“Out of the Tarot Closet” by Ménage A Tarot


The amazing folks at Ménage A Tarot, David Dear, Kate of Daily Tarot Girl, and Ronda Snow, put out an amazing podcast, “Out of the Tarot Closet” that I’d like to talk about. Click here to hear the podcast.

The group has put out several podcasts already and let me tell you– these people are going to rise very quickly in popularity among tarot folk. My only complaint is that they don’t put out enough podcasts! I love them so much, I get very impatient in between each podcast waiting for the next!

Their most recent one is about coming out of the tarot closet. It’s a topic close to my heart since in significant ways, I’m still in it.

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Chatting with Kate from Daily Tarot Girl

How do you not adore Kate from Daily Tarot Girl? She’s the author of The Ultimate Tarot Journal, which is a comprehensive tarot journal that is indispensable to anyone who is just starting out in activating their intuitive juices. Outside of tarot, she has many different talents and all sorts of knowledge, which is probably why she’s a great life coach.

We chatted for an interview and other than the fact I may have a little too much makeup on and rambled a whole lot, going off on tangents that now in retrospect make no sense, I had a lot of fun. This was my first video interview for Holistic Tarot and I hope the rough-around-the-edges-vibe (from me, not her– oh goodness, Kate was all professional and graceful and stuff) isn’t too off-putting.

She and I talked about first getting into tarot, our approaches to tarot, and the misunderstandings about tarot we both face. I also plugged my book, of course, and we talk about what inspired me to write it. (Actually, I don’t think I really answered her question… that turned into one of those tangents… so sorry…!)

If you’re looking for a professional tarot reading, I highly recommend contacting Kate. Just watch her weekly card readings to get a great sense of her style.