Sharing Personal Thoughts on Future Public Offerings

Thumbnails from the various episodes of new programming on my YouTube channel.

Gah. When I say “public offerings” I think of IPOs, SEC filings, and companies going public on the stock exchange. That’s, clearly, not what I mean here. It’s the colloquial “public offerings” as in content I’ve been offering up for public access.

This post contains no substantive content. It’s just a personal sharing of where I’m coming from for what’s to come.

For those of you taking some of my online courses, you can probably intuit I have at least one if not several books ready for publication in the pipeline. There’s an astrology reference manual, mainly for astrologers, since what this book will feature are interpretations for every single permutation of planet in house, planet in sign, certain personal sensitive points in their houses and signs, asteroids, how ruling planets affect all of that, one by one, yep every possibility and combination, and angular aspects. I’m only about 3/4ths of the way done and it’s about 2,087 MS Word pages, or for the writers among you, total word count 721,629. That’s roughly 3.6 times the size of Holistic Tarot, so it’s probably not one book, but several? Who knows. But that’s in the pipeline.

There’s the I Ching book, of course, but I really want to take that material to new depths from what’s currently out there already, so that’s why it’s still in manuscript stage rather than ready-for-publication. There’s a feng shui book also, which is probably going to be a size somewhere in between Holistic Tarot and The Tao of Craft. And there’s this other wild card book I’ve been meaning to write that’s kind of along the lines of a manifesto. I started it, have an outline, and a few chapters written.

I’ve got a few more online courses I want to offer in 2018, so yes, that means even though it’s still October of 2017, I’m already in the writing and production stages.

So recently, you may have noticed that I’ve decided to become an active YouTuber. Channeling my creative juices and developing my skills in the realm of video making has been really fun for me. It started out as me in my own little cerebral world wondering, “hey, can I do this… and then that.. how do I go about doing this, what editing technique do I need to learn to….” but doing so without having to purchase any expensive equipment or programs. I’ve been working (I think it’s obvious) with nothing more than the webcam that’s part of my four-year-old laptop, natural sunlight, which means I am always filming near a window and only around sunrise or sunset (photographers might get why; afternoon natural lighting is too harsh and overexposes my face, not to mention 5 days out of 7 every week, I’m at work all day), MovieMaker, which is a free software program that comes with Windows, MS Paint, also free and comes with Windows, and then good old fashion hand drawings that I then scan in and slide by slide bring to animation. So for me, on my end, it’s really been a creative project, forcing myself to push and expand my own capabilities.

I want to talk a bit about where I’m going with it all. I’ve decided to set up my YouTube channel a bit like its own station. Totally a DIY station, no less, so very low “homemade vibes” production value. Hey. It is what it is. So on this station, there are different series, or programming.

Link to my YouTube channel, Benebell Wen.

For example, I started off with the “Learn Tarot with Holistic Tarot” video series, which right now has 7 episodes out. More to come. I didn’t want to per se teach tarot in a traditional pedagogical sense, since the hope is you’ve got my book for that. *smiles?* So it’s not like I want to turn the chapter by chapter content of my book into video format. Instead, I wanted it to really feel supplemental to the book. Deepening and broadening and expanding on what was in the book. But at the same time, even if you don’t have Holistic Tarot, my mission is you can still follow along the series and everything will make sense to you. In case you don’t realize it, these are some tall standards I’ve set for myself and I honestly don’t know if I’ve met them. I try, though.

Link to “Learn Tarot with Holistic Tarot” Playlist.

Then there’s the “Tinkering Bell” series. That, okay, was a total fluke of circumstances. I knew I wanted to cobble together a practicum-based series where I get into how-to tutorials and more education-based content related to general occult studies, esoteric practices, personal spirituality, mysticism, and spell-crafting, but it was probably going to go in a cut and dry direction. Until the series title “Tinkerbell” or “Tinkering Bell” came to being and a green fairy costume was sent to my doorstep. I don’t know if the green fairy costume was meant as a joke, but I took it and ran with it and now as of this posting, we’re in 2 episodes and the 3rd is coming this month or next.

The hubby J doesn’t love the coloring of the “Tinkering Bell” series. He knows I’m trying to share content that I consider really serious stuff, and I take what I’m talking about super seriously. But then I’m doing so in a green fairy outfit. He says it’s incongruous and people aren’t going to get over the green fairy getup to take my occult content seriously if I’m hopping around the dining room with chiffon wings and a plastic glittery wand. Ehh. We’ll see.

Finally, we’ve got “Bell Chimes In,” which is the easiest video series for me to produce. I come up with a topic I want to chime in on, create an outline of notes, a few keywords and talking points, put on my face and a decent shirt, and then shoot. Then I use MovieMaker to edit it down and cut out extraneous stuff where I go off on stupid tangents or when a motorcycle decides to thunder by.

Link to “Bell Chimes In” Playlist.

Now, we often talk about needing balanced energy exchange. Easiest understanding of that is money. You need to get paid for your work. So what’s the balanced paid-in-kind energy exchange for my YouTube content? I haven’t really figured that out yet. Don’t say monetization or ads because that’s shit. YouTube the company and advertisers are the real winners there, not the content creators. Content creators are tossed a few breadcrumbs so they’ll be motivated to continue to be the golden goose for the mega corporations. No, thanks.

