A $20 Online Tarot Course: Tarot as a Tool for Craft

$20 USD

An expansion on the talk I presented at the Theosophical Society of the East Bay, this is a video (or audio) course that covers how a practitioner of craft might use tarot, from triggering intuitive creativity for self-empowerment, divination, and amplifying psychic ability to communion with celestial contacts, mediumship, and summonings. This is an intermediate course that presumes proficiency with tarot. Subject matter also runs into esoteric and mystical applications of the tarot, so the tone of the course might not be right for everyone.

Also, just so you are aware: the tenor and value propositions of this course goes in a diametrically different direction from Holistic Tarot.

Video Lecture Screenshot
Video Lecture Screenshot

I’m really excited about this course and I hope you are, too. If you are a practitioner of craft, whether it’s just dabbling, still finding your path, you identify as a witch, magician, diviner, medium, psychic, or shaman, I just know that this course will deepen and enhance whatever amazing mojo you’ve already got going on.

This course is not about teaching tarot. I do not teach you tarot. In fact, I pretty much assume throughout the lecture that you already know a lot about tarot. Rather, this course is about deepening and broadening your relationship with your tarot deck so that you can get more metaphysical mileage out of it.

What Holistic Tarot taught was only the first of the five pillars that are discussed in this course. This course will deconstruct the form and mechanics of using tarot for:

  1. Intuitive Creativity to achieve self-empowerment;
  2. Divination to connect to what Paul Foster Case called the Cause of Causes—the Universal Intelligent Life Energy;
  3. Psychic Readings both to amplify your innate psychic ability and to use tarot as a training tool for strengthening your psychic ability;
  4. Celestial Contacts to connect with deities, angels, ascended masters, devas, or the metaphysical force affecting physical conditions; and
  5. Netherworld Contacts and using tarot for mediumship, ancestral connections, or connecting to entities of nether-worlds and other-worlds.
Workbook Page Spread Preview
Workbook Page Spread Preview

A workbook with exercises to help you learn and master the mechanics of such tarot operations will also be provided to supplement the video lecture.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and the most frequently asked questions will be answered in a follow-up FAQ video that will be sent to you. There may be multiple FAQ videos delivered to you by e-mail from time to time thereafter, dependent on the inquiries that come in.


You will receive:

  • Online private access to a video lecture [length: 1 hour 15 minutes]
  • A PDF digital file of a 49-page workbook
  • Sub-folder files of supplemental reference material
  • Access to subsequent FAQ video(s) or e-mail(s) [TBD]



Oh come on. That’s a great price for what you’re getting. It’s like you’re buying me a fancy lunch in exchange for picking my brain.

Also, this is not a video lecture that you watch just one time. I propose that the video lecture and the workbook should be revisited routinely. Print out the workbook multiple times and routinely work through the exercises prompted in the workbook to help you advance and further develop the skills taught in the video lecture.

Video Lecture Screenshot
Video Lecture Screenshot

Video Lecture

Although the lecture is provided as a video recording of a voiceover narrated PowerPoint presentation, you could listen to it as an audio without missing too much. There are a few sections (very few) where I refer to images on the presentation slide, but overall, you’ll be able to follow nonetheless as an audio.

Video Lecture Screenshot
Video Lecture Screenshot

You’ll get a private, unlisted YouTube link (please do not add to any playlists or share the link in an unauthorized manner, thank you in advance) so you can always stream it online.

You’ll also get access to the MP4 files of the video lecture so you can download the video files directly onto your computer, save for life, and watch at your leisure for life. The video files altogether are 1+ GBs, so it’s a mother to download. That’s why I provide the YouTube link, for immediate access.

The Workbook

As it tends to be when you’re working with me, the workbook is the most important part of this course. The 49-page workbook is intended for use and re-use. Print it out many times throughout your development to work through the training exercises.

Workbook Page Spread Preview
Workbook Page Spread Preview

The training exercises begin basic and analytical, compelling you to work with numerology, astrology, Kabbalistic references, and other forms of symbolism and system correspondences to broaden your working and experiential knowledge of the tarot.

Workbook Page Spread Preview
Workbook Page Spread Preview

Then the course deep-dives into training exercises for mediumship, using tarot for celestial contacts, using tarot in shamanic journeying, using tarot as talismans, and so much more. I hope you will be as thrilled and enthusiastic about this workbook as I felt when I went through the exercises for myself.

Workbook Page Spread Preview
Workbook Page Spread Preview

I really believe that this workbook will be a game changer for you in terms of your relationship with tarot as your divinatory tool, especially if you’re looking to hone your psychic abilities, intuition, and experience various forms of mystical training. As I tend to do, I fuse together eastern and western esoteric principles.

Workbook Page Spread Preview
Workbook Page Spread Preview

Yes, you’ll also get access to the DOCX MS Word version of the workbook, so you can easily cut and paste from the workbook into your personal tarot journal and work with the content in a more customized way for yourself.

