Spirit Cats Oracle Deck by Nicole Piar


If you’ve ever uttered the words “the cat is my spirit animal,” then you don’t even need to read my review–click here and order the Spirit Cats inspirational oracle deck right now. Nonetheless, keep reading. I am about to cause a cute overload.


Artist Nicole Piar has hand-painted 48 cards that call upon the familiar spirit of the cat to heal us, guide us, inspire us, and bring us joy. When I’m hit with a bout of anxiety, feeling stressed, fatigued, or need comfort, going through these cards will lift my spirit up immediately. There is a soft, playful, and gentle energy about the Spirit Cats oracle deck that will absolutely elevate your mood and put a smile on your face.


Piar has depicted these cats as kami, or nature spirits, and reflect a cat kami that is here as your guardian spirit or spirit guide. The deck in its entirety is the embodiment of a cat animal totem, which you can call upon for daily guidance, creative or intuitive inspiration, and to cultivate peace of mind.


The cards are square with rounded corners, 3.75 inches x 3.75 inches in dimension, on thick, premium quality cardstock (on the higher end when it comes to tarot and oracle cards), with a matte finish. The color palate is muted and subtle. Piar’s art is acutely attuned to the divine feminine.


The deck comes in a pale pink and light amethyst box, again on the higher end of quality when it comes to deck packaging, with a matte finish and gentle imagery. When I handle these cards, I just want to surround myself with selenite, which is why you see selenite in the above photo.


Every card has a different card back and card front. That’s 48 different illustrations of cat spirits or kami, and 48 different inspirational messages.


The oracle deck lends itself remarkably well for integrative readings with the tarot. I love doing a tarot reading and then pulling one or two cards from Spirit Cats to round out and finalize that reading.


Piar’s artwork is feminine, appealing, and is just a smidge reminiscent to me of East Asian illustration styles. There’s a kawaii essence here that’s almost undeniable. Spirit Cats is fun, inspirational, but also substantive, and when I sat down and read the cards one after the other, also realized there’s a lot of wisdom to be reaped from these cards. They really do work well in tarot and oracle combined readings.


Every once in a while I volunteer to do tarot and oracle card readings at local fundraisers for animal shelters and this will be such a great deck to bring with me. The deck is an ideal gift to get any cat lover, even people who aren’t into tarot or oracle cards. These are, after all, inspiration cards.


Simply put, these cards are adorable. Part of me even wants to go so far as to say that you have to be soulless to not find these cards absolutely adorable, cat lover or not.


Although the cards do not come with a companion guidebook, none is needed. First thing in the morning or after a long, weary day, sift through the cards, cat spirits face-up, and select the card with the cat spirit that seems to call to you in that moment. Then turn the card over for the cat spirit’s message to you.


Spirit Cats Oracle is perfect for weekly three-card readings. Before a new week begins, pull three cards to get a sense of themes for the first third of the week, the mid-point of the week, and the final third. Pull a focal point card for what to nurture, cultivate, and hone in on that week. Each card tells the story of a spirit cat and the messages the spirit cat brings you as your guide. I love the spirit cat universe that Piar has created here.


Tell me I’m not the only one who went through the illustrations to look for “my” cat. (In fact, mine is indeed a spirit, since Prince Marshall Rimbaud the Great passed on two years ago.) Irrelevant personal note: all of these kitties depicted in Spirit Cats are way too sweet, good-natured, and spiritually evolved to be my little Prince. If we are to be honest and objective with ourselves, the Prince was kind of an asshat. He was sweet and good-natured with me, but a little demon to everyone else. He had bitch resting face. None of these cats in Spirit Cats has bitch resting face.


The Spirit Cats inspirational cards are perfect for a general audience, so you can gift them to any cat lover. No dabbling of woo required. When an extra boost is needed from the cat spirits, take the card with you, tucked into your day planner or handbag as a talisman, so your kitty spirit guide can always be near. For a birthday or hostess gift, pair the deck with a square frame so the cards can become art in your home or office. Switch the art out and cycle through the cards any time you want.


Also be sure to check out Nicole Piar’s VISION Seeker 13-day guided e-course. It’s free. You can sign up for the e-course here. I went through the e-mail course using the Spirit Cats oracle cards and went on an exquisite and motivational journey. The course comes with three guided meditation audio files, loads of card spreads to help you with self-discovery, personal growth, and becoming more familiar with your tarot or oracle deck, journaling prompts, creative exercises, and even free digital image downloads you can use as wallpaper for your electronic devices.


Nicole Piar’s Spirit Cats inspirational cards petition the kami spirit of the cat, long held in traditions from both the East and the West as the witch’s companion, to support you on your journey of personal discovery. Gentle enough for all sensitivities, it’s the perfect gift for cat lovers of any stripe.

Read more about the Spirit Cats oracle here.

Then order your copy of the deck here. Getting a stack of these to save in storage for gift ideas, especially if you’ve got many cat lovers on your friends list, would be ingenius.


FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received Spirit Cats from the deck creator for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion of the cards.

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