Healing Your Body with the Queen of Pentacles

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In today’s installment of Sightsee the Tarot, we’ll be exploring Ethony Dawn’s Your Tarot Court: Read Any Deck with Confidence (Llewellyn Books, 2019) and invoking the Queen of Pentacles to bring you her Gift of Healing. You can read my book review of Your Tarot Court here.

Deck Pictured: Bad Bitches Tarot by Ethony Dawn

This guided tarot reading and journaling session will connect you to the Pillar of Healing power that the Queen of Pentacles rules over. Connecting to the Pillar of Healing through this meditative exercise can help to bring you some relief and calming to the physical aches and pains you’ve been suffering from.

Essentially, you’ll be invoking the Queen of Pentacles for the divine gifts she rules over and using energy healing techniques and guided meditation to help placate any physical pains or discomforts you’ve been feeling.

Please maintain your rationalism and acknowledge that such forms of energy healing and intention-setting meditation techniques should never replace scientifically-proven medical treatment. The purpose of such guided readings for healing is to shift your mental perspective so that emotionally and psychologically, you are in a better and more improved space to expedite physical recovery.

The above photo from Your Tarot Court shows the original seven question prompts for this Queen of Pentacles – Gift of Healing exercise.

Note how I made a few minor adjustments to the wording so it would work with the guided meditative session as a personal reading for yourself.

Correspondence Notes

Dawn’s sixteen archetypes for the tarot courts are inspired by a Wiccan-based correspondence approach to the four elements. For example, the Queen of Pentacles, where the elemental root of the suit of Pentacles is Earth, which corresponds with the material plane, i.e., of the physical body, it would follow that the Queen of Pentacles is the Healer, associated with health and wellness of the body.

From Your Tarot Court (Llewellyn, 2019) by Ethony Dawn

Cf. For those working with the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck, the archetypal forces of the Healer are linked to the suit of Chalices [Cups] and specifically, the Archangel of Healing is ascribed to the King of Cups card. In the correspondence system of the SKT deck, I based the correspondences more closely to medieval alchemy, where the root of physical healing is spiritual healing, and since Water corresponds with the emotional plane, spirituality, and the clergy, the archetypal powers of healing are thus assigned to the Water courts.

When it comes to correspondences and attributions, there is no absolute right or absolute wrong, because cultural perspectives, esoteric traditions, and even personal intentions will differ.

What correspondence system should you work with? That depends on your relationship to specific symbols and your personal gnosis.

In this episode of Sightsee the Tarot, we followed the correspondences detailed in Ethony Dawn’s Your Tarot Court.

What does it mean to invoke the Queen of Pentacles?

The notion of invoking a tarot court card probably sounds ludicrous without context. Personally, here’s how I see it. I see invocation in this context as activating a facet of who you are latent within you, bringing that facet to the foreground of your consciousness and coming to possess the abilities of that facet of Inner You, and here, specifically, it’s the facet of Inner You that embodies the traits and powers we associate with the Queen of Pentacles. Ethony attributes the Queen to the archetype of The Healer, and so we’re going through mental and spiritual exercises that help you to embody that Healer archetype for yourself.

The invocation is a means of appealing to a higher self that’s latent inside of you, activating that inner self so it is motivated to become more present in your conscious, controlled self. The practice of invocation can be thought of as little more than the practice of focusing your intentions, defining them in a way that enables you to focus on those intentions, and through focus, achieve the aspiration of healing.

To approach physical healing from the perspective of personal spirituality (which should always be used in support of prescribed medical treatment, never, ever in replacement of), work with the archetype of the Queen of Pentacles through repetitive invocation recitations.

The following is the Queen of Pentacles guided invocation from the episode, isolated and available for independent download. To help facilitate a mental, emotional, and spiritual state more receptive to physical healing, follow the 3-minute recitation daily, until you feel like you’ve gotten everything you can out of it. Such daily recitations can be integrated into your spiritual practice when you want to focus your intentions on improving or restoring physical health.

Is this magic or is this the placebo effect? Personally, I’m okay with it being both. Does the placebo effect take the magic out of possessing the power to activate my inner will to heal what has been ailing me? No. Does believing in magic mean I’m foolish? Not if that belief in magic actually creates measurable, palpable change in my world.

Ultimately, I’m results-oriented. If these types of spiritual tarot practices do not yield positive results in your life, then there is no reason to keep going at it; try something else. If, however, these types of spiritual tarot practices do yield positive results for you, why stop? Again, never use these types of practices to replace medical science. Use them as a companion with medical science.

Tarot & Medical Astrology

Skill LevelIntermediate

In the guided reading for the Queen of Pentacles Gift of Healing, I noted the traditional medical astrology correspondences that can be integrated into the tarot to help decipher your reading result in Card Position 2.

Here are the astrological correspondences for the 12 zodiac signs:

Click to enlarge

And here are the correspondences for the 7 sacred planets:

Click to enlarge

If you don’t already have a personal working system integrating tarot and astrology, you can check out the reference handouts for Holistic Tarot on tarot and astrology, here

Sample Reading with the SKT

To demonstrate how the Gift of Healing reading with the Queen of Pentacles can work with the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck, I’ll share my personal reading with you.