Your Course Instructor: Me.
Your Course Instructor: Me.


Your course materials will also include loads of supplements. Many are already free and available for download here on this website, but tucked into organized file folders in your course materials packet for easy access and reference.

Then there are never-before-seen materials. Since I make reference to specialized terminology throughout the lecture, I worried that some of the newer-to-the-path practitioners might not be able to follow along or don’t have their own personal recipes just yet, so I also provide you page scans from my personal grimoire to help lend some reference.

Video Lecture Screenshot
Video Lecture Screenshot

Trade Paperback Book + E-Book

Included as part of your course materials will be a compilation of the workbook, a full transcript of the lecture, and all of the FAQs or answered questions from the pilot class of Tarot as a Tool for Craft.

The compilation is formatted into the standard trade paperback size, or 6″ x 9″ trim, ready to be printed and bound into a book. The PDF you receive will have a hyperlinked table of contents, so you can navigate from chapter to chapter on your digital e-book reader.

So in addition to the video lecture, the regular paper size PDF workbook for printing, and loads of supplements, you’ll also get a transcript of the lecture consolidated with the workbook content in a portable size book.

A great deal for what you’re getting, if you’re ready for it, this course will advance your esoteric tarot practice to deeper levels.

How To Order


I’m going to give step by step instructions on how to order the course and get access to download all the materials for yourself.

  1. Send $20 USD via PayPal to the e-mail address abelldelivers@gmail.com. Yes, it’s going to say “James Zhang from Castro Valley.” That’s the Hubby. Also, this is the preferred method of payment. (~or~)
  2. Send $20 with your credit card through PayPal by following this link: https://www.paypal.me/benebell. (~or~)
  3. Only if (1) and (2) are impracticable for you, send $20 by ordering me an Amazon Gift Card, sent to abelldelivers@gmail.com. Direct link to Amazon gift card orders here.
  4. When you send payment, please include:
    1. Your name or a name identifier for me to reference you by,
    2. The name of the course you’re ordering, (~and~)
    3. Your e-mail address, so I know where to send your ordered course materials to.

That’s it!

But if any of that sounds confusing or you just don’t know, no worries. Email me at abelldelivers@gmail.com to let me know you want to place an order. We’ll take it from there together.

Once I receive your payment as the purchase order, your course materials will be delivered to the e-mail address you specified within 2 business days.

If you don’t receive the course materials in the e-mail inbox specified within the two business days, then something went wrong. Doh! Please email me at the below address asap.


DELIVERY NOTE: So far I’ve been good about getting the course materials to you in less than 48 hours from when I receive the PayPal payment, so if that time has gone by and you haven’t received anything from me, first check your Spam folder. Second, check to see the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account. I may have sent it to that account if no e-mail was provided in the notes section of the transfer. If still nothing, then something went wrong somewhere, so contact me at the above e-mail addy ASAP so we can get things squared away.

IT Tech Support is Not Included with Your Course

Please be advised that IT tech support is not included with the price of your course materials. If you can’t figure out how to print the PDF double-sided, or formatted to fit a non-standard paper size you want to use, or you’re having trouble uploading through Lulu.com or any other third-party print-on-demand book printing service to produce your printed copy of the textbooks, I am not the one to contact with questions. If your concern is with print-on-demand service, then please contact that service’s IT tech support team directly.

24 thoughts on “A $20 Online Tarot Course: Tarot as a Tool for Craft

  1. Dear Benebell, I deeply appreciate your first book, Holistic Tarot, but I am not ready for advanced training that you offer. I am studying esoteric side of tarot, but more following Tarot de Marseille school. I am working my way through Oswald Wirth’s wonderful book, the Tarot of Magicians. and intend to follow this with study of Jordorwrosky’s book, the way of tarot, the spiritual teacher in the cards. and also Tarot the open reading by Yoav ben-dov. There is not way or path to this. your approach overwhelms me quite honestly.


  2. Soo excited to work with this course! 🙂 Always fun to discover new areas of spirituality and work with tarot…
    Just a quick reminder to the people purchasing this: Don’t forget that if you have public playlists on YouTube, and you give an unlisted video a thumbs up or add it to your own playlist, it can show up on your public lists, thus everyone can watch it with a simple click! 🙂 I know we don’t always think about it, so just wanted to remind anyone who might see this…
    Much love, Ania

    Liked by 1 person

  3. CKT

    You sent $15.00 USD to James Zhang Transaction Details

    greetings benebell,

    when I read your newsletter I didn’t see the area explaining your preferred PayPal Payment Method…

    have paid as requested. I am so looking forward to your generous course & would love to speak to you about doing an interview w/you for The Cartomancer. If you would prefer … I could do a review of your encyclopedic works but I feel they speak for themselves & only your voice is the ‘topic’ I am interested in bringing to the The Cartomancer & you do a magnificent job of advocating your own work as well as the work of others.

    an interview is to introduce a West/East POV. i am not Chinese or Asian but I live in NE Queens and many of my neighbors are Chinese. My grand-daughters go to school with predominately Chinese children… they are ages 6 & 3. I believe I do not exagerate to say Queens is the most heterogeneous place in the world. plus I am of both Northern Italian & Jewish descent… it’s not like i don’t ‘get’ what it’s like to live & thrive with many cultural heritages.

    at any rate, I’ve a few snippets of my’ PCS: The Novel’ in several issues of The Cartomancer & am working with several in the Tarot Community to bring some interviews with the voice of the interview/ee forefront not the intviewer.

