Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle by Ellen Valladares and Yasmeen Westwood

This is a deck walk-through of the Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle by Ellen Wolfson Valladares and illustrated by Yasmeen Westwood, who also created the Tarot of Enchanted Dreams.

Hummingbird Wisdom is a 44-card oracle deck with thematic phrases and call-to-action oracular messages. It’s like a life coach in a box.

Gentle and sweet, these cards inspire you to fully enjoy the nectar of life. The messages are affirming and inspiring. Here, you see the Powerful Warrior. This hummingbird’s message to you: Do not feel small. You are stronger, braver, and more valued than you know. It’s time to tap into your true source of power.

Other messages are reminders on how to best enjoy life. In Fresh Aid and Flowers– “Spend time amid the natural beauty of the outdoors.”

Yasmeen Westwood’s art is exquisite. Jewel-toned with a soft focus and fairytale magic, Hummingbird Wisdom is a beautiful way to connect with the hummingbird as a totemic animal or animal spirit.

In Mesoamerican folklore, Huitzilopochtli, also known as Totec (Our Lord), is the god of war and the sun, whose representation is the hummingbird. Warriors who have passed on are reincarnated into hummingbirds. Many Indigenous spiritual and religious traditions of the Americas consider the hummingbird sacred, and Hummingbird Wisdom reverently pays homage to that.

I love the card “Siwar Q’enti,” which in Quechua is the Royal Hummingbird found in Peruvian shamanic traditions. Hummingbirds are a guardian psychopomp spirit to shamans when they traverse the Three Worlds (Upper, Middle, and Lower).

Considered sacred, hummingbirds are messengers between gods and people, intermediaries between heaven and earth. And these cards are a beautiful way to facilitate your connection to them.

Our home here in the San Francisco Bay Area is frequently visited by hummingbirds, so I’ve come to adore these creatures. They truly are sacred omens. Any time I’ve perchance had a close, significant encounter with a hummingbird, unexpected news arrives just a few short days later, or an immediate positive shift occurs.

The hummingbird isn’t always the focus of the card. In the above, the hummingbirds are perched on or flitting around an elephant bearing the message, “Let go, let go– lighten your load. Then sail freely through the open door to inner peace.”

I found reading with this oracle deck delightful. If you listen to the oracle messages you get, they inspire you on an emotionally fulfilling path of self-care and being kind to yourself.

Also, often the detailing in the illustrations add light humor and levity to these cards, like in “Listen to the Call” where the hummingbird is wearing headphones and you see musical notes wafting around the bird’s head. This card reminds you to be present in the moment and tune in to the higher frequency that are songs of self-love, compassion, and harmony.

The guidebook provides useful spreads for you to try out with the cards. I like the Divine Nectar Four-Card Spread:

  • Ask about the overall theme of the situation or the spiritual prognosis of the matter at hand and pull Card 1.
  • Ask what possible blocks or obstacles you’ll encounter or alternatively, what it is that needs healing and closer attention. Pull Card 2.
  • Ask the hummingbird spirit for guidance on what your next step ought to be, then pull Card 3.
  • Tap in to that hummingbird spirit and ask for a divinatory message for what the most probable outcome will be, and what you might expect up ahead in the road of life. Pull Card 4.

That is such a lovely spread, you can try it out with any tarot or oracle deck you have on hand.

Published by Red Feather, Hummingbird Wisdom is a heartwarming high-vibe little oracle deck with motivational messages that bring calm and assurance. The high-gloss finish means these cards are easy to shuffle. With its sturdy cardstock and magnetic clasp box, your deck will last.


FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received the deck from the publisher for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion of the deck and book.



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