Fragments: A Grogryn Oracle by Le Page Novembre

Those who love Renaissance fairs are going to love the Fragments Grøgryn oracle by the artist Le Page Novembre. Novembre describes themselves as “a queer, non-binary, neuro-spicy illustrator and writer” who crafts tarot and neo-medieval art, in the pursuit of “queering catholic imagery.”

They recently launched the brand Grøgryn, an indie sole proprietorship that creates oracles, tarots, and other games. One such artisanal works by Grøgryn is Fragments.

Set of 12 Fragments Oracle.

And Fragments has been captivating my attention. The premise is broken pieces of stained glass picked up from the ruins of a long forgotten temple or church, pieces of glass glistening under the sun that catch your eye.

And so the magic of history and the power of place are imbued into the fragments. These talismanic fragment pieces are made of enamel, but the quality is so good that to my untrained senses, feel like stained glass set in metal framing. They clink on the tabletop like pieces of stained glass.

I now keep my Fragments set in my designated ritual tools chest. It’s special to me. I love selecting a piece to adorn on my altar, depending on what themes I’m seeking to invite into my life at the time.

Like runes or charms casting, I divine with the Fragments. I select three from the drawstring bag, one to show what past influences are present, what I most need to focus on right now, and what to anticipate that’s forthcoming in the near future.

The Pipes affirms a recent career promotion. The Gate speaks of a discovery mode I’m currently in. And The Statue reveals a long-term project coming into my line of sight.

There’s a story to each piece, and following Novembre’s work, you’ll see that they’re a storyteller. I love the monomyth aspect to the Fragments oracle, where you are the hero discovering pieces of a puzzling relic to solve a mystery.

Custom choose 3 of the 12 pieces for a starter kit at 40 euros. The individual pieces can be used as charms. Scroll through Novembre’s shop to see which 3 catch your eye, like pieces glistening under the sun. For those in the U.S., you can buy them via Etsy for $19.60 per piece here.

Get The Gate piece for safe travels, to induce learning and discovery, and to inspire hope. If you’re just starting a new chapter of your life, undertaking a new project or life adventure, then The Gate fragment is also the perfect little talisman to keep on you.

If you’re looking to collect a set, pair it with the swan to invite a greater sense of social belonging, to find your community, and to not feel so alone in this world. The Swan, writes Novembre, is a special fragment to them, because this is the piece that started the oracle project. Pictured here is a swan laying its head into a surprised traveller’s hand.

The Harp is the fragment of Calm, meditation, and prayer. It absorbs anger and helps you to express what it is your feeling–that’s the Song it emanates. Each piece is about 4 cm across and really, really well made. The material is enamel, but before reading the product description, I thought it was metal with opaque glass.

Collect all 12 for an exquisite divination set. The full oracle set of 12 fragments will run you 150 euros, or purchase through Etsy for $184.

I love that the fragment pieces come with informational cards, English on one side, French on the other. I wish it came with just a little more information and correspondences, such as more inspirational notes on how each Fragment can work as a talisman, and more exposition around how the creator intends for each Fragment piece to be interpreted in a divinatory reading.

I do love the cards they come with, and the eye for detail in how the accompanying cards are designed. But I think in terms of written material to help me better acclimate with the Fragments oracle, I’d like a supplemental pdf guide, for instance, that can be e-mailed upon purchase, or a parchment scroll (to keep with the medieval theme) that introduces you to the story of the oracle.

By the way, I did love how as a set of twelve, the info cards themselves create a standalone oracle card divination system. And I totally used them as a mini oracle deck set! I’d shuffle them and draw three cards, asking the question what energies do I most need to invite into and fortify my life right now?

Then I draw the cards. The three Fragment oracle pieces noted are then selected from the bag and placed on my altar.

Le page Novembre’s art style is iconic of the medieval period from the Rhine. The artist’s concept is to reimagine Catholic imagery for a pagan, queer audience. You can check out more of Novembre’s tarot work at @grogryn.

Be sure to check out the Grogryn Etsy shop where you can also purchase tarot decks created by Novembre, these Fragments, enamel pins, and truly exquisite one-of-a-kind amulets.

FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received this deck for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion.

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