Hey Tarot Reader, What’s In Your Bag?

1 Handbag

I’m an avid follower of fashion and beauty blogs, and those bloggers frequently post a glimpse into their handbags du jour. Certain fashion magazines include a feature where they photograph the contents of handbags belonging to celebrities. Don’t people care about what’s in the bags of tarot readers? Specifically, do tarot readers carry tarot paraphernalia around with them wherever they go? Or no, that’s crazy talk?

The above is the bag I carry. It’s by an independent handbag designer who I know personally and adore. He hand-weaves each of these bags! Well, not he himself, but his team. He’s the head designer now. Fancy. His name is Sydney and his label is SD Marvel. Definitely check his bags out. I cannot recommend them more highly. I rave about them to anyone who will listen.

2 All Contents

Here’s what’s in my bag at any given time. No phone or keys shown. I’m using the phone to take these photos and the minute I get home, I always hang up my house keys, so they’re no longer in my bag.

There’s my day planner, which I cannot function without, my wallet, which matches the handbag, pens, tea and hot cocoa powder, my makeup bag, a set of mini Rider-Waite-Smith tarot cards, gemstones inclusive, my inhaler for my asthma, a flash drive to lug work to and from the office, and yes, a copy of the Constitution. I routinely keep a copy in my handbag and they get worn through. Usually these booklets are just the Constitution, but this one that I have also has the Declaration of Independence. There are many reasons why I like to keep a copy of the Constitution close by, but that discussion is for another time.

3 Some

4 Misc

I usually have tea bags and packets of hot cocoa powder on me. Office-provided tea bags are usually sub-par. What I have here is really amazing black tea from Taiwan, and Swiss Miss. I’m sent back to childhood winters in upstate New York every time I nurse a mug of Swiss Miss hot cocoa. Especially if it’s got marshmallows. This packet I have, unfortunately, does not have marshmallows. Selling hot cocoa without marshmallows should be a crime. Anyway…

5 Flash Drive

In case you were wondering about the cute pink thing, it’s my flash drive.

6 Makeup Bag

I don’t know whether most women have a separate little makeup baggy for their products or whether it’s just littered everywhere throughout the handbag, but I definitely need a separate little baggy. I don’t mean to advertise Mario Badescu, but by the way that is definitely a brand I swear by. In my makeup baggy is, well, everything.

7 Tarot Mini

Finally, the part that is relevant to being a tarot reader. Now that I am pretty much reading professionally, daily, I will usually have a regular deck on me, but just in case, there’s always my miniature Rider Waite. I also have 4 lovely little stones traveling with my tarot deck: tumbled amethyst, rose quartz, bloodstone, and unakite.

8 Tarot Reading

For fun I pulled a card to see whether the tarot had anything to add to my little post. Key I: The Magician. Nice!!

9 thoughts on “Hey Tarot Reader, What’s In Your Bag?

    1. Thanks! The layout and images on your website are stunning! I’m sorry I’m not able to read any of it due to illiteracy in that particular language, but truly stunning!


  1. I used to carry around a Picture Jasper with me, but it escaped when I was in New York Visiting!! I don’t have very interesting things in my bag though or else I’d do this post myself. I will be carrying around a small flask of Rose and Orange Water soon and I always have my deck(s) on me though.


    1. I love picture jasper and the calming, grounding feeling it gives. Guess the State of New York needed that stone more than you? =) Ooh– flask of rose and orange water. Sounds intriguing and I’d love to know more!


  2. This so great! As both a tarot reader, a curious voyeur, and a lover of those “What’s in your bag” posts, this post scratches multiple itches for me! Would you mind if I borrowed the idea (with credit, naturally!) for my own blog? I feel like it could be a good opportunity for me to find out what is actually lurking in my handbag! I suspect yours is very orderly and functional compared to mine 😉


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