The Life Line Lenormand by Thomas of Hermit’s Mirror

I’ve reviewed the Life Line Tarot by Thomas of Hermit’s Mirror before here, and I’m loving that there’s a companion or sequel Life Line Lenormand! Actually, it’s the Life Line Lenoracle because this is three deck packs in one.

You can work with these cards as a:

  1. 36-card Petit Lenormand deck,
  2. 54-card oracle deck, or a
  3. 52-card set of regular playing cards.

The deck comes with three Ace of Hearts options and three Ace of Spades options for more gender representation, which I love.

I’m contemplating whether I want to add keywords to these cards, as I think it’d complement the aesthetic.

These single line drawings are inspired by the illustrations of Walter Crane (1845 – 1915), giving the deck a nursery rhymes feel. Combining the ornate, intricate style of Victorian illustrators with the single-line sketch aesthetic is brilliant.

If you zoom in close, you’ll really appreciate the artistry. Study the linework objectively, and it’s minimalist, using few lines to express a fully formed idea.

And yet maybe it’s because of the way the art is evocative of the Victorian era, but your eyes and emotions immediately fill in that space with color and detail. Emotionally the art feels very detailed, doesn’t it?

This Queen of Clubs is one of my favorite cards in the deck. It’s totally got a Prudence cardinal virtue vibe to it.

This bridge-size deck can be kept in the drawer of a family room end table and taken out for game night. There’s a Chinese card game that James and his parents love playing called Big Two, and this is a wonderful deck to take out for when the family sits around the kitchen table to sling cards.

I’m now thinking of the fun possibilities from combining the Life Line Tarot and the Life Line Lenoracle!


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