Intermediate Publicity Tips for the Tarot Professional: Your Platform

Yeah, I don't know. I needed a picture to go with this post. I didn't have one. So here is what I came up with. Don't judge me.
Yeah, I don’t know. I needed a picture to go with this post. I didn’t have one. So here is what I came up with. Don’t judge me.

I posted an article a while back, “9 Easy Ways to Increase Publicity for Your Professional Tarot Services” here on this blog. That was for budding or startup tarot professionals. Let’s talk about taking that up a notch and going over some intermediate publicity tips. These tips are going to be most helpful if you’ve been actively pursuing a tarot reading business service for at least 3 years and have been a tarot practitioner for much, much longer than that. If that description applies to you, then read on.

Let’s talk about your professional platform.

Why You Need a Platform

For starters, if you have any aspirations for publishing a book on tarot someday, you’re going to want an established professional platform before querying agents or editors. Even if you have no book aspirations, if you’re in the tarot business to succeed (and I have to presume you are), then having an established platform will enable you to set higher fees. And people will actually pay those fees because they trust your expert experience.

If you’ve ever wondered why another fellow tarot reader seems to be a ton more successful than you and begin to wonder if maybe that reader is better than you as a reader, then stop right there. No, fool! That reader isn’t better than you in any way except maybe better at marketing and self promotion. Marketing and self promotion, at its most effective, is related to your platform.

So. Okay. Now you’re interested in hearing me out on this point. How do you establish your professional platform?

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