Relationship Compatibility by Your Tarot Court Significator

Queen of Swords from the Tarot in Wonderland (Barbara Moore); Game of Thrones Tarot (Liz Dean and Craig Coss); Bad Bitches Tarot (Ethony Dawn)

Even though I don’t personally buy in to generalizations about astrological sign compatibility, they sure are fun to read (and write). Instead of zodiac signs, I’m going even broader and exploring elemental compatibility between the tarot courts. Zodiac signs aren’t the only way to determine tarot court correspondences, but it’s the one I’m going to go with for the purposes of this blog post.

Since there are differing elemental correspondences for tarot out there, here’s the one I’m working with:

Those who are Fire signs are part of the Wands court, Water signs are Cups, Air signs are Swords, and Earth signs are the court of Pentacles. Psst… I’m the Queen of Swords by both sun sign and rising.

To determine your elemental court, you can use your sun sign (what is commonly referred to as your horoscope sign), but for some relationships, you may want to go with moon sign. Checking compatibility points for moon signs, rising, and Venus signs in addition to sun signs can bring a more well-rounded insight to a very specific romantic pairing. Closeness of friendships can also be determined through an account of the moon signs in addition to the sun.

The relationship compatibility I want to explore here is not limited to love. These considerations can be applied to friendships, acquaintances, or professional partners, or heck, even which public figures seem to resonate with you and which for some inexplicable reason just don’t.

Gypsy Palace Tarot (Nora Huszka) and Tarot de St. Croix (Lisa de St. Croix)

Wands Court and Wands Court

Fire | Fire

Two peas in a pod, so you should get along because of how like-minded you both are…except alpha plus alpha means two cooks in the kitchen and neither of you like that. When you get along, you get along. When you don’t, you don’t. The first time a Fire sign meets a fellow Fire sign, tread with care and establish positive initial impressions, forging mutual respect. Otherwise someone who could potentially be one of your lifelong best friends will end up your nemesis. Passionate, productive, and visionary– these two will achieve great things together.

Tarot de St. Croix (Lisa de St. Croix) and Chrysalis Tarot (Tony Brooks and Holly Sierra)

Wands Court and Cups Court

Fire | Water

First vibes you get off the other might not be great and maybe something doesn’t seem to resonate. You don’t always understand what makes the other tick. The Water sign may find the Fire sign too intense while the Fire sign thinks the Water sign’s head is stuck up in the clouds. Yet summon up mutual patience and such a pairing will make beautiful memories together. There’s also a lot of creativity and ingenuity between the two, so if they can overcome personality conflicts and get out of each other’s way, then together they’re that perfect yin and yang.

Golden Dawn Tarot (Robert Wang)

Wands Court and Swords Court

Fire | Air

Instant chemistry. Great attraction. The Fire sign has a natural understanding of how to support the Air sign and likewise, the Air sign admires the Fire sign’s good qualities, and is sympathetic to the negative. These two know how to communicate with one another. Also, together, they get shit done; they implement their brilliant ideas and then follow through like a boss. Undoubtedly a power couple, but both need to make a conscious effort toward being more sensitive. The two both tend to be afraid of emotion and when trouble arises in this relationship, it’s often attributed to overlooking how people feel.

Shadowscapes Tarot (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore)

Wands Court and Pentacles Court

Fire | Earth

The Earth sign brings productivity to the Fire sign’s ingenuity. For help with carrying out the Fire sign’s master plan, the Earth sign is the best bet. Conflicts are often minimized between these two because both are good at balancing personal space and shared space. The Fire sign motivates the Earth sign out of some of that tendency toward inertia, while in so many ways, the Earth sign is a great karmic teacher for the Fire sign. When conflicts do arise, however, the Fire sign has to remember to hold back and not scorch the earth, while the Earth sign needs to be less passive and more assertive: don’t let the Fire sign run you over. Sometimes you, too, should be given the chance to shine. Don’t let Fire hog the spotlight.

