Unifying Consciousness Tarot by Lori Lytle and Leo Scopacasa

The Unifying Consciousness Tarot by mystic Lori Lytle and illustrated by Leo Scopacasa is premised on emissions of loving forces to unify collective consciousness. These works of art are intended to “activate the soul of the viewer,” by “achieving resonance with the inherent vibration of love” (notes the guidebook).

Bonus Card: Arcana 22, Activation

This tarot is molded from the conviction that we are all one and we are the eternal. Readings with this deck empower you as a being of Light. The All-Seeing Eye becomes a recurring theme throughout the illustrations and is also the motif on the card back design. The Eye in every iteration you’ll see is crafted to activate your soul memory, wisdom, compassion, memories, and to be securely guided by the unifying consciousness of Love.

The pack of cards is a cosmic crew of otherworldly and divine beings, freeform entities, and universal forces framed into the Waite-Smith Tarot structure, with a total of 79 cards. The extra card in this deck is Arcana 22: Activation. This is the key that attunes your All-Seeing Eye to this deck as the window through which you’ll See.

One of my favorite elements of this deck is its use of Platonic solids and reconciling sacred geometry with the architecture of tarot. Lytle links the Major Arcana to the dodecahedron, representing the element of aether, or spirit. We’ll go through each of the Platonic solids correspondences for the Minors as we look at each suit.

Selected cards from the Suit of Wands

Wands, corresponding with elemental Fire, are represented by the tetrahedron. This is the creative spark speaking to that which you seek to grow and expand. It denotes the expression of fire in your belly, the nature of your passion and ambitions, your light, your warmth, and how it is you are inspired. But it’s also unpredictable and feral.

In the Unifying Consciousness Tarot, the suit of Wands is infused with the transformational power of the Violet Flame, a high-frequency violet light that, when you meditate with it, raises you vibration, clears negativity, and facilitates spiritual healing. The tetrahedron is a four-sided pyramid with a flat base to support, sides that join and rise to a shared point for focused energy, directed to the heavens.

Suit of Cups

The suit of Cups guides you to understand and flow with your emotions, to make your heart a sacred sanctuary. A cup is a vessel that receives and that holds space. It alchemizes and thus transforms your consciousness just as water takes the shape of its vessel.

In terms of Platonic solids, Cups are represented by the icosahedron, or 20 equilateral triangles, a shape that holds energy rather than direct it (compared to the tetrahedron of the Wands). Note how the cups in this deck are made of solid gold, symbolic of spiritual perfection.

Suit of Swords

Swords are represented by the octahedron, two pyramids joined on a flat base, with eight triangular faces, and corresponding to the elemental Air. Swords can be used for either good or will, and likewise, your thoughts can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The cross-guard of the swords in this suit are fashioned into the All-Seeing Eye to endow you with clarity of mind.

Suit of Pentacles

Pentacles are represented by the hexahedron, six square faces and the most stable of all Platonic solids. Thus, the suit of Pentacles brings you grounding, practical wisdom, and connects you to the supportive forces of nature.

Pentacles present practical resources and the product of your work. The coins featured in this deck are inscribed with the Flower of Life per sacred geometry. This motif reminds you of the cosmic web that is our interconnectedness.

When you first receive this deck, light a candle and situate yourself comfortably. This will be a ritualized moment to get to know your new deck. Focus your gaze on the card back design, envisioning it as a portal.

Bonus Card: Arcana 22, Activation

Here, the blue rose is symbolic of divine mystery and angelic helping spirits. It is, notes the guidebook, “love, truth, and beauty beyond the physical realm. When you see the Blue Rose, you are on the verge of profound spiritual awakening and understanding.”

I love that the guidebook provides you with blessings from each of the Majors. The blessing from the Devil, for instance, is: May you free yourself from that which binds. For The Tower: May you trust in your power to bounce back. From The Star: May you return to Self and shine like the star you are.

There is a calming, inspirational, and enigmatic sphere of a force field that surrounds you when you work with the Unifying Consciousness Tarot. It is an extraordinary and reassuring experience.

When times get tough and you need angelic guidance, you need to hear that voice of Spirit crystal clear and gentle, this is the deck to work with. And don’t neglect the guidebook — it’s fantastic and will deepen your experience with the deck.

While there are Blessings associated with the Majors, there are Activation mantras associated with the Minors. For instance, “I can create the world I desire” for the Two of Wands, “I accept that growth and change are beneficial” for the Four of Cups, or “I am ready to move on” for the Six of Swords (shown above). “I know when to walk away” is the affirmation to activate for the Five of Swords. Seven of Swords — “I understand what’s at stake.”

The Blessings and Activations that Lytle has written for each tarot card is so fantastic to work with that I kind of wish for quick-glance reference sheets with just the Blessings and Activations. When you draw cards into a reading, look up their corresponding affirmation mantras on the quick-glance reference sheet.

For the courts in this deck, we have the Soul of each suit (Pages, representing the pure essence of the element), the Spirit of each suit (Knights, for that which drives us to action), the Heart of each suit (Queens, the source that nurtures and creates), and the Mind of each suit (the Kings, the thinkers, planners, and the memory keepers).

Courts in this deck, such as the Heart of Swords, signify your core strengths, talents, and capabilities. They spark memories of your history and unravel mysteries. They reveal patterns of behavior and instruct on how to shift patterns of behavior that haven’t been serving you. Courts also speak to your interpersonal relationships, family, and group dynamics.

From Scopacasa’s gallery site, Orbital Arts Gallery, I’d make the guess that these illustrations for the deck are done in mixed media, a blend of acrylic, collage, and digital imagery, among other mediums. Scopacasa’s artwork bringing Lytle’s vision to life is perfection. I love the richness of the visionscapes. The art whisks you away on an astral journey.

Have you ever come across a tarot deck that, on the face of it, initially doesn’t seem to be your typical aesthetic or style? But then the moment you fan out the cards and start reading with it, magic happens. The deck comes alive in your hands. The vibrational frequencies are palpable. The messages are crystal clear. That’s what happened with me and the Unifying Consciousness Tarot.

3/6/2023: Pre-order your Limited First Edition copy of the deck here:


FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received these decks from the independent deck creator for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion.

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