The Fountain Tarot: Deck Review

Fountain Tarot - Box Front

The Fountain Tarot was created by Jonathan Saiz, a visual artist with a penchant for metaphysics, written by Jason Gruhl, a writer, and designed by Andi Todaro, a graphic designer.

What a powerful Trinitarian force they turned out to be. This deck is magnificent to behold. It came out earlier this year and seriously the whole mess of tarot folk I’m buddies with were ooh-ing and ah-ing the deck and secretly I rolled my eyes and went, “Another modern-looking probably New Agey tarot deck. Oh wee.”

Then photos of it started rolling out on social media and I adjusted my tune only slightly. “Okay fine. It’s a very beautifully rendered modern-looking tarot deck.”

Fountain Tarot - Box Set

The artwork drew me in. So I watched this video (scroll down) about the creating of the deck and kind of nodded and was silent. Okay. Fine. It’s really, really beautiful. It’s still just another modern-looking tarot deck. And then I saw The Fountain card.

Fountain Tarot - The Fountain Card

That’s when something in me clicked with this deck. Is it because that card announced the arrival of something new? Is it because it was saying to me, at that moment, that this wouldn’t be just another tarot deck? Not knowing one darn thing about this card, it caused me to relinquish what control I felt I needed to keep and just be quiet. (Interestingly enough, that is one of the given meanings of the card per its guidebook.)

In the Chinese ba gua, or eight trigrams, and the geomancy of the five directions, the fifth direction is the center, the fountain or fountainhead, the source of Qi energy that is then moved through the other four directions, becoming the eight trigrams, forming the five elements, and this is one of the cosmological foundations of feng shui. The center is the fountainhead, the fountain that springs forth the Qi. When I look at The Fountain card, that’s what I see.

But you know, this isn’t about me. This is about you, and what’s connecting between you and the Fountain Tarot. See the three cards below, left, right, and center.

Fountain Tarot Reading 1 Cards Face Down

Focus on these three cards and choose one. You can concentrate on an inquiry if you wish, try to connect specifically with the deck if you wish, or just leave it open to the universe.

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