Your Empowerment Word

Some of us like to divine or in some divinatory way generate a word to motivate us, keep us focused, and get us through the times to come. This can become your word of the year, or if you’re kind of the non-committal type, then your word of the month, or word of the day, whatever works for you.

Below is a list of 88 words I’ve generated for your divinatory fun. You can use a site like and in the top right corner, input 1 for Min. and 88 for Max. Then click “Generate” and see what number you get. Cross-reference that number with the below listing and find the word corresponding with that number.

If you want to get mystical and fancy, before you hit “Generate,” whisper a petition, prayer, invocation, evocation, call upon your spirit guides, do what you got to do to feel like the moment is special, and then get your random number.

I did it just now to demonstrate, using, and the number generated was 71. I then go through the numbered list below, and #71 is Resilience. So my word is Resilience. I will achieve personal empowerment through Resilience. Nice!

If you’re getting kind of more serious about this, then print out the list, cut up strips where each strip is one word, and spread it out on a desktop. Then, with your trusty pendulum, go in there and see what your pendulum tells you is your empowerment word.

  1. Abundance
  2. Accomplishment
  3. Acumen
  4. Advocate
  5. Affinity
  6. Affluence
  7. Allure
  8. Artistry
  9. Attainment
  10. Attraction
  11. Attunement
  12. Audacity
  13. Balance
  14. Belief
  15. Beneficence
  16. Benevolence
  17. Bliss
  18. Bravery
  19. Breakthrough
  20. Brilliance
  21. Certitude
  22. Charisma
  23. Cheer
  24. Clout
  25. Conquer
  26. Conviction
  27. Courage
  28. Creativity
  29. Cultivate
  30. Defiance
  31. Devotion
  32. Eminence
  33. Enterprise
  34. Exaltation
  35. Exceptionalism
  36. Expansion
  37. Faith
  38. Fearlessness
  39. Felicity
  40. Fortitude
  41. Fulfillment
  42. Glory
  43. Grandeur
  44. Gratitude
  45. Grit
  46. Growth
  47. Halo
  48. Harbinger
  49. Heroism
  50. Hope
  51. Impact
  52. Initiative
  53. Introspection
  54. Jubilee
  55. Kindness
  56. Luminosity
  57. Magic
  58. Miracle
  59. Moxie
  60. Nourishment
  61. Opportunity
  62. Poise
  63. Propel
  64. Protected
  65. Pulchritude
  66. Radiance
  67. Reclamation
  68. Redemption
  69. Refinement
  70. Rejuvenation
  71. Resilience
  72. Results
  73. Scholarship
  74. Spirit
  75. Splendor
  76. Stunning
  77. Sublime
  78. Synergy
  79. Tenacity
  80. Tenderheart
  81. Triumph
  82. Uplift
  83. Valor
  84. Visionary
  85. Warrior
  86. Well-Being
  87. Wonder
  88. Zeal

Now it’s your turn. How will you achieve personal empowerment? =) What is that one word that sums up your secret weapon? What is that one word your spirit guides/pendulum/deities/higher self is whispering to you to help you along this leg of your life journey?

Once you’ve devised your preferred method for divining a personal empowerment word, share it with the rest of us! ❤ You can tag me on Twitter as @Tarotanalysis or Instagram as @bellwen.

20 thoughts on “Your Empowerment Word

  1. My number was 4. My word was “Advocate”. The crazy thing? I just started volunteering this week with a social justice group and took leadership on a project. Either it was complete coincidence or your divinatory game is really guided by the Divine. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  2. sylvanmoon

    Thanks Benebell. This was fun. I just thought “Power Word for 2018” and got #64-Protected. Being a fairly fear filled person, “Protected” is a very profound and powerful word for me. I’m very grateful for this reminder as well.

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  3. Barbara

    Hi Benebell, I’m so happy you are back
    I emailed you a comment about what a beautiful Energy & Gift you have!!!
    I try doing Random & asked about obtaining a Job & I got 76: Stunning.
    Also, I asked about healing for 1 if my daughters & I got 12: Audacity.
    Thank you I feel you have a Great Spirit!
    Love, Health& Light!!!

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  4. I like to my tarot soul card when it comes to randomness. Just to get a bit grip of myself. I got number 6. Which is Affluence.

    So when I did try to be totally random… I went to the site and it got me number 21 which is Certitude.

    Quite assuring I guess.. So lets stick to affluence with certitude.. Lol.

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  5. Well, that was certainly interesting and extremely synchronistic. I set my intention and used to choose my word for 2018. The word number: 88. Here’s where interesting and synchronistic come into play: Two days ago, the numbers 8888 and 88 were basically shoved in my face within the span of seconds. To then see 88 as “the chosen one” is, well, interesting (fascinating!) and synchronistic. And “zeal” is a great word for 2018. 🙂

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  6. Eve

    I got 60 – Nourishment. I just gave birth to my second child seven weeks ago, and though I’ve already lost most of the baby weight, I feel like this word really drives home the fact that in order for me to be my best self, I need to be eating nutritiously, not just restricting calories. I also need to remember to nourish my spirit – an easy thing to forget when you’ve got two kids under two. 😆 Thanks for sharing this, Benebell!

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  7. Rebecca

    Ooooh… 11 – Attunement. There are many chords available, time to collect my scattered energy and re-align it with the one that resonates best.


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  12. JohnnyLA

    I went to and got 68 – Redemption.

    Just to see what I’d get, I rolled all of my new D&D dice (Don’t judge!, hehe) while concentrating on the new year: One fell to the floor and didn’t count and the all added up to:


    So, looks like that’s my power word for the year!


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  14. Brandon Charles

    I used the randomizer and got certitude as my 2022 empowerment word! I love this, because I can be a bit of a second guesser when it comes to myself.


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