Importing the SKT Decks: CBP Form 7501 Entry Summary

I’m continuing to keep you up to date on all the granular details of your SKT pre-order and deck delivery, because it turns out many of you– lots– are full-blown nerds like me and find this stuff interesting. Who knew.

On 9/10/2021 I got a notice from the broker about my Form 7501, the Entry Summary (the hyperlink takes you to the U.S. Customs & Border Protection website for even more info on what an Entry Summary is).

I want to leave documentation of the exact dates so we can count the dates and get a sense for how long these things actually take between transaction points.

Here’s a 50-page publication on the instructions for how to fill out a Form 7501 Entry Summary. See, as I remarked before, I feel like if you have basic reading comprehension skills, are willing to do the work, and are diligent, you can totally do all this yourself and you don’t need a broker. I dunno. Maybe I’m wrong and I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m just sayin’ that this doesn’t look like rocket science.

Fun dots of connection– Top left corner you’ll see that the vessel my decks were on: the CMA CGM Loire. See previous status update blog post here to get the reference. If you’ve been tracking the ocean vessel, you may have noted that estimate date for arrival at port was scheduled for 9/12/2021.

PLEASE NOTE VESSEL HAS NOT DOCKED YET. This is an advanced notice from the broker in preparation for the vessel arriving at port.

These status updates are as “in real time” as best as I can give them to you.

12 thoughts on “Importing the SKT Decks: CBP Form 7501 Entry Summary

    1. I am trying to stay patient. 🙂 But I must confess, I am biting my nails and it sure is anxiety inducing! 😂😅🙏

      All the love that you and many others are emanating with is what keeps me going. Honestly.


      1. Jo

        Hello Bell, I hope you are well. My Book of Maps and Workbook has arrived from Lulu.!!! So fantastic. Your work is so thoughtful and detailed, I love it. Thankyou thankyou. Jo.


  1. It really depends on the product. This is pretty simple to assign the correct HTS code to. There are complex rules regarding country of origin and percentage of foreign content, etc that ultimately make determining the correct HTS code extremely challenging, especially for products composed of many individual parts. With certain products, there are also other requirements that must be addressed on import, such as Hazmat and FAA regulations. And if CBP doesn’t agree with you (especially if the code you select reduces the tariffs associated with permanent import), it can result in financial/legal issues. I’m not a licensed import broker, but I do work with them. The percentage of individuals who sit for the broker exam and pass on the first try is under 50%.


  2. Ian Radford

    Well Benebell the ship is in port so hopefully your cards have arrived safely and will be with you soon. I am sure you are keeping your fingers crossed that all is well xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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