevolence-based reasons.

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Index of Sub-Pages