The Cartomancer Magazine: What we’ve all been waiting for.

Volume 1, Issue 2, Autumn 2015
Volume 1, Issue 2, Autumn 2015

The Cartomancer is a quarterly journal just released this year. Its debut, the Summer 2015 issue was a huge hit. The only reason I’d heard of the magazine was because everyone I knew was buzzing on about it. The above is the Autumn 2015 issue.

You can buy each issue as an e-zine for $5.00 or the hard copy for $10.00. It’s worth the $10.00. The quality of the print magazine is spectacular, with heavy paper stock, vibrant colors, and absolutely stunning graphic design and layout. These are collectibles. A complete set of all printed issues of The Cartomancer is going to be worth something someday.

Setting aside the materialist reasons why this magazine rocks my world, check out the table of contents for Issue 2, the Autumn 2015 issue. You’re going to want to order your copy. Plus, your order goes toward supporting an awesome independent publishing house run by people who are passionate about tarot and working hard at making a living out of their passion! You’re supporting the very community that supports your tarot studies.

The Cartomancer - TOC 1

Just look at the meaty, juicy content in the Featured Articles section. You’ve got informative articles for your professional practice as a cartomancer (I’m looking at you, Jenna Matlin) and educational pieces to deepen your understanding and knowledge of tarot.

In the above image file of the table of contents, you can also see the Mission Statement for the publication.

The Cartomancer - TOC 2

There is so much quality content packed densely into each issue. My scans are terrible; apologies. The art and photography pages are stunning. In the Autumn, 2015 issue, I contributed a deck review for Kabbalistic Visions. You’ll have to order the magazine to read it! 😉

The Cartomancer - Kabbalistic Visions Pg1

I was surprised and delighted to find Bonnie Cehovet’s review of Holistic Tarot! I got the great honor to meet Bonnie at SFBATS this year.

How is the content for The Cartomancer so great? Because of you, of course! Please consider submitting an article for publication. Check out the Submission Guidelines here. If you’re a professional tarot reader or diviner who specializes in cartomancy, getting published in The Cartomancer enhances your professional resume. It’s how you establish your voice in the profession on a global scale–yes, global. After all, the magazine reaches subscribers all over the English-speaking parts of the world.

If you aren’t already a subscriber, then I hope you will be as soon as you click out of this post. Go here to order an issue. Or contact the editors via this link for subscription info.

You are not only getting a ton of educational and informational content every quarter, but you are also supporting your fellow colleagues. It’s a great product and for ordering it, you get good tarot-professional karma. 😀

7 thoughts on “The Cartomancer Magazine: What we’ve all been waiting for.

  1. Linda Thompson-Mills

    The new (#3) issue is available now, and the other two are also in stock again! I have ordered all of them based on your recommendation, Benebell, received Issue 1 today, and LOVE IT! I asked about getting a subscription, but they aren’t selling that way at this time. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Much appreciated. Lindy


    1. Linda Thompson-Mills

      I received an email from folks at the magazine today saying subscriptions are now available. I also received Issue 3 (Winter 2015) in yoday’s post!


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