Divining for Your Personal Stone Talisman


It’s Lunar New Year and while the kiddies get red envelopes, what do the grown-ups get? I’m starting a new tradition for myself, and that is a baggy of charged gemstones. Based on the type of stone, I categorize the stones per the ba gua (eight trigrams) and which trigram each stone corresponds with. This is all a personal intuitive process and not based on any tradition other than the one I’ve come up with.

There are stones consecrated and charged specifically for wealth and financial prosperity; stones for career advancement; stones for increasing more love, romance, or family time into your life; stones of fertility, be that physical fertility or artistic creativity; and stones for health and wellness (I lump intuitive and spiritual development in with health and wellness, which runs counter to what Westerners would think, but in most traditional Eastern metaphysical viewpoints, all of that go together pretty much). I’ve consecrated and charged the stones in five separate batches, on five different dates and times with different, shall we say, metaphysical methodologies, based on their purpose, a small handful of stone selections for each category.


Then I place all of the stones into a drawstring bag (originally meant to be a tarot bag) gifted to me by someone special. This is the baggy I’ll be lugging around to all Lunar/Chinese New Year related social gatherings.


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