Closed Circuit: Why Some Posts Going Forward are Password Protected

Like so many of my colleagues, I come from an earnest place and share what I believe will be valuable resources, for free, and just like so many of my colleagues, we experience this: those you’ve fed come back to bite you in the hand. Each one of us deal with that in our own ways. For me, this will be my approach.

Here’s why certain posts are under lockdown going forward. People readily acknowledge that they’ve been enriched by the content I provide, take from it freely, exploit it, but then–forget “thank you” that’s just asking too much–they can’t even restrain themselves from hurling ad hominem attacks at me in public forums. How do you acknowledge you’ve benefited greatly from someone’s work and then in the same breath, say that you actually hate that person? It’s okay to hate my personality, but then you should avert your eyes and not keep coming back for second, third, and fourth helpings of my content.

It’s as if you’re standing out in the town square cheerily handing out free cookies and on an ongoing basis, certain folks keep coming back for the free cookies but immediately after enjoying the cookie, punch you in the shoulder. Or, as they walk away with your free cookie, smirk and say to anyone within earshot, “Man, isn’t she such a horrible human being? The rest of you don’t seriously like her, do you? I mean… look at her. Horrors. Plus, her cookies are shit. Munch, munch, munch…” What do you do? Most people call it quits and just stop handing out the free cookies. I didn’t want to go that route, since I enjoy baking, but I was also getting fed up.

So when the third installment of the Tarot Ethics series went password-protected, it wasn’t because I was being silenced as some folks speculated. It’s because I didn’t think certain people deserved access to it, but I still wanted others who’ve never done anything wrong to have access.

(By the way, FYI, the collective body of vitriol hurled at the second installment of that series was absurd. Half the hate was “Third party readings are okay. I can’t believe you said third-party readings are not okay. You are a terrible human being.” and half the hate was “Third party readings are not okay. I can’t believe you said third-party readings are okay. You are a terrible human being.” Clearly none of them read the post all the way through before chiming in. Those came in addition to the steady stream of ongoing remarks such as, “This just goes to further show what I really can’t stand about your personality. You’re so full of shit and full of yourself. Oh, but I love how knowledgeable you are and all the free downloads and resources you provide. I’m working through all your free content and have benefited greatly from it all. Still, you’re full of shit and full of yourself.”)

That incident, by the way, was just the proverbial straw. Before that, as many of my colleagues have griped over, though I’ve mostly remained silently suffering, I’ve experienced the same shit you’ve been hearing many of them talk more openly about.

Online trolls are a funny breed. They are almost always of the same stripe. They secretly love everything about you and all that you do and wish they were your BFF but then in public forums say the vilest things about you.

Another funny thing I’d like to avoid. There will always be those folks who don’t really give a shit about you, would secretly celebrate if you ever failed, who lurk through your content and read everything you’ve written with a tinge of schadenfreude, kind of taking in everything you’re putting out and tainting it with an energy of enmity. A Closed Circuit is my effort at drawing a boundary to block those types of folks out.

The Closed Circuit

Here’s how we’re going to operate from now on. What was unlocked before remains unlocked, I’ll give everyone that. But in the future we’ll have “Closed Circuit” blog posts (it will be one of the blog post categories, so you can always click on that category link and check out all Closed Circuit posts in one swoop) where I share free downloads, crazier content, more personally revealing stuff, or anything that I’d rather limit the eyeballs on.

If you’ve been a longtime reader of this blog and are with me so far and are absolutely certain that you do not fall under the category of a troll, and you haven’t somehow gotten wind of the password yet, then please by all means reach out to me in an e-mail to get the password.

Roster of all Closed Circuit Content

For a consolidated roster of all posts tagged as “Closed Circuit,” click here.

How to Get Password Access to the Closed Circuit

To qualify for Closed Circuit access, you must send your request by email, and not simply by leaving a comment below.

Meet me halfway by making it easy for me to respond to you, so all I need to do is hit “reply” instead of clunkily try to find your email, copy, change into my inbox, new message, paste, etc. Please e-mail to your request to me.

Also, in that message, if I don’t know you already, then please introduce yourself. What is your name? Who are you? How did you come by this site? Tell me a bit about your personal spirituality. There’s so much here on this site that gives you a sense of who I am, and here you are reading my stuff while I know absolutely nothing about you. That hardly seems fair. Even the playing field and tell me about yourself. Tell me about your life.

If you’re on social media, please share your social media accounts and link me to your published or publicly posted work.