Card 1: The Significator

Card 1 in this seven-card spread is the significator, which is designated by the Queen of Orbs (The Ebony Shield).

As noted in the Little White Booklet tucked into the box with your deck:

“The Queen of Orbs brings nourishment so that you have the vitality to accomplish your goals and the strength to overcome your challenges. She bears the apple of knowledge that will fortify you with all that you need to be your most resourceful. The Ebony Shield brings protection around your wealth, luck, gains, and earthly dominion so that others cannot take what is yours. When The Ebony Shield appears to you, she is making her presence known so that you might take prudent action to preserve your assets and capital. Save, invest, and be more mindful of your security. A female ancestor or one from your maternal lineage can appear to you through the Ebony Shield.”

For this exercise, we’re going to set the intention that the symbol of the apple represents health and wellness fully restored. We are also going to set the intention that the Ebony Shield protects our physical body while we tend to our wounds and mend what needs healing.

Integrating Ancestral Work. If you practice ancestral work in ritual magic, then here you can call in a female ancestor from your maternal line to embody the Queen of Orbs and send to you powers of healing siphoned from your ancestral line. If none of that made any sense to you, then ignore, move on. =)

Card 2: What area in my life could use some restoration?


Usque ad finem, reads the Archangel’s scroll–we shall find to the very end. It seems I’m fearful and lacking conviction, so the Archangel Commander appears to endow me with the courage and strength that I need to defeat my inner storms.

With the suit of Swords corresponding with Air, what needs mending in my body is psychological, of the mental plane. There are also inner demons on that psychological plane that I need to battle. The Archangel Commander as a spirit contact, a chief angel, appears by my side now to help me fight that battle.

Now, working with the astrological correspondences you’ll find in Your Tarot Court (Chapter 5) plus traditional medical astrology, the King of Swords corresponds with the zodiac sign Aquarius and Aquarius corresponds with blood circulation, your ankles and calf area, and the root chakra. So then the King of Swords court card here in position 2 is pointing to very specific parts of the physical body that needs healing.

Card 3: What do I need in order to find balance in my life?


The Chancellor symbolizes rectification measures. I need the powers of adjustment. The root cause of what ails me at the moment is a lack of mental balance (noting the correspondence of the mind to the element Air, where Key 11 is associated with Air).

After this guided reading session, I’ll extract The Chancellor card from my deck and place it on my altar as a talisman card, to help amplify the energies I will be needing to bring about that rectification, adjustment, and restore personal balance.

Card 4: What can I release and relieve my diseases in my body and energy fields?


Geez, Louise, a lot of Air in my reading with the Queen, huh? So I won’t delve into the specificities of how I interpret this card for my life right now, since it’s getting a touch too personal for comfort. =) But, let’s just say that I read this as not picking up the sword to fight a particular battle–basically, because of the positioning the Ace of Swords is appearing in for this reading, the interpretation is the opposite of the Ace of Swords– it’s the not of what the Ace of Swords generally indicates. I don’t need to achieve that thing. I do not need to pursue that social advancement.

Card 5: What kind of healer can I be?


Anyone else feeling like my reading is very, um, fight-y? Funny enough, at Readers Studio, Ethony and I were Foundation Reading partners and in the reading she did for me, she pulled the Six of Wands from her Bad Bitches Tarot in one of the prominent positions. Here it is again.

I read this as designating me as one who can help advance other people’s aspirations, passion projects, and careers. I heal other people’s failings or shortcomings so that they can achieve glory and extroverted success.

Card 6: How can I connect to the Queen of Pentacles better as a tarot card?


How I would interpret a tarot card in this Card 6 position of the Gift of Healing exercise is the typical interpretation you would give to the card you pull for this position is added to your interpretation of the Queen of Pentacles. Meaning, to you, the Queen of Pentacles in the tarot deck also means whatever this card you pull for Card 6 means.

So me pulling the Four of Swords: The Convalescent from SKT echoes Ethony’s attributions to the Queen of Pentacles in the tarot courts. I can work with the Queen of Pentacles to restore myself after enduring strife. The Queen of Pentacles will nurse me back to full health when I need it. I can permanently integrate what I’ve learned about the Queen of Pentacles from Your Tarot Court and from this guided tarot exercise into my repertoire of card meanings for this Queen.

Card 7: What lesson can the Queen of Pentacles share with me?


In the SKT, the Three of Chalices (Cups) is the Spirit of Affinity Within the Tribe. This is abundance of love and camaraderie. I’m not the only warrior on the battlefield. Not every fight needs to be mine to fight. If I truly seek healing, then I can’t remain at the frontlines all of the time. I don’t need to rush with sword raised into every single battle to be an active part of the war. (Yeah, a bit cryptic for this public post, but in terms of the messages I received from the Queen of Pentacles, I get it.)

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