Becoming the Six Figure Mystic: The Magic of Prosperity Consciousness

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The Magic of Prosperity Consciousness

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A secret in archery for hitting the bull’s-eye is to detach from the desire to hit the bull’s-eye. Preoccupation with the target can cause inconsistent form, thereby leading to a missed shot. Instead, focus on consistent form and a shooter is more likely to hit the target. The single most important aspect to archery is the shooter’s mind. Archery is a mental game and to succeed, the mind has to focus on form, not on the bull’s-eye. Consistent form is what facilitates consistent bull’s-eye shots.

Like archery, the cultivation of prosperity is a mental game and to attain wealth, the aim should not be on wealth; it should be on the form and the work that you do, which incidentally leads to wealth. The common denominator for the plethora of books on how to become a millionaire and treatises for attaining wealth is to treat the attainment of wealth as a mental game. If the modes for attaining wealth are rooted in the mind, then that mindset needed for attaining wealth is what I describe as prosperity consciousness.

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