Sapere Aude Magnets with the SKT Revelation Decks

click image file to download

Click on the above image if you want to download the high-res JPG file. This is going to be a 2″ x 3.5″ magnet that will accompany each SKT III deck purchase. They’re produced by the same company I ordered the 2″ x 2″ magnets from, for those who remember the First and Vitruvian Edition packaging.

Featured on this illustration is Mary the Jewess (Maria Hebraea or Maria Prophetissima) from the Six of Swords (the Key of Earned Success), along with the 18th century motto that exemplified the Age of Enlightenment — Sapere Aude, Dare to Know, i.e., have the fortitude, courage, and inner strength to attain your own understanding of things.

Mary the Jewess was one of the earliest recorded female alchemists and scientists of ancient history. The magnet illustration expresses the Axiom of Maria: “One becomes two. Two becomes three. Out of the three comes the one as the fourth.”

On that illustrated magnet you’ll also spot the white dove from the Ace of Chalices (Holy Grail), the four triple beams of golden astral light from Key 12: The Outlaw (the tarot Hanged Man card, the most important Key to understanding the tarot, see Rachel Pollack), and the full moon from the Three of Chalices, the Key of Abundance (and was also in the backdrop of the Six of Swords card, both keys under the decan ruler Mercury).

The starburst halo around the dove is from the halos of the four Archangels. There are several more details in the magnet illustration that are nods to both the deck art and to me as an artist. I deliberately chose emblems from specific cards in the deck so that the illustration itself, as a composite of those cards, embodies a spread of cards in a tarot reading.

At the center of the red seal is an illustration of Abraham’s Glowing Stone, a jewel called the Tzohar, featured in the Five of Orbs, The Vagabond.

Cover page of Azoth (1659) by Basilius Valentinu (or Basil Valentine). Azoth, ou le moyen de faire l’or caché des philosophes, de frère Basile Valentin by Basilius Valentinus; Christofle Perier; Jeremie Perier. [French] Paris: Chez Ieremie & Christofle Perier, au Palais, MDCXXIV 1624. [French]

The red seal isn’t my original art. But I think that’s pretty obvious. It’s from Basil Valentine’s Azoth (1624).

The outer ring features the phrase: Visita Interiora Terræ Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem, or “Visit the interior of the earth and by purifying yourself, you will find the hidden stone.”

This is the alchemical maxim V.I.T.R.I.O.L. There’s the marriage of the opposites, where the sun and moon are poured into that center chalice and directly below it is the glyph for Mercury. Glyphs for the Sacred Seven appear around that chalice. Then you’ve got the eagle, the lion, and the seven-pointed star. The two hands in the sign of benediction are blessings.

Alternatively, the red seal is an emblem of VITRIOLVM, with the additional two letters at the end VM for “Vera Medicine” or True Medicine. V.I.T.R.I.O.L. expressed as the Green Lion is also found on the Two of Chalices (the Key of Perfected Love).

Vitriol was known as far back as 600 BC in Sumeria. In medieval alchemy, vitriol dissolves all substances except for gold. And so it symbolizes spiritual purification.

The illustrated magnet expresses the pursuit of that spiritual purification, achieved through mastery over harnessing the astral light.

click image file to download

The above is featured on the front of the LWB (little white book), which is Key 20: Apocalypse (aka Revelation), and the addition of the four sacred relics representing the four elements and four Minor Arcana suits. The wand, chalice, sword, and orb are also featured on the magnet.

Trying to decide what to get as these little packaging favors is not unlike considering what to get as wedding favors (that’s just what’s on my mind at the moment since my baby sister is getting married this summer). The bride wants to get these super-specific-personalized things with her name on it, but let’s be honest here– how many guests will actually use something on the daily that has somebody else’s name and anniversary date.

As a business, it’s kind of the same. If it’s got my tarot deck branding, logo, or my name all over it, realistically who is going to do anything with it? Or is it just going to become garbage? And yet the whole point of having something like this is branding and marketing, just like the whole point of wedding favors is so guests have a memento of the event. So what do you do?

I’m hoping these business card size magnets won’t have been made in vain. My intent is for the magnet to be a talisman that attracts toward you Earned Success, Abundance, and Perfected Love. For me, when I see this, it’s also a reminder: don’t be intellectually lazy. Mastery and spiritual purification takes work. If you don’t Dare, then you won’t Know.

6 thoughts on “Sapere Aude Magnets with the SKT Revelation Decks

    1. Shauna

      So excited to hear about the magnets. I’ve a large magnet collection – always go for beauty and interest first – and this will take prominent position. I’ve pre-ordered this third deck coming and was just checking the status when I came across this blog post. Everything you write and do leaves me exhilarated for some reason. Thanks.


  1. I love the magnets. The original ones stay on my work desk, which help me focus and remind me to focus on what’s most important on all I do. I am looking forward to the new magnets to add them to my altar.

    Liked by 1 person

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