Holistic Horoscopes: Your July 2014 Sun Sign Forecast

Image Source: Eatsleepwork.com
Image Source: Eatsleepwork.com

Writing sun sign horoscopes? Oh what fun! I wonder if people wonder where sun sign horoscopes come from. If that’s you, then read about my approach to sun sign horoscope forecasts here. Anyway, here are my sun sign forecasts for July, 2014.

Also, for each sign, I pulled a single tarot card to supplement the monthly forecasts and found every single one to yield a similar message as the stars. I’ve embedded the card interpretations into the forecasts below, but at the end of each paragraph, will note the card (Rider-Waite deck) drawn for that sign.

Cancer | June 21 – July 22

It’s going to be a great month for you, Cancer, thanks to the influence of Jupiter through the first half of the month, but you’re going to feel dissatisfied and perhaps even a bit moodier than usual. Resist temptations and stay focused, and grounded. Earth stones like jaspers and agates could help. There could be some drama and curve balls with spouses, significant others, or close business partners mid-month and onward and a few unexpected challenges late month. Open communication will be critical to smoothing over the ruffled feathers. Overall, though, energies around you in July are optimal for success, so take advantage of it and get ahead at work and in personal creative projects. If you’ve been out of touch with family for a while, get back in touch this month. [Card Drawn: Key 6: The Lovers]

Leo | July 23 – August 22

Finances and money may be a focal point this month and also, you could be feeling a bit more emotionally sensitive than usual. Leos working in the corporate sector will fare well in July and find themselves taking on a more prominent leadership role. Mid-July and on, Leos in creative or unconventional fields might find themselves redirecting energies, refocusing, editing, or changing course due to the aspect influence of Neptune in retrograde. All Leos should be getting an extra surge of intuition and creativity, so be sure to utilize it! July 16 and on will be a time of success, achievement, and results, and you should be proud of yourself, Leo! So don’t worry so much if family members aren’t quite on board just yet. They’ll come around. The 27th or 28th is a good time to start that new project you’ve been mulling over (or regain momentum for work that you’ve been leaving on the back burner). Carnelian could really help you to positively align your personal energies, Leo. [Card Drawn: Queen of Wands]

Virgo | August 23 – September 22

Lately there may have been miscommunications and misunderstandings in your life, so July will be a good time to get away. This Fourth of July weekend will be a great time of opportunity. Any time early to mid-month, consider a short trip out of town. If you have siblings, it’s a good time to reconnect with them. This July will be all about recalibrating your thought process and self-analysis. You’re too hard on yourself, Virgo, especially in the romance department. Love will come when it comes. Rose quartz would be good for you. Grace under fire is the mantra for you this month. Being able to maintain your inner balance will be crucial in July. And remember, things don’t have to be perfect to be good. Late July, around the 23rd, focusing on finances will bring rewards. [Card Drawn: Key 14: Temperance]

Libra | September 23 – October 22

Early in the month, up to the 6th will be great for you, Libra, but then it may get a little rough, with interpersonal tensions heightened through the first half of July. Then after the 23rd, there could be sibling issues, vacation trips that didn’t go as well as they should have, and miscommunications. Happiness could feel elusive throughout July, and planetary aspects with Uranus and Neptune could bring the unexpected, especially in creative projects. If you find your workload doubling this month, hang in there. Amethyst, citrine, or smoky quartz might help you to reduce tensions and work-related stress. Reconnecting with family and loved ones will be an effective way to alleviate mental blockages. Writing and journaling will be incredibly therapeutic for you. For you this July, you’ll want to be realistic with your expectations and reach your desired destination one step at a time. [Card Drawn: Knight of Pentacles]

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