Marseille Cat Tarot (Lo Scarabeo) and Golden Dawn Tarot (Robert Wang)

Cups Court and Cups Court

Water | Water

Relationship-wise, the loving-kindness innate in double Water fosters harmony and amity. These two together can be everybody else’s favorite couple. They have a friendship that others admire. The collective intuitive and creative power of double Water is formidable, though executing their brilliant plan and completing their goals is where the challenge lies. Together, a Water sign and a Water sign can be so indecisive that the action items on their agendas never get done, and to boot, not always self-aware enough to realize the problem is their indecisiveness.

Shadowscapes Tarot (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore)

Cups Court and Swords Court

Water | Air

The Air sign finds the Water sign too emotional, too volatile and moody, and too sensitive. The Water sign finds the Air sign too aloof, emotionally unavailable, too apathetic, and maybe even a bit of an elitist snob. These two have a lot to learn from each other, so a Water and Air pairing will lead to important life lessons. The Water sign can teach the Air sign to be more heart-centered, while the Air sign can teach the Water sign to temper all that heart with some rationalism, decisiveness, and objectivity.

Marseille Cat Tarot (Lo Scarabeo) and Shadowscapes Tarot (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore)

Cups Court and Pentacles Court

Water | Earth

There’s going to be a lot of instant chemistry between these two. The Water sign inspires the Earth sign to go further, reach for more in life, while the Earth sign brings stability, security, and a greater sense of pragmatism to the Water sign. Balance happens here, where the Water sign’s strengths happen to be the Earth sign’s weaknesses, and vice versa. However, this pairing needs to be mindful of not forgetting about the outside world. You both have other relationship commitments, too, and those shouldn’t be ignored. Overall, these two fit well together.

Golden Dawn Tarot (Robert Wang) and Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition (Danielle Noel)

Swords Court and Swords Court

Air | Air

Oh boy. This could go two ways. High levels of mutual respect and admiration or all out bloody war. And both are capable of and not above fighting dirty. When each is mindful of staying in their own lanes and demonstrate genuine support for the other, these two are powerful, unstoppable allies. When an Air sign and an Air sign get together, everybody else better just get out of the way. You do not want to go up against allied forces of double Air. So long as they don’t end up turning on each other, these two will achieve impressive heights together and take all their loved ones or their community with them to that next level.

Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition (Danielle Noel) and Golden Dawn Tarot (Robert Wang)

Swords Court and Pentacles Court

Air | Earth

Ideological differences are bound to come up. At times, secretly, the Air sign may feel like the Earth sign is holding the Air sign back. The Earth sign feels like the Air sign is running ahead and not waiting up for the Earth sign. Sometimes it’s like they’re playing the same ball game but on totally different fields… and also, not by the same rules. If these two can accept their fundamental differences, then it’s a great pairing. The Earth sign brings much needed pragmatism and stability to Air, while Air motivates Earth toward higher achievement and improved self-confidence.

Triple Goddess Tarot (Jaymi Elford) and Bad Bitches Tarot (Ethony Dawn)

Pentacles Court and Pentacles Court

Earth | Earth

This is a steady, stable pairing, but when they find themselves on a plateau, it can be hard to get off it. Fortunately, these two are able to read each other’s minds so they know how to accommodate for one another, but when a misunderstanding happens, neither will take the initiative to open the dialogue that needs to take place. Strong foundations are built and deep roots grown because of double Earth pairings. In terms of a business or professional relationship, Earth and Earth yield longevity, sustainability, and ongoing success. In terms of personal relationships, they’re committed, loyal, and in it for the long haul, but take care not to get so comfortable with each other that you both forget to grow and evolve as individuals.

I like to emphasize that when it comes to determining compatibility, don’t think in terms of doomed relationships or matches made in heaven. There are pros and cons to every pairing. Ultimately, how a relationship works out is more dependent on the amount of effort the two parties are willing to put in. Even pairings that are elementally attractive and balanced will fall part if no one is willing to put in the effort, and likewise, ill-dignified energies can always be rectified.

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    Humans, however, are complex; we all have different combinations of the elements. Inside each of us, there is a Magician, the great alchemist. What will you make of it?


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