SKT Revelation Pre-Orders Update: Bill of Lading

Just a super quick update that really doesn’t contain any substantive content with regards to your pre-order, but some of you might find a look-see at the Bill of Lading to be interesting. So here you go. With personal info redacted. =)

A Bill of Lading, or B/L (you can also see it in shorthand as BoL) is used in import-export, to acknowledge and document cargo on board. I’m sharing what ours looks like in case that’s something you were curious about. Haha. I dunno. I think this is something I’d find interesting if I pre-ordered a deck. So here you go. In case you’re like me.

Also, for a sense of what the timeline has been like, we paid in full and the shipment was ready to go on July 23.

We didn’t receive the B/L that you see above for final confirmation until August 3.

You’ll see on the slip that it says “Laden on Board the Vessel” dated 11-AUG-2021. That means (as I understand it) that the decks will be put on board the ship on August 11 (i,e, 4 days from now). However, that does not mean the ship sets sail on August 11. Sigh.

So to recap: The decks haven’t even boarded the ship yet, but will by August 11, and that ship is still docked in the Port of Guangzhou. We don’t know when the ship will set sail. According to the internets (should be reliable– the port authority website), transit time from Port of Guangzhou to Port of Oakland is 20 days, but I don’t know if that information is generic pre-pandemic, or accounts for our current global pandemic situation.

I know that doesn’t really help to assess timing of delivery on your end, but you now know everything I know. =)

8 thoughts on “SKT Revelation Pre-Orders Update: Bill of Lading

  1. christinejorja

    If you go to you can find the correct location of the ship (Ever Feat, Evergreen Shipping Line). The Pacific of free of pirates so the ships AIS should be on for the entire voyage.

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    1. Hahaha but you are awesome and I love that you (and maybe other kindred spirits) did that! It just makes me feel like my so-called “target audience”… to use marketing lingo… is basically, well, me. 😂😂😂😂😂


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