Please do not send me a link to your website and tell me to read it to get to know more about you, telling me it’d “take too long” to write an email. If you can’t be bothered to take the time to write me, in your own words, to me, who you are, then I probably can’t be bothered to email you back with the password. However, sending me links to your online presence in addition to telling me, in your own words, who you are and what you’re all about is awesome.

There’s also no reason to tell me explicitly that you’re “not a troll.” That’s better shown and demonstrated through your actions than by direct statement.

Terms of Access

Please do not reveal the details and substance of what I talk about in the Closed Circuit posts. That’s for those who have access only. In other words, please do not read a Closed Circuit post and then hop away to some other part of the Internet and write, “Benebell says…” The Comments section are also Closed Circuit, so please discuss the contents in the Comments section.

If you have access to the Closed Circuit and have a close friend who would like access, please direct them to this page, tell them to follow the directions, and to contact me directly, following the directions, to gain access directly from me. Please do not share the Closed Circuit password with anyone.

Access to the Closed Circuit implies your solemn agreement not to share, exploit, or betray your access to the Closed Circuit in any way.

Do not leave a comment asking for the password. Those are going to go ignored. Please try to follow the directions. This is hardly rocket science.

Toward a greater collective,


58 thoughts on “Closed Circuit: Why Some Posts Going Forward are Password Protected

  1. Totally valid, especially for someone who gives so freely and consistently. I couldn’t believe you received so much flack for stating your honest opinion, and those who take and take and a) don’t give back, and b) drag your name through the mud shouldn’t have access to the goods. Well done you for making the call you needed to make.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kimveee

    Guaranteeing I am not a troll, but rather a grateful recipient of both your classes, readings and dammit, your reviews, which are draining my savings (#tabulamundilove) 😄

    I don’t believe I have a password and I would appreciate access to continue learning in the world of Benebell.

    Many thanks, Kim


  3. Angele Jackson

    I would like to continue to read your posts. I’m a newbie to Tarot & enjoy your information very much. I love the reviews of the card decks. I promise I’m not a troll just someone hungry for information. Thank you


  4. Benebell, bravo for not giving up or giving in to trolls. Password protected posts seems like the only solution. Your post reminds me of what Michelle Obama said in a speech: “When they go low, we go high.” Peace to you.

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  5. Hi Benebell, I’m not sure where I fall in your posts but I’ve taken three of your classes so far and bought your tarot book and have never said any unkindly thing about you. In fact I am in awe of you and think I must be an indigo child i.e. a genius in my book.

    I would be honored to have access to your password protected posts. Yvonne Bernard

    On the road


  6. I do not know if you consider me a troll I do not post my opinions publically anymore because I realize in hindsight how hard it is to make a living doing this sort of thing. For me these things are hobby, not livelihood. so never my intention to offend you. your posts stimulate me. that is all. I am 62, Benebell. not new around the block and I am not urban either. I am mystic. so if you do not consider me troll I would like the password. I don’t resonate with RWS, Golden Dawn, Thoth. and these are your cornerstones for your tarot offerings. I use I Ching for shadow work, inner work, not divination. I love your astrological offerings, but at 62, no longer find astrological things helpful. Had this been available when I was 30 I would have loved it. I am leery of getting reading from someone I do not resonate with their traiining approach. I bought Holistic Tarot, and last tarot summer school offering. I was deeply intrigued by your offering this summer but when I looked deeper at what you were offering, I realized it was not deep enough for me, as this is another areas I have explored a lot. you seem to be targeting your teachings towards new learners. I am not a novice in any of these things. Sincerely, Eve


  7. What the actual fuck? There are people who dislike you? There are people who would dare to say these kinds of things to you? People are being mean to my online friend?

    This is absolutely terrible. I am appalled that you’ve been subjected to this kind of treatment. You are not only a brilliant Tarot reader (and general metaphysical practitioner), you are a kind, thoughtful, balanced human being. I am so sorry that you’ve had to put up with this.

    From the bottom of my heart: You rock. I realize that my opinion doesn’t di much to counteract the shitstorm of internet trolls (and I’m genuinely just so baffled that those trolls would attack you, because damnit, you’re amazing at what you do and YOU’RE NICE), but you really do rock.

    Liked by 5 people

  8. Susan Dulak

    Dear Benebell, I am a faithful follower of your posts. I love reading and learning from your wealth of knowledge. I would so appreciate the password to your future studies. With much appreciation for your time spent in preparing all the posts and information brought forth to help us who are willing to learn and grow from your in depth knowledge of the Tarot. Sincerely, Susan

    Sent from my iPhone



  9. Karen Rush

    Hi, Benebell,

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having such a difficult time with some of your followers. As incredible as the internet is, the anonymity it provides emboldens some people to be complete asshats. I assure you, I am not one of those people. I think your password approach is an appropriate and well-measured response to what you’ve been dealing with.

