Halloween Mood Decks

Does any tarot reader not end up having to sling a ton of cards around Halloween season? =)

Halloween seems to be that time of the year when everyone wants a tarot reading. Pro readers are getting booked for spooky parties and local festivities. When the mood is light and celebratory and the veil is thinning, here are some of my favorite decks to tinker with in late October. Even when the crowd you’re reading for are teenagers, I think these decks are age-appropriate and sure to enthrall.

Each of the hyperlinked headings with the deck name will take you to my review of that deck.

The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot

Maggie Stiefvater (Llewellyn, 2015)

It’s probably the orange borders and black card back design. The pastels on black paper art here also helps set the mood for reading about anything and everything that goes bump in the night. With Stiefvater being a NYT bestselling YA author, this deck is sure to spellbind the teens. Versatile with an air of mystique, bewitch the crowd when you sling these cards around a table.

Gypsy Palace Tarot

Nora Huszka and Matthias Furch (Bombye Kreations, 2013)

There is something delightfully eerie about the Gypsy Palace Tarot. You really get into the fortune-teller mode when you’re reading with this deck. The bold colors and mesmerizing imagery lends to your enigma. See through the veil into the spectral world with these magical cards.

Book of Azathoth Tarot

Nemo (2016)

This Lovecraftian deck will set the tone for your Halloween readings. I love the spooky golden glow of Nemo’s line drawings and how they cast an aura of magic over your reading table. Unlock everybody’s secrets when you read from the Book of Azathoth.

Midnight Reverie Tarot

Constance Watkins (Kickstarter, 2019)

The Kickstarter campaign to fundraise production costs for the Reverie Tarot set is still going on, so if this deck is tantalizing to you, please go support the deck creator now! The Midnight Reverie was made specially for readings at the witching hour. See into the dark this Halloween night with this minimalist deck of modern mystery.

Divine Muses Oracle

Maree Bento (2018)

Send shivers down everybody’s backs with this deadly accurate oracle deck. Recite the name of the card when it shows up in the reading, and then channel the message accordingly. Divine Muses gives off strong witchy vibes and is sure to leave everyone at the party in awe. I love Divine Muses for all things in general, but definitely whip it out for Samhain! Enchanting, full of depth and intrigue, Bento’s oracle is a thrill.

The Halloween Oracle

Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton (Llewellyn 2014)

And of course, literally, the Halloween Oracle is going to be a popular choice at your parties this October. With Demarco’s Halloween deck you’ll weave magic and tell the stories of the spirits whispering into your ear. Cute but never kitschy, this deck is sure to please.

This is the only deck listed without a hyperlink to a review, as I haven’t gotten around to reviewing it yet. =) But I’m linking to an Instagram post where I show you some pics of these spooky oracle cards!

Now that I’ve shared with you mine, share with me yours!

What are some of your favorite Halloween party tarot and oracle decks?

12 thoughts on “Halloween Mood Decks

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  2. hehe, this is great topic! Thank You for recommendations!;D
    p.s my fav are still my good ol rws, thoth AND some Golden Universal And Victorian Fairy!;D facepalm lol


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  4. Gabrielle

    Have some time on my hands, so will involve myself in a blog on Halloween decks.

    Lydia Tarot of the Monsters


    Lenormand Blood & Bone


    Halloween Tarot

    Hoodoo Tarot for root-workers


    Nice Halloween Youtube video 2019


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