A Personality Assessment Quiz

I recently stumbled across the following three personality assessment questions. I didn’t come up with these, though the expression of the ideas are my own. You may have seen one or all of these before, but here they are again:

Which shape are you drawn to: Circle, Square, Triangle, or Squiggle Line?



CIRCLE Optimist. Artistic and expressive. Spiritual. A communicator. Intellectual and philosophical. You pursue understanding.
SQUARE Organizer. Planner. Structured. A precisionist. Detail-oriented. Perhaps you view yourself as a triangle, but others see you as the square. You pursue order.
TRIANGLE Leader. Executive. Aggressive. Confident. Decisive. You pursue power.
SQUIGGLE LINE Innovator. Creator. Original thinker. Dynamic. You pursue fame.

Do you prefer to live near the sea, atop a mountain, on a farm, in a big city, or in the jungle?


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