Decisive Age

Decisive Age calculation is a form of numerology, but I include it with my natal astrology readings because of how much impact the Decisive Age has on our life path.

The Decisive Age is a year when a great flux of energies collects around you in a way that opens a significant fork in your life path. It is when you will be presented with two distinctly different destinies and the decisions you make at that time governs which destiny you will manifest.

The Decisive Age is a period of epiphanies, awakening, transformation, reckoning, and a commitment to a particular life path. Events will seem to amplify or converge that year, all to decide which fork in your life path of possibilities you will walk.

For example, Benjamin Franklin’s Decisive Age was, per his date of birth January 17, 1706, age 23, which he turned around 1729. 1729 was the year he moved to Philadelphia and took over The Pennsylvania Gazette. It was that move that likely set the course of his life path toward initiation into the Masonic Lodge in 1731 and his ascension to Grand Master in 1734.

Little Women author Louisa May Alcott was born on November 29, 1832. Her Decisive Age, age 27, in 1859, was when she first began to receive critical acclaim and success for her writings.

The inventor Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, which makes his Decisive Age 28. At 28, in 1884, Tesla made the huge move from France to New York City to work directly for Thomas Edison in the Continental Edison Company. Though the relationship began as employee and employer, by many accounts Tesla began to outshine Edison. Tesla later branched out to form the Tesla Electric Light Company, becoming Edison’s direct competitor.

Likewise, President Barack Obama met his wife, Michelle Obama when he was a summer associate, around his Decisive Age. Albert Einstein started dating his cousin Elsa Löwenthal during his Decisive Age, who he later married and emigrated to the United States with.

My Decisive Age was the year my first book, Holistic Tarot came out and, beyond the mere act of having had a book published, changed…a lot, we’ll say. I finished writing and sold my second book, The Tao of Craft. I went on a very significant personal journey. And I lost someone very close to me. My Decisive Age was in oh so many ways decisive.

If your Decisive Age has already taken place, reflect back on the events around your life at that time. What you go through today and your present circumstances are attributed to the decisions you made at your Decisive Age, or what occurred in your life at that time, leading you down one particular destiny. Had you made different choices at that time, your life today might look significantly different.

If you’re still waiting for your Decisive Age to come, then you’ve probably been feeling like you haven’t peaked yet. It’s because you haven’t. Since your Decisive Age has not yet come to pass and before the year comes, you should know what it is exactly you want out of your life path and make sure every decision, no matter how minor it may seem at the time, is keyed toward your objectives. Keep your radar on for opportunities so that you do not miss any. Be as intuitive and receptive as possible that year because what you do will matter a great deal. It will set the tone for which destiny you will be manifesting in this lifetime.

A divinatory reading with tarot, numerology, or natal astrology can help you make sense of your Decisive Age and enable you to make informed decisions at that time.

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26 thoughts on “Decisive Age

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        1. Anonymous

          0+4+1+0+2+0+0+0=7 so your decisive age is 7. As I like to call it your life’s turning point. What happened at 7 that you can trace back to being important for steering you on a particular course?


    1. Mine is 42…and believe me, you may well be so glad as time unfolds. You have so much opportunity for growth, discovery and becoming seated in maturity. When your age comes, you’ll be able to really work it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Mari J Dionne

      Oh!!! Wait! Yes. It took some time, but the light bulb finally came on. Yes. Definitely my decisive age! I completely understand now. Amazing. Sometimes, the obvious is the most difficult thing to see.

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Myrtille

    Ben… Is there any way to repair what feels like wrong choices I made when I was in my décisive year? I feel lost, and all this seems to confirm I took the wrong path. It scares me to think it’s too late to live the life I dream of…


    1. anonymous

      I keep wondering that, too. My decisive age was when I had to give up my studies, lost all my friends and short after even lost my home and family. No recovery, yet (and that’s already 11 years ago).


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  5. Anonymous

    My decisive age was 38, I’m now 44… yep, 38 was a crazy crazy year that changed everything… EVERYTHING… it’s also the year I became a parent and I wasn’t doing so good that year due to lack of sleep, probably didn’t make the best choices because of the constant fatigue I struggled with. Such a heavy crazy year, I even had someone drop dead in front of me at a business networking group.


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