    I’ve learned a lot from your blog- thank you for that! And, I’d like to be able to continue accessing your content.

    In fact, I haven’t even had a chance to read any of the Tarot Ethics posts yet. I tend to save up my fun tarot emails and blog reading for when I have some undisturbed me-time. That hasn’t happened for a while 😦

    Noli iniurias arrogantium pati!

    Thanks, again, Karen


  10. Oh Benebell, that is so sad to hear – I guess we’ll never eliminate those who are so jealous of another’s superior ability, they have to attack them. I would really miss not getting your posts as they are adding a further dimension to your astrology course I am working through at the moment. So, yes please. I would appreciate being able to log in and continue to access them. Chin up,as we say.


  11. Teddi Isles

    I was there for the incident in the group your talking about. I was going to add my opinion on the post but didn’t because I didn’t want you to respond to me the way you did to others. No one called you names and said they took your free stuff anyway. You can go look at the post and the worst thing people say is that some of the things you say are hypocritical or contradict. The one post that could be called meanest said you were spreading misinformation and you agreed you did that. I always read your blog and take your class in tarot summer school but I don’t always agree with you and I thought that was fine but I don’t want to be called a troll for not agreeing with you so I won’t say anything.


    1. Aww, Teddi, you thought I agreed with the accusation of “spreading misinformation”? Perhaps you didn’t catch the irony. Not everyone who read that same thread shares your perspective. If moderators of that group were reaching out to me to apologize on behalf of the group members, then I think something there must have risen to the level of vitriol. Perhaps you just didn’t catch it. The way you didn’t catch my irony.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. This is gorgeous.

    You are fabulous.

    I am absolutely certain I am not a troll, and have thought on several occasions about what a wonderful human you seem to be (this post only solidifies my high opinion of you).

    What may I do to obtain the password to your locked content? I do hope to be allowed in, and look forward to more of your work–especially the “weirder” stuff 🙂

    I am especially intrigued at your rich spiritual and magical life that seems to both coexist with and somehow not really intersect with your apparently straight laced ‘left brain’ career. I am a pharmacist who also works magic (subconscious, Akashic records, coaching, etc) for coaching clients. Sometimes I find spanning the gap challenging, would love to hear more about how this shows up for you 🙂

    Dr. Heather Jalynn Clark, PharmD Vibrant Again



  13. Amy Thomas

    Hi Benebel, I would appreciate the password, if you don’t mind. I am not a troll nor a badmouther. I’ve bought both your books, get your emails, read here sporadically and enjoy your content. And seriously covet one of your birth chart monographs, if I can ever afford! I’m sorry people have been mean to you. You are something of a tarot celebrity, and for some reason people in this day and age feel like celebrities are fair game for any kind of abuse, especially online. Thanks for putting your feelings out there, it is good for people to see that just because your name is known in your field, does not mean your feelings can’t be hurt or that you have no choice but to continue being taken advantage of. Good for you for standing up for yourself.


  14. jodiferous

    Finding your books, classes, and website has brought so much to my life, I’m sad to read this. I’ve been amazed, and grateful, for all the the information and knowledge you share so freely. I would love to be a member of the closed circuit, if you see fit. You are an inspirational teacher who has come into my life at the precise time I needed it.

    Thank you!


  15. Natalie

    Well, I would have never thought there was vitriol directed at you. I am surprised by this, I wouldn’t say it is unexpected as there will always be trolls and those that sneer while looking and grabbing. As a fellow tarot reader, I have been following ypur blog for quite some time now and ALL your information, output, and knowledge has been immensely valuable. And when I haven’t been able to return my gratitude in donations or tarot readings, I refrain from dowloading the free content. I am disheartened by this, how unfortunate that there are those that cannot just mind their own. As a quiet follower of yours for some timw, I thank you wholeheartedly for all that you do and share. You are a valuable well of knowledge.


    1. Natalie

      Oh, I tried to find your email to contact you about the password protected content. I would love access if at all possible. I am not a troll😀.
      Radiant blessings,
      Natalia from La Maga Tarot


  16. I have just read the post requiring a password and do not know what it is. I am grateful to you for the thorough, professional, intellectual knowledge of tarot you have been sharing. I am working my way through Holistic Tarot and love it. I would like to keep following your posts and would be grateful for the password and all you share so succinctly.
    Thank you


  17. Inger

    I’m definitly one of your fans Benebell, so no troll or trolling going on here! I would love to be able to continue to read all of your posts. So, yes please, give me the password.


