Holistic Horoscopes: Your July 2014 Sun Sign Forecast

Image Source: Eatsleepwork.com
Image Source: Eatsleepwork.com

Writing sun sign horoscopes? Oh what fun! I wonder if people wonder where sun sign horoscopes come from. If that’s you, then read about my approach to sun sign horoscope forecasts here. Anyway, here are my sun sign forecasts for July, 2014.

Also, for each sign, I pulled a single tarot card to supplement the monthly forecasts and found every single one to yield a similar message as the stars. I’ve embedded the card interpretations into the forecasts below, but at the end of each paragraph, will note the card (Rider-Waite deck) drawn for that sign.

Cancer | June 21 – July 22

It’s going to be a great month for you, Cancer, thanks to the influence of Jupiter through the first half of the month, but you’re going to feel dissatisfied and perhaps even a bit moodier than usual. Resist temptations and stay focused, and grounded. Earth stones like jaspers and agates could help. There could be some drama and curve balls with spouses, significant others, or close business partners mid-month and onward and a few unexpected challenges late month. Open communication will be critical to smoothing over the ruffled feathers. Overall, though, energies around you in July are optimal for success, so take advantage of it and get ahead at work and in personal creative projects. If you’ve been out of touch with family for a while, get back in touch this month. [Card Drawn: Key 6: The Lovers]

Leo | July 23 – August 22

Finances and money may be a focal point this month and also, you could be feeling a bit more emotionally sensitive than usual. Leos working in the corporate sector will fare well in July and find themselves taking on a more prominent leadership role. Mid-July and on, Leos in creative or unconventional fields might find themselves redirecting energies, refocusing, editing, or changing course due to the aspect influence of Neptune in retrograde. All Leos should be getting an extra surge of intuition and creativity, so be sure to utilize it! July 16 and on will be a time of success, achievement, and results, and you should be proud of yourself, Leo! So don’t worry so much if family members aren’t quite on board just yet. They’ll come around. The 27th or 28th is a good time to start that new project you’ve been mulling over (or regain momentum for work that you’ve been leaving on the back burner). Carnelian could really help you to positively align your personal energies, Leo. [Card Drawn: Queen of Wands]

Virgo | August 23 – September 22

Lately there may have been miscommunications and misunderstandings in your life, so July will be a good time to get away. This Fourth of July weekend will be a great time of opportunity. Any time early to mid-month, consider a short trip out of town. If you have siblings, it’s a good time to reconnect with them. This July will be all about recalibrating your thought process and self-analysis. You’re too hard on yourself, Virgo, especially in the romance department. Love will come when it comes. Rose quartz would be good for you. Grace under fire is the mantra for you this month. Being able to maintain your inner balance will be crucial in July. And remember, things don’t have to be perfect to be good. Late July, around the 23rd, focusing on finances will bring rewards. [Card Drawn: Key 14: Temperance]

Libra | September 23 – October 22

Early in the month, up to the 6th will be great for you, Libra, but then it may get a little rough, with interpersonal tensions heightened through the first half of July. Then after the 23rd, there could be sibling issues, vacation trips that didn’t go as well as they should have, and miscommunications. Happiness could feel elusive throughout July, and planetary aspects with Uranus and Neptune could bring the unexpected, especially in creative projects. If you find your workload doubling this month, hang in there. Amethyst, citrine, or smoky quartz might help you to reduce tensions and work-related stress. Reconnecting with family and loved ones will be an effective way to alleviate mental blockages. Writing and journaling will be incredibly therapeutic for you. For you this July, you’ll want to be realistic with your expectations and reach your desired destination one step at a time. [Card Drawn: Knight of Pentacles]

Scorpio | October 23 – November 21

This is the month to stand up for yourself and be a bit of a rebel, which should come naturally to you, Scorpio. The 7th and the 8th are going to be power days for you. For July, keep this in mind: don’t let anyone push you around. That will keep Saturn in retrograde at bay. The 21st and on will be an incredible time of trailblazing and being on the cutting edge. Intense and constructive Fire energy will be supporting your endeavors late July. It will be a creative, innovative month for you. Procreative energies are strong. Focusing on passion projects would yield great fruition. The 23rd and on, return to the home front and reconnect with family. In July, that which was lost will now be found. There will also be self-discovery. It’s a month of strong success energy for the Scorpio, so be confident and take the initiative. [Card Drawn: Key 19: The Sun]

Sagittarius | November 22 – December 21

Responsibilities at work could double this month. While others are relaxing this summer, you, Sagittarius, are a busy bee. Through most of July, you may feel overburdened and overwhelmed with responsibilities. Yet it will be a stable month for you without any major hiccups. Do stay mindful of your health and fitness, however. Watch what you eat and no matter how busy you get, make time for the gym. You want to keep up your personal vitality. Everything will seem to converge around the 9th and 10th. Mid-July and on, you will experience pleasant gains in finances. Overall, July will be an emotionally satisfying month. Follow all your hunches, as your intuition won’t lead you astray this month. Jupiter’s influence on you in July means it’s going to be a good month for the Sagittarian. [Card Drawn: Ten of Wands]

