Pre-order the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, Revelation Ed. (second print run)

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First off, I apologize for the convoluted, loopity-doop link after link organization (or lack thereof) to these web pages. I had initially put the pre-order information page here, but it doesn’t make sense as a blog post, so I moved it here:

And now I’m going to re-write this page into an informal chat to give you some of the behind-the-scenes.

As some of you may know, the entire business operation and production assembly line of printing these decks, taking your orders, all of the accounting, admin, email communications with you, answering customer service questions, and once the decks are here, packing and delivering are all done by the Hubby, James.

I only do the fun parts. =) Like blogging about my little project, taking pictures of my cards, making the videos, crafting the anointing oil, and once the decks are here, anointing all the decks and signing the certificates. (Okay the “signing” part isn’t super fun, but it’s fine.)

What is the second print run?

The second print run is just printing the first SKT: Revelation deck for another round so that those who missed the first print run back in 2021 have the opportunity to get a copy of that deck for themselves.

You may recall how, between the black-and-white First Edition SKT and the sepia-toned Vitruvian Edition incurred substantial changes, like I changed some of the card illustrations altogether, not to mention one is black and white and the other is sepia-toned, etc.

However, since this is not a new edition but rather, is another print run of the same edition (the full-color Revelation Edition), there will be no substantial changes to the card illustrations.

Any changes to the color tones, contrast, and saturation?

Not really. I decided, after all that hemming and hawing, I really do like the accidental lighter saturation that came out for the first print run.

It really gave it an ethereal, celestial quality that I couldn’t have achieved willfully on my own.

When I printed a sample copy with the more saturated colors (kind of more similar to the digital image files you see on screen on your digital device), it actually looked more cartoon-y.

However, there are some cards here and there where the accidental lighter saturation was too light so I am going to tweak those cards only. I believe the adjustment will be so minor that unless you’re neurotically (said with love) detail-oriented, you won’t even notice.

Minor changes to product packaging design elements

You’ll notice on the pre-order page that I’ve made all packaging design elements, from book cover to box to card back more consistent and cohesive.

Admittedly my color palette was all over the place for the first print run. Honestly, I just went with what I liked in the moment of designing and for better or for worse, the aesthetic result was not cohesive.

Will you be selling or distributing these decks anywhere else besides that convoluted ten-step requires-reading-comprehension-skills and some-maths point of sales page?


THIS PRE-ORDER PAGE that is a marketing guru’s worst nightmare is the only place you can order an authorized SKT deck.

I do sincerely apologize for how convoluted and multi-step and borderline is-she-for-real?! the process is.

But I also really like that this entire transaction start to finish is from my hands to yours. I’ve talked about this before.

I am the last person to handle your deck of cards, in my own two hands, anointed by me, before you decide to open it up and handle them. After I anoint, I’m the one who wraps it in the bubble stuff, tapes it shut, and then James and the father-in-law just handle the bubble-wrapped decks to pack and ship.

If you are ceremonial-leaning and are a bit concerned about what exactly I’m doing, I’m always happy to be fully transparent. Because at the end of the day, it’s your deck.

It’s anointed with a holy oil, and I give you the full list of ingredients. If you want to know my process, this video tutorial will show you. I use Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion Mantra as the recitation.

The only intention I ever put into any of the decks from me to you is that it supports the path you choose for yourself toward achieving your higher purpose and greatest good. It only does for you what you are ready for it to do. Never shall it lead you into deeper waters than you’re able to swim in.

I was very mindful, even back when I was at the drawing stage, of protection magic so that only intentions beneficent for you can come through. Whosoever speaks to you through these cards can only do so if their intentions are sincerely for your benefit, and their messages can actually advance or fulfill you.

And then I hope that every deck will truly be a useful tool in your hands, should you wish for it to be a tool.

While the process may be avant-garde and not the easiest to navigate, we’re always here for you if you’ve got specific questions. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us at is the only e-mail you should be sending pre-order payments to

You cannot be too careful. There are so many frauds these days.

abelldelivers at gmail is our only account. James handles that e-mail account. When it’s connected to Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, etc., it might say “James Zhang” though could also say “Benebell Wen.” (They’re all joint. But the site itself might choose to feature only one of the names.)

I do have official e-mail addresses. I just don’t use them. Doh. (They’re hard to use! And inconvenient! ^_^*)

Why this kinda unprofessional sounding e-mail address?

Ugh. It was 3 am when I needed to create an e-mail account for payment transactions and I was a very small-potatoes little business online and anyone who bought stuff from me was someone I pretty much kinda “knew” from our community, so at the time I… I thought it would be funny… to call it “a Bell delivers…” with that semi-ominous Game of Thrones tone. Because if you’re e-mailing me at that account, it means I need to deliver something to you?

Sigh. Nevermind. It’s what it is now. Way too late to change it.

No more option between Standard and Premium Packages

For the first print run (and previous editions), you had the option of ordering just the deck (no Book of Maps) for $57 as a Standard package, or the deck plus e-book Book of Maps as a pdf for $67 as a Premium package.

For this print run, James strongly advocated for doing away with that approach and said we need to offer only one option and keep it super streamlined.

So for the second print run, the SKT: Revelation is $65.

But it comes with the deck plus e-book Book of Maps, similar to the old $67 Premium package.

Given current global inflation rates, if you had intended on buying a Standard, yes, it does look like the cost went up from $57 to $65 except now you’re getting the Book of Maps whether you want it or not. =)

But if you had intended on buying the Premium, then actually, your cost went down from $67 to $65.

And James explained the maths to me but I already forgot it. Basically, this evens out in some purportedly equitable way.

Status updates and progress reports

As with every edition and every run, I’ll keep you posted as frequently as reasonable. All status updates and progress reports will always be posted here:


13 thoughts on “Pre-order the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, Revelation Ed. (second print run)

  1. Martine David

    Hello dear Benebell Wen,
    J have a question…Can you let me know the date end of this preorder ?
    Thanks to you for your answer back.
    Have a nice journey
    Martine DAVID FRANCE


    1. copy and pasted from her pre order page: An unlisted link to a third-party print-on-demand site will also be provided. At your option, you can order the paperback copy via A ballpark estimate of the printing cost from Lulu is $35.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on your second print run! I missed out on the first and I’m so excited to finally be able to order one of your amazing decks! It’s the most beautiful tarot deck I’ve ever paid eyes on! I totally agree with you on the color saturation, they look ethereal!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lauren Flynn

    I love the SKT. I bought 4 additional decks and Lulu printed books for my daughters. I have a lot of eye strain and would love to have the Book of Maps in a true Kindle edition so I could have my phone read to me. I have made multiple failed attempts to get the Book of Maps PDF into my Kindle, even if I could do this I would not be able to get my phone to read a PDF. My point is that I would buy a Kindle version of Book of Maps. I have a Kindle version and hard copy of Holistic Tarot for that purpose. I love everything you do Benebell! Thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

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