New Faces of Tarot: BuzzFeed Article

Screen grab from BuzzFeed

I wrote a Community Post on BuzzFeed about the Millennial generation of tarot professionals. I reached out to my arm’s length network of both tarot professionals and the professionals of other industries who seek the counsel of tarot professionals.

In retrospect, I regret not having interviewed male tarot readers. I will have to make up for that in future work that I do, somehow. Considering other recent articles on tarot, like “The Tarot Card Reader” in the New York Times blog or [the not as recent] “Psychics: The New Therapists?” that BuzzFeed published two years ago or the interest in The Atlantic about fortune-telling and the law, I do believe the practice of tarot is on the verge of a new phase.

Well, it has been for some time, with the interest in the intersection between tarot and psychology, spearheaded by folks like Art Rosengarten, Katrina Wynne, Kooch and Victor Daniels, among others.

Now Millennials are really making tarot trendy, from The Wild Unknown tarot deck garnering a ton of attention from the fashion blogosphere to tarot being taught as a creative writing tool in MFA classes.

For the longest while, whenever tarot made an appearance in Hollywood film, it would be ominously. Some of the depictions I’ve seen in recent years have been, at the very least, neutral, and on a few occasions, in a manner that tarot professionals would find much more agreeable.

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