    Thanks Again Benebell, Cynthia Tedesco


  4. also I was disappointed in what you covered in Holistic Tarot. I expected, hoped for a good deep blend of eastern/western divination. deep exploration of using tarot for psych/social help. Instead you covered basically the same stuff covered in myriad of tarot books, Introductory level into history, meaning, interpretations, spreads, etc. But not what i was looking for. Nothing really new or insightful. Helpful as reference when I need to understand RWS school of tarot.

    Your title and intro, gave indication that your huge book offered something different from the myriad of tarot books already published. I am not a follower of RWS school. I bought your book hoping I could find depth exploration of tarot coming from different perspective. genuinely more holistic. Now I feel the name was simply a marketing ploy. all you really put together was an reference book on conventional western tarot, RWS philosophy, which already dominates the market. nothing new. insightful, same old stuff. you would have been better off being honest. stating it was sharing your study notes.


  5. the front of your book offers a different book than what is inside. I quit studying your free writing course, because I no longer wanted to follow your example. are you ashamed of your eastern essence? this is what sets you apart. it is beautiful unique aspect of what you are and have to offer tarot community.


    1. Hi Closerwalking,

      I agree with some of your points. When I did research on Holistic Tarot after it was released, it seemed like a good starter book for RWS-based tarot practitioners and now that I have bought it, the book does focus on the RWS tradition, which is rightly not what you are looking for i.e. eastern/western divination.

      However, I do want to point that insinuating that Benebell is “ashamed” of her “eastern essence” is something I find alarming. As someone who is of East Asian descent, I do find the references to Chinese culture in the book (e.g. Sun Wu Kong as the Fool) helpful and I do not see her shying away from such “Eastern” references in Holistic Tarot. Hence, I would like to say that I find Holistic Tarot a book that focuses mainly on Tarot (a tradition that was realized more fully in the Western culture) but with helpful notes that do point towards the Chinese culture.

      Benebell has also written a book on crafting Fu, a Chinese practice, so I suggest if you would like to learn more about the Chinese esoteric arts, that book may be more suited to your tastes.

      Best Regards,


    2. As another person of East Asian descent, I agree with Casper that your suggestion that Benebell is ashamed of her heritage is misplaced. As was mentioned, Benebell did include elements of Eastern esotericism throughout Holistic Tarot – the Theory of Qi, the Ba Gua spread, and the Lo Shu square to name a few. To be sure, those aspects did not take center stage – but in a book about Tarot, why would they? While there is plenty of evidence to suggest that playing cards originated in the East, Tarot itself – in the form that it is practiced today – has its roots in European (and eventually Hermetic) tradition. The title “Holistic Tarot” is a reference to the use of Tarot not just as a fortune-telling tool, but as a tool for overall life guidance and self-reflection. It was not a reference to amalgamating both Western and Eastern thought into the practice of Tarot. I believe Benebell was clear about what “holistic” meant in the very first chapter of the book.

      Chinese culture has its own rich divinatory traditions. I Ching, Ling Chi Ching, Tai Hsuan Ching, and Mahjong divination, to name a few. If you’re interested in a syncretic approach, I would begin by studying the I Ching – on its own merits and wisdom – before trying to combine it with Tarot and other Western esoteric practices. Or if you’re looking for something more Tarot-like, go with Mahjong divination.

      I must say, it’s funny… when one reads criticisms about the English translated versions of the I Ching by Wilhelm/Baynes, Steven Karcher, James Legge etc., the complaints are that it’s never Chinese enough – that they lost nuances in translation or in their faulty interpretations – all different ways of accusing them of interjecting too much of their Western background into their work on an Eastern spiritual tradition. And here, an author of East Asian descent is being criticized for not putting ENOUGH of her Eastern background into a book she researched and wrote as accurately as she could about a Western divinatory practice. What a strange double standard. I don’t know which is worse, a Western practitioner being accused of cultural appropriation for (respectfully) participating in non-Western practices, or a non-Western practitioner being accused of cultural self-shame for practicing in the Western tradition.

      To Benebell – I hope you’ll keep this Tarot for Craft course available for awhile! My plate is currently full with the esoteric studies I’ve already taken on – Tao of Craft being one of them. I’m about halfway through enjoying it immensely. And can I just say that I am still getting a lot of value from my birth chart monograph that I ordered from you? I’ve read through it but still turn back to it time and again when other questions come up – as I suspect I will continue to for years to come. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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