  18. I admire the hard work you put in and the content you share so freely and graciously. I’m a huge fan of your work; no trolling – that’s a promise! Could I please have a password so I can continue to access your lovely content? Thank you!


  19. Michelle

    I love your blog and would like to follow the information that will be password protected. Can you please send me the password? Thanks!


  20. I cannot believe that anyone would troll someone who is as giving as you, clearly anyone who does must be insanely jealous of all the fantastic content that you share for free. ❤


  21. Lidija

    Dear Benebell! I love your posts for years and all the free content you share with us so passionatelly. I would very appreciate to stay in your group. Please, send me a password. Thank you.


  22. Hi Benebell, I am a longtime reader who has take a couple of your courses and e joy your work very much. I do not think I have a password. I may have known one but if so I have forgotten it. I would very much like to access to the your blog posts.

    Thank you for all you share and blessings, Peace Arnold

    Sent from my iPhone



  23. Michael

    Well I will make no secret of it: i totally love you and all that you do and wish we were IRL BFFs 🙂

    I have greatly benefitted from your content, from web classes, from emails, facebook messages etc. from you, and hope that I have at least remembered to say thank you each time! If you have a moment to pass along the password I would greatly appreciate it. Hopefully one day if we just don’t feed the trolls they’ll go away. But I think we’ve all been saying that for at least a decade.

    Thanks, Bell!


  24. I have purchased two of your offerings, and tried the writers program. and I was disappointed all 3 times, not because of defects in your offerings, but that they do not fit my needs. I have astrologer that I love and trust and if I felt need to get astrology reading, I would go to her. I have professional tarot reader I go to as needed. Here is what I could offer you, food for thought. I often get insights into things that go beyond current boundaries. We are mirrors for things we each reject in ourselves. I could help you find better balance in your life if you are over producing for subconscious reasons. I am pretty sure that over identifying with a particular cultural group for any reason, has out used it’s usefulness for us as a species. cultural pride, pride for anything is almost always cover up for shame. when we heal the root cause of shame, then we have no need to defend ourselves. I’m sorry if you have experienced vilification for having Asian heritage. I myself have deep regard for the healing arts that came from China. I resonate deeply with Oriental health philosophy. I have local Acupuncturist that is my doctor. I go to her for annual assessment, and also for seasonal adjustments. I look american, but my heart and soul do not belong to any country or cultural group.


  25. Eleni

    I’m new to tarot, it’s not even a month that I got obsessed with it, so I’m definitely not a longtime reader. I found your site through a podcast on biddy tarot, and really like your approach on tarot. I’d love it if you could include me on the list of people you share your password protected content with.
    I couldn’t find an e-mail at the contact page to PM you that’s why I’m commenting here 🙂


  26. Anna S

    Just stopping in to send you some love & thanks Benebell. I was in a state of shock & surprise reading this post although I probably shouldn’t have been. Haters gonna hate. Thank you for all of your content, and for your strong voice. It IS very appreciated and I am sorry that this happened.


  27. Mick

    That post did get a little heated but not as bad as most posts like that get. I didn’t see anyone call anybody names tho. I didn’t say anything bad on that post so can I get the password to future posts? Do I email you or give you my email? It’s the revmick @ live address I put in below


  28. Maggie

    I’m so sorry that that happened to you. I’ll miss being able to see all your work, but I’m glad you have a solution that allows you to keep publishing your work without feeling attacked or unsafe. Wishing you the best going forward!


  29. Never ceases to amaze me what online trolls do (or not. I have had to protect some of my social media, mainly my Facebook, due to that). Anyhow, as a learner who follows you on an RSS reader (which now basically displays “you can’t see this b/c it is pw protected”), I’d be interested in a password, but I leave at your discretion of course.

    My e-mail is gypsylibrarian AT gmail…

    Want to learn more who the heck is this guy? You can check my book review blog, where I have reviewed a deck or two as part of my Tarot learning at

    At any rate, I hope things get better. Paz y amor.


  30. Joyce Lee

    How funny, people are still telling you their email address in comments. Perhaps this password protection will also have a Darwinian effect on your readership.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Ambergris

    Benebell,I was astounded when I read that you had been attacked by trolls, and without thinking promptly fire off a request for password and probably helped clog up your e-mail inbox by doing so apologies. Hopefully now I got it right by writing here, who I’m I? Well I am a sometimes client having brought readings and a couple of online courses off you, so you could say I’m definitely a friend and not a troll. I have become a tarot a divination hobbyist though I have an intention of working professionally some day, but there is need to study and learn the craft properly first and this takes time. Benebell I find your free materials and market leading training products helpful to my personal journey and aspirations.I have no doubt in my mind that there are individuals, who have study your work are now making money, some of them very good money.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Bravo, and well said. I’m sorry you’ve had to run into this. I think it is very important for content providers to actively curate who is using their content, and what groups they’re associated with.


