Talismanic Charm Bracelet for Protection

The charm bracelet itself began as an amulet or talisman used to ward off evil and harm. Charm bracelet talismans made from shells were documented in Africa 75,000 years ago and were also used in ancient Egypt. Medieval knights wore charms for protection. Then it was in the early 20th century that the charm bracelet came back as a fashion accessory.

This post is a DIY how-to for crafting your own talismanic charm bracelet and some commentary on the different purposes such a talisman can offer.

While I was compiling my notes and talking points for the Bell Chimes In “Evil Eye” episode, I stumbled across a sale for a bulk wholesale order of glass evil eye beads that I just couldn’t pass up. Nevermind that I didn’t have one clue what I’d do with the beads. A sale is a sale. Click. A giant box of wholesale-priced glass evil eye beads were sent to my doorstep.

I’ve been collecting antique bronze charms for a while now. I really like bronze. I had a stash of charms I had painstakingly selected, one by one, that I planned on using for a charms casting divination kit, which never happened. Too many personal projects, I suppose, and the DIY charms casting divination kit just got sidetracked.

Then one day I decided to put the two together to make myself an evil eye beaded charms bracelet. I rinsed all the evil eye beads in holy water first, then let them air dry out under the sunlight. Then I set about selecting each charm, one by one, for the symbolism.

There’s an owl charm, a seahorse, a dragon, and several feather charms. There are common religious symbols as well–the lotus, the sacred heart, many different styles of crosses, a Tree of Life, a Star of David, a pentagram, and the symbol of Ahimsa.

Then there were the charms selected to represent wishes or blessings. The treble clef symbol to bless my life with music, the arts, and culture. An anchor, a ship, and a train charms for safe travels.

I also included many skeleton keys because skeleton keys always make for powerful amulets. By the way, I specially anointed the key charms with a consecrated anointing oil. As I anointed each skeleton key, I recited something to empower that one specific key for a specific use, purposed to unlock a specific metaphorical door for me.

During a waxing gibbous moon, the closer to the full moon the better, I string the glass evil eye beads and bronze charms together with heavy duty elastic jewelry thread, and as I do, recite mantras. I string about two charms between every evil eye bead. Then I knot the two ends together, and voila. Done! It’s so easy! You seriously need zero talent or skill to make this.

When it’s a full moon, place the bracelet on an altar dish, anoint the eight directional corners of the dish, sprinkle a circle of salt around that dish, and what I’ll do is once again recite mantras (108 repetitions, to be exact) to consecrate and empower the charms bracelet.

You can even use the charm bracelet for divination. Close your eyes, thumb through the bracelet while sending your inquiry into the beads, then at random, pinch one of the charms. Open your eyes to see which charm came up. The symbolic meaning of that charm is your divinatory message. How cool is that!

Personally, I think this bracelet is adorbs and can be easily presumed by others to be nothing more than a fashion accessory. Wear it on those days when you’ll be out and about, and thus need a little bit of extra shielding and energy protection.

In the event that one day your charm bracelet breaks on you, don’t fret over it too much. I’d try to salvage what pieces I can, totally cleanse and reprogram them so they’re a “blank slate,” and just know that it broke because your evil eye talisman took a figurative bullet for you. Phew! You just dodged some seriously bad juju. Count your blessings, be grateful, and move on with life. Don’t cry over spilled beads. =)

Here’s another evil eye beaded bracelet I made. This one doesn’t include charms and instead I’ve used blue Swarovski crystals.

I used glass evil eye beads because of that bulk sale I stumbled upon. Of course, beads of any meaningful gemstone or crystal will work beautifully here. This is one of those powerfully charged yet easy craft projects that I think you should try. Who knows. It might end up as something you’ve crafted that is so effective, so magically reliable that your charms bracelet talisman becomes an heirloom.

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