I also don’t want to do sponsorships. I don’t want to do a Tinkering Bell video on working with the underworld and necromancy and out of the blue, have to peddle, I don’t know, T-shirts. Or vegan organic potato chips. You know what I mean? I’m not out to turn my YouTube channel into an income stream, but I am for sure looking for something in return. Oddly, I just don’t know what. So that’s just to say there are still kinks to work out and I don’t really have a plan here, let alone an exit strategy.

Of course, I’m also still taking professional readings, tarot, astrology, and for those local, feng shui consultations. However, I’ve had to cut back substantially, as I’m sure some of you have noticed on my “Book a Readings” page. So at this time and for the foreseeable future well through 2018, I’m only going to be taking select bookings. This benefits you, the client, more than it benefits me. =) By keeping it severely limited, I can devote my full attention, energy, mental space, emotional space, everything to you and there will never be any “cattle call” vibes where you’re just another appointment for the day.

And there we have it. An update on what I’ve been up to and what I will be up to. Will you be joining me on the ride?

20 thoughts on “Sharing Personal Thoughts on Future Public Offerings

  1. Dearest Benebell, you’re making yet more excellent resources. It’s a pure joy to listen to you explain the why of your own ways. I’ve found similarities in our path, and new ideas that make my mind spin.
    Have you considered a Patreon? How about a paid member part of this site? I have two examples. One set of friends (Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult) using Patreon for a membership site) resulting around $6,000 a month now. You have the content to offer to do well. I have another friend who teaches people software tip on a specific embroidery machine. He added a $5 a month membership section to his site for video tips, He’s making a few thousand a month with that one. Do these guarantee anything? No. I have a Patreon for my Podcast. Starting very very slow on supporters. Again, you have enormous stock of valuable work. I wish you continued success!

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    1. Hi Lonnie! Thank you! I thought about Patreon, but I think that would require me to produce consistent and regular monthly content, right? My schedule is erratic so that would be a tough obligation to bind myself to. Thanks for the tips and insights! I think the paid-membership-section idea has a lot of merit and some variation on that theme may ultimately be the way to go! ❤

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  2. Will always be supportive of your works, books, YouTube or otherwise. Have you heard about the 1000 fans concept? I feel like I’ve become part of your 1000 haha. I know you mentioned you dislike monetizing your videos but I think none of us would mind clicking “skip ad” if it were to snag you a couple of bucks!


  3. Already what you have accomplished is an impressive volume if work. It gives a variety of information that satisfies a variety of seeking minds. It appears as though you are bursting with all the amazing knowledge you have to share. You are my fount of knowledge and I eagerly wait for each new offering for my bookshelf. Thanks for all you and out of tutu!


  4. For what it’s worth, I think the green fairy costume is great! I was even a little disappointed you didn’t present at least one video in the costume.. In my opinion, if you can’t do occultism with a wink and a smile, you’re doing it wrong. Your content is deep and thought-provoking enough that if the costume turns people away, they’re not worthy anyway!


  5. How about a “tip jar” at the top of each of your YouTube video information sections? Add a link to PayPal, et voila.

    Thanks so much for the content you’re creating. It’s both helpful and thought-provoking, which is a delicious combination. Peace.


    1. Interesting and thanks! Generally, the donations link thing doesn’t work too well. =) Very, very few people ever end up donating. =) The last time I did some rudimentary calculations, it comes out to be about 1%!


  6. I could be wrong but I think you can set up Patreon to charge per post (eg. $1-2 per video completed) rather than by the month which might work better for a random posting schedule. Thanks for all the excellent, above-and-beyond content you continue to bring out!


    1. Ooh. I didn’t know that about Patreon, where it’s essentially charge per access? I guess maybe it isn’t exactly monetary compensation I’m after. Some other form of energy exchange, if one is possible. But great idea and I’ll look into it. Thank you! ❤ And thank you for your kind words!


  7. Rebecca

    There are few people whose work I turn to first when looking for occult or metaphysical information, and you are one of them. Your work is top-notch and I know I can trust it to be well thought through and researched. I would happily pay for a membership, assuming it was within my budget.

    I know others have suggested Patreon, but I’m not a huge fan. As someone who buys content (rather than produces it), I prefer my financial deductions to be as predictable as possible. I’d rather pay $10/month for a membership than a random $5 whenever someone decides to produce content. $10/month I can budget for. Random charges of $5 here and there I can’t include in my budget because of their unpredictability. (The dollar amounts are just examples; I’m sure you get what I’m saying.)

    Regardless of what you decide, I appreciate your work and your willingness to share it with others. It has certainly enriched my experience.


    1. Hi Rebecca! Thank you. I knew about Patreon (not the details or how it worked), but knew *OF* it, and had already intuited it wasn’t for me. But others made good points so I guess I’ll at least learn more about it. =D Anyway, I don’t necessarily think receiving $5 or $10 or anything like that is what I’m after. Ya know? =) Maybe fostering a greater sense of community and gaining fulfillment from said community. I don’t know. In any case, thanks!! ❤


  8. I’m really excited about a few of those books, and i’m sure I’ll also be excited about the courses! I’m on my second go-round of the I Ching course and really getting so much out of it. I don’t know how you manage it all. I’d be happy to either click through a few ads or pay a subscription or similar.


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