Tarot Ritual Candles

When you order the Premium Package for the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck, book, and online course set, you will also get a digital file folder filled with selected high-res images of cards from the deck and also the original illustrations found in The Book of Maps.

I previously shared how you can craft your own tarot notecards or stickers here. This post will share how you can use those stickers to make your own altar, ritual, or just decorative candles.

So long as you can get your hands on sheets of self-adhesive sticky paper that you can then print tarot card images on, the possibilities are endless. For myself, I took two dollar store neutral white candles and made them twins by affixing the same angel sticker on both. I consecrated the stickers first by passing them through the smoke of incense. Just in terms of practicality, anointing the paper stickers or using holy water might not be a good idea. The liquid on paper– you know. The result might not be aesthetically pleasing. But you do you.

Or, of course, which makes more sense now that I think about it after-the-fact, you can anoint the candle or dress the candle first in consecrated water.

I didn’t color the images in and kept it black and white, but you might decide otherwise for yourself. Coloring the stickers in first, then affixing them to candles would probably be a lot prettier, and more eye-catching on an altar or desktop.

Since these were going on either side of my altar, I made two that were exactly alike. Apologies for the black ashy stains along the rims of my candles.

If you print any of the tarot card images, it would probably be a good idea to cut them in such a way that they appear borderless. You can also use a corner cutter and round out the four edges first, before affixing them on to candles.

I’m including the high-resolution digital files for many of the images from the deck and book precisely so you can get creative and crafty for yourself. So I hope you will put those digital files to good use and have fun.

Although copyrights remain with me and commercial uses of these images are prohibited unless you’ve gotten written permission from me, anything under the sun that falls under personal use is fair game.

Can you use the digital files of my illustrations to create customized party favors or gifts, which you’re giving away to loved ones for free? Yes. Of course. Omigosh how cool would that be! But I would ask that you not use the digital files to create customized marketing or advertising paraphernalia for a business– because that’s commercial use and falls outside the scope of personal use.

When you order the Premium Package for Spirit Keeper’s Tarot and receive these digital files, the crafting possibilities are near endless. If you’re going to be working with the energies of a particular tarot card long-term, over the course of a year or longer, then it would probably be supportive of your work to produce customized personal effects with that tarot card printed on it, like your cell phone case, printed stickers of that card that you can charge, consecrate, and place as needed, or create a large-size colored-in print of one of the cards and frame it in your home or office space.

One favor you could do if it so pleases you, if you do create customized stuff with the images provided, please share it on social media and include the hashtag #spiritkeeperstarot. I’d be overjoyed if you’d share!

One thought on “Tarot Ritual Candles

  1. Tressa Peck

    Please tell me there will be another opportunity to order. This is LITERALLY the only thing I asked for, for my birthday. Have been dreaming about this deck.


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