Download My Art Study Journal

A while back on my Instagram feed, I shared photos of my 2020 art study journal. Now here’s the whole thing, though it’s still just a slim and sparse booklet.

I kinda didn’t wanna share this because it’s so, ew, a hot mess, disorganized, and you can even witness my mood changes as my handwriting teeters from neat and meticulous to hasty and illegible.

But I promised I’d leave it up to my tarot cards with a yes or no response, I shuffled, pulled a card, and the Page of Orbs showed up. I interpreted that as a yes, post the study notes, so here we are. (Instead of taking a photo of the card draw, see above old doodle pic of the Page of Orbs.)

The journal consists mainly of note-taking while I’m watching online video lectures by art professors, or copying down stuff I want to remember from articles and books I’m reading.

Please do not rely on anything in here as being accurate. This is nothing more than one beginner amateur wannabe artist’s personal handwritten study notes as she started her self-study into learning how to art.

I’ve scanned the notebook in at 8.5″ x 11″ standard US Letter size. Here you go:

Bell’s Art Study Notes (2020 – 2021)

PDF download

Remember in school when you could get a copy of a classmate’s lecture notes, especially if you weren’t in class that day? That’s the vibe of this pdf download.

It’s your kindred classmate’s lecture notes that she’s sharing with you.

10 thoughts on “Download My Art Study Journal

  1. stankbeest

    Your “hasty and illegible” handwriting is better than my most meticulous, careful handwriting.
    Sadly I didn’t inherit my father’s superb artistic skills with a pen (he made these incredibly detailed and complex drawings using an ultrafine 0000-point rapidograph). My penmanship is nearly identical to my maternal grandmother’s and oldest sister’s – it looks like a 3rd-grader clumsily trying to write in block letters.

    Anyway, thanks for this. Your generosity knows no bounds.

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  2. I like it I wrote one on Facebook with a language that is specific to the tarot meaning. Truth is the laws of tarot are like the universal nature of the holy catholic church, small case not the Vatican City +379 country. It was an old Abe Lincoln thing in meaning


  3. Jo

    Hey Benebell, again big loving gratitude from me for your endless generosity. Cant wait till we are out of ‘hard lockdown’ and I can get this printed. I love workbooks more than the finished product- something about the process that really intrigues me. Umm. Without overwhelming you- when will you be taking 2022 Almanac orders? Hugs from New Zealand.x j

    Liked by 1 person

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