Capricorn | December 22 – January 19

Pluto in retrograde will seem to affect you more than the other signs this July. Watch out for drama, emotional intensity, and some general difficulties. Make sure you make the time to focus on yourself, find solitude and quiet so that the frenetic energies of loved ones don’t affect you. Be sure to detoxify this month and do not leave depression unchecked. Ride out the drama or difficulties in the love and romance department and again, do not let others’ negativity affect your own sense of self. Your mother or a maternal figure can provide comfort and support. The full moon in Capricorn on the 12th can prove fortuitous. The 23rd and on will require greater attention at the office or in work matters. You might slack a bit in terms of health and fitness in July, and for the time being, it’s okay. Get back on track after the 23rd. [Card Drawn: Key 20: Judgment]

Aquarius | January 20 – February 18

Get ready for a month of passion and changes, Aquarius, with much ado around the 13th and 14th. It’s a good time to focus on your investments with potential inheritance matters coming up. There’s a sense of belonging this month and understanding your purpose in the context of your environment and community. This will be the time to prepare for that pending ambitious endeavor–July will be about preparation for the greater successes to come later in 2014. Other people’s drama might tangentially affect you, but nothing you won’t handle with grace. Your characteristic eccentricity will flourish in July and taking the unconventional path will manifest positive results. Devote time in July to your education and accruing knowledge. You’ll be more of a perfectionist than usual and your efforts will pay off. After the 23rd, you may find yourself needing to pay greater attention to love, romantic relationships, and professional alliances. [Card Drawn: Two of Swords]

Pisces | February 19 – March 20

This may be a spiritual month for you, with dreams and visions heightened. In particular, pay attention to your dreams. Neptune in retrograde will be quite inspirational for artists, writers, and poets. Those Pisces in the corporate sector will find professional decisions made on a hunch to be hugely successful. There could be distant travel in July for the Pisces. Through most of July the focus will be on the abstract, intangible, or theoretical. After the 23rd, there could be major changes. Projects and other matters will reach their conclusion. Overall, thanks to your ruling planet Jupiter, it’s going to be a fortuitous month with strong gains and greater affirmations for your self-confidence. July could bring a small but significant triumph in an intellectual, academic, legal, corporate, or communications-related matter. [Card Drawn: Ace of Swords]

Aries | March 21 – April 19

For most Aries, July is going to be a power month for your career track. Be ready for major changes. Work-life balance could be elusive, however. Tensions might intensify between you and your spouse or business partner if there is to be two cooks in the kitchen. You like to lead, but don’t neglect to let others have their chance to shine. Tie up all loose ends before the 18th. After the 23rd, redirect your focus back to yourself and your loved ones on the home front. In late July, Uranus going into retrograde might cause you to be more stubborn than usual. Keep your temper in check and consider a spiritual getaway to unwind the tensions built up throughout the month. With its association with Mars, your ruling planet, hematite could help you to attract good mojo this July. Hematite could help amplify the energies already present around you this month for bringing a delightful little financial gain. [Card Drawn: Ace of Pentacles]

Taurus | April 20 – May 20

When was the last time you indulged on yourself, Taurus? You know you can be a workaholic and you have been trying to do everything for everyone and be everywhere at the same time. July is a time to love and pamper yourself. You have to unwind a little this month. Take care of body, mind, and spirit. Book a trip to the spa for a weekend. Fall asleep to meditation music. Give reiki or reflexology a try. Also, this month, focus on friendships and getting more involved in your community. Those looking for love will find the 18th through the 22nd to contain a lot of positive romantic energy. Focusing on family during that time is also beneficial. You might even consider taking some time off during that period. After the 23rd, work matters will call again and it will be a time of focusing on your professional track. [Card Drawn: Four of Cups]

Gemini | May 21 – June 20

For Gemini, the 1st of July means you’ll be off to a great head start in intellectual endeavors. Teachers, writers, and those working in media are going to find themselves functioning at high speed. The romance sector, too, is auspicious. Dress to impress this month, as you never know who you might encounter and what opportunities could be presented. While you’re on an ascent, some close to you might be feeling jealous. Take care of those relations so that tensions don’t rise. Mid-July and on, it could get a bit more emotionally sensitive than usual. This July, sacrifices may need to be made, ones you might be initially resistant to. Be attentive to details this month and you’ll catch yourself before bigger mistakes are made. At the end of this month, be sure to invite a dear friend out for drinks or a night around town. Also consider making a donation or volunteering your time to your favorite non-profit. Doing so will yield an unexpected gain. [Card Drawn: Six of Pentacles]

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