  33. draupadi

    I’m so sorry you have gone through this. Although I don’t read tarot blogs on a daily basis, I have really enjoyed your insightful, brilliantly thought out blog posts and I have Holistic Tarot and The Tao of the Craft. You are kind of my role model, as we are in the same Muggle profession and I adore Tarot. I didn’t think it would be possible to balance my spiritual life and Muggle life until I found your blog.

    I’m really sorry that people have been treating you so shamefully. One of the reasons I have never started a blog is because I’ve observed that the “no good deed goes unpunished” maxim seems to hold true for people I know who are spiritual teachers. I really appreciate that you haven’t stopped blogging completely in response to the ingratitude and personal attacks you’ve been faced with, which you would have been completely within your rights to do. If you wouldn’t mind sharing the password with me, I would love to continue reading your amazing insights. Thanks for all the efforts you have made for the Tarot community for all these years.


  34. Hello Ms. Wen:

    I hope you are doing well, I am very sorry for your trouble with internet trolls. I’m afraid I dropped out of social media for a bit because of this negativity. I have recently began using it more frequently but it seems to be a trend to spread negative messages. I understand why you are using a password for your material, but would it be possible for me to have the password in order to continue reading your blog. I understand you do not know me, but if you would like to check out my Instagram account @angelsgratitude or even my personal Facebook page (Melissa Garcia Robinson), you will see I do not partake in negative comments or posts. Thank you and much love and blessings to you.

    Take care, Melissa Robinson


  35. Paula Weathers

    I asked for the password. And I know you sent it to me. I remember thinking so easy to remember. I didn’t write it down. And now I have fogotten it. Old brain here. Could please send it again. I promise I will write it down this time.

    Thank you so much,


  36. mabcosmic

    Hi Benebell, it’s been a long time since I’ve commented on your blog and I’m only an off and on reader. I know we see some things differently but I wanted to step forward and offer you my support anyway. You are one of the nicest people I have ever seen on the Internet and you don’t deserve to be treated the way that you have. I only came back to the online Tarot world recently and I am horrified to find out how people have treated you while I’ve been gone. If people want to disagree with you it’s fine but it should never cross into the territory of devaluing you or publicly humiliating you. That’s never okay and never a good way to handle differences of opinion.

    I’m sad that you are forced to protect your own posts. I agree with you that bullies don’t deserve free information if they’re just going to abuse it, but I hate that it also censors what you say.

    Don’t worry about sending me a password, though. I’m just a weird eccentric that does her own thing, and I’m pretty much set in my ways. I’m sure your students would appreciate a private space to talk about the lessons you provide, too.

    In any case, take care of yourself and don’t let the bastards grind you down.


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  38. Benebell,
    Anyone that would dare troll you is a fool. And not a good “Fool” (do you see what I did there.) I’ve been reading Tarot since I was 12, and you still continue to teach me wonderful new perspectives and provide amazing resources to any Tarot reader seasoned or novice. I recently started reading/healing professionally and many of your business resources have been a goddess send. Know that there are many of us out here who value and thoroughly enjoy your blog/site/perspective. Ignore the trolls, they’ll eventually crawl back under their bridge! I will definitely be emailing you in hopes of getting the magickal password!



  39. I am not sure how to PM you here on this page. I will attempt to do so on Facebook. I appreciate your work, even if most of it is over my head. But I’m learning! Thank you for all that you do.


  40. Hi Benebell. I had buy your books and some courses. Had follow your writtings and Facebook posts. Really admire your creativity. Will love it if you share the password with me. For what happened to you most had been already said, but I want to tell you that long ago, the same happened to me. I had 2 yahoo groups for more than 10 years, Spanish speaking people. All the material provided was used by others to give classes wihtout consent . Some of my methods where publish in some blogs without giving thanks or saying where it came. This happened many years ago. My blog is more than 14 years old. I´m very sad this happened to you. I questioned myself many times why people act like this with the ones that gives generously? Still I don´t have the answer.


  41. I just saw this and I really empathize. Trolls are one of the lowest forms of life! You put out such high quality work, and so much of it is free. I’ve bought two courses and a day planner from you (as well as both of your paperbacks on Amazon) and I’m working with all of them. I’ve been trolled, too, in my lifetime, and I know it can really get to a person. Keep your head up and take healthy pride in knowing that you reach a wide audience of sincere and grateful students and fellow occultists! In sum, you are appreciated!


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