Guidebook of 19th Century Etiquette (Download PDF)

You can file this under totally random and “what the hell is this Benebell.” A while back I told you all about my hard drive mishap. What proceeded was some top level desperate attempts to recover as much as we could.

One of those things recovered was this. For reasons now unbeknownst to me, one day a younger version of me decided to check out a stack of 19th and early 20th century books on etiquette and manners. And I took notes. And I consolidated those notes into a Word document.

Fast forward more than a decade seventeen years (!!!) and among the things recovered from my erased hard drive was this document. I spruced it up a bit, made it pretty, and now it’s a free downloadable PDF for you. Why? No reason.

No, seriously. No reason. It’s just that it’s here and I was like, what can I possibly do with this now. I suppose I could share it. So I’m sharing it.

And just so we are clear, a lot of the language and tone in the guidebook are pretty much copied from the original 130+ year old sources. It’s not me talking!! (You’ll know why I’m going out of my way to say that when you read it. Ex. “This is vulgar…” or “…is extremely rude” and “women should never…”)

Do with it what you will or do nothing at all. At the very least you might find it amusing–the document itself as amusing and the fact I bothered at some point in my life to create it is, I think, equally amusing.


Guidebook of 19th Century Etiquette

6 thoughts on “Guidebook of 19th Century Etiquette (Download PDF)

  1. Veronica

    Speaks loudly of the type of human being you wanted to be, and dare I say, you became.
    Thanks for sharing, the world would become a lot better if people read and adhere to this guide. x)


  2. alexdamien

    Hahahaha! Oh, that’s so cool Benebell! I find it extra awesome because I myself am interested in etiquette rules throughout history (and actually think that etiquette and manners is a pretty important issue in today’s world, but that’s another topic entirely). I really liked the pdf not only for the content (really cool!) but also for the format. All your pdfs are so nice and professional looking!


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