The Metaphysician’s Day Planner & Yearly Guidebook

For those who are new to the Metaphysician’s Day Planner (MDP), this is a product description and walk-through.

My dedicated use of the MDP year to year has been essential to my success and also personal wellbeing. The organizer-planner is structured in such a way to inspire a holistic and comprehensive approach to the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

My own selected cover design, based on Iris (1896) by Eugene Grasset. You’ll get to custom design your own day planner cover.

Your order is for digital PDF files only, however. E-delivery of your order will include video tutorials on how you can use a third-party print-on-demand site,, to print physical copies of your MDP, uploaded with any cover art design of your choosing, including your own, outside any of the offerings provided. So it’s fully customizable.

Go ahead and print as many copies of your MDP as you need for the year, though we do ask that, on the honor system, you only print as needed for your own uses, and not to distribute to all your friends.

The Bonus Guidebooks

Your MDP order comes with two additional e-books:

The Metaphysician’s Day Planner General Guide, which explains every section of the MDP planner-organizer. It will cover tutorials on how to read your astrological charts, how you can use each section to optimize personal strategic planning, and along the way, I share how I personally use each section.

There are also a few motivational “here are some of my thoughts on how to succeed in life” chapters. I also include some of my favorite home remedies and folk recipes.

Year to year, no substantial changes are made to the General Guide. If you’ve ordered the MDP in the past and you’ve already read the Guide that came with previous MDPs, then this year’s Guide will be nothing new. If this is your first time ordering the MDP, then I recommend reading through the General Guide once through before the start of the year.

The Metaphysician’s Guide to 2023 is a cross between a workbook and a witch’s almanac. This is the companion book that changes and is updated year to year.

There are step-by-step tutorials on how to read your birth chart and solar returns chart, alongside reference tables to help you interpret everything you see.

Write out your forecasts for the year ahead in work and career matters, relationships, which days are best for signing contracts or doing business, where your fortune and prosperity will come from this year, what challenges you might face, and more.

Then I provide my global forecasts and projections for the coming year based on the year’s astrological transits. I’ll go through the implications of the key astrological events for the year.

Understand eclipses, how to read Mars and Venus together for the monthly forecasts, Jupiter and the planetary year correspondence for the main themes of the year, Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The book also offers a beginner’s primer on Chinese astrology and how to navigate natal years (ben ming nian).

The Guide to 2023 also provides all dates and times (keyed to the Pacific time zone, though conversion tables are provided for easy conversion to your time zone) for moon phases, void of course moon times (these are the worst times for spell-crafting), when the moon is fast (these are the best times for spell-crafting), and sunrise, sunset times (for determining planetary hours, which some occultists consider essential when timing ritual work).

Three Size Options to Choose From

For your day planner, you can choose from three size options. The above comparison of the sizes features the “Koekoek in Storm (1936) by Koson” art option.

  1. Left: Trade Paperback, 6″ x 9″ (152 x 229 mm)
  2. Center: US Letter, 8.5″ x 11″
  3. Right: A4 European, 8.27″ x 11.69″ (210 x 297 mm)

Customizable Cover Art

Your order comes with a zip file folder download with over a dozen covert art designs to choose from. When you go to upload and place your order for a printed copy from the third-party print-on-demand service, you’ll choose which cover art option you want. Or you can create your own from scratch and use that for your MDP.

A Customized Planner-Organizer

Your MDP opens with one line of personalized text on the front interior page. Most people have their names printed here, but you could also personalize it with a power word, short affirmation phrase, a reminder note only you understand, anything at all. When you order, you’ll be prompted to provide what you want to appear on this first page.

After that is a page spread of your natal chart, based on the birth details you’ve provided, and your 2023 solar returns chart. All charts are cast in Whole Signs, Tropical. For the purposes of the MDP, solar returns charts are cast based on your day of birth, the current year, and your current location of residence (not your location of birth). They are not keyed to solar degree.

Interior Pages of Your MDP

The Year-at-a-Glance section features the previous year, the present year, and the subsequent year, each occupying a full page.

Next comes annual planning pages to help you cultivate success in every area of life.

I personally rely on the card draws I do for every month of the year as an annual forecast before the year begins. I draw a card (tarot or oracle) for each month, jot down the results in the left-most column, write my interpretation for it in the center column, and after the month ends, I return here to reflect on how applicable that card was in that right column.

You’re not limited to cartomancy here. I also add I Ching readings to this section. You can add rune readings. There are no limits to how you can use this space.

After the annual planning pages are the quarterly planning pages.

Ooh, another section of my yearly MDP that I rely heavily on– the month-at-a-glance section. The left page has an ephemeris table of the zodiac sign changes for the Sacred Seven for every day that month. The right side is your common month table.

In top right is my global forecast for the month based on the ephemeris tables. The top left is a monthly prompt for life reflection, goal-setting, self-care, and general personal wellness. Same with the bottom left. Then in the bottom right are all the auspicious dates per Chinese lunisolar astrology.

New moons are identified by their Eastern lunar month zodiac animal in the lunisolar calendar and full moons are identified by their Western traditional full moon names from Algonquin traditions.

Your Daily Planner-Organizer

The largest section of your MDP is the week-at-a-glance section, your daily organizer pages.

Holidays Included: US federal, Canadian statutory, UK, Australia national, Mexico national, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, the pagan Wheel of the Year (for both northern and southern hemispheres), and some international UN holidays.

Toward the back of your MDP are 20 blank lined note pages. This is where I plan out social media content, outline book and tarot deck ideas, and draw out my own daily log tracking tables for topics that’s more specific to me, which didn’t make sense to make universal as a printed page. Likewise, if there is something specific you track, draw out a log table in these back end note pages.

The Grimoire Reference Pages

Finally, what makes this a metaphysician’s day planner is the last section that I refer to as the “grimoire pages,” for lack of a better descriptive.

The grimoire pages cover:

  • lunar phase correspondences,
  • color correspondences,
  • tables for the four alchemical elements (these are helpful to consult for spell-crafting),
  • astrological correspondence tables,
  • medieval medical astrology,


(continued from previous listing)

  • the human body clock, a Traditional Chinese Medicine reference,
  • Wu Xing five phases correspondence charts,
  • the Taoist eight trigrams,
  • an I Ching hexagram reference table,
  • feng shui references (with step-by-step instructions in the companion guidebook on how to use them),
  • tarot keywords,
  • petit Lenormand keywords,
  • numerology calculation tables for both dates and names,
  • a palmistry quick-reference primer,
  • Hermetic Qabalah as often used in Western occultism,
  • the basic meridian of seven chakras,
  • Elder Futhark runes, and
  • a Western medieval geomancy.

Please note that there are slight variances to the layout design of the three size options. These variances were necessary to maintain a balanced layout among the differing sizes.

Trade Paperback

The above shows the week-at-a-glance section in the Trade Paperback size option. In terms of square inches of area to write in, the weekday cells have a smidge more space than the weekend cells.

US Letter

The US Letter layout is the same as the Trade Paperback layout, except the lined spacing is larger than the Trade Paperback.

A4 European

The A4 European layout is 8.27 inches in width, which is just a little under your standard 8.5 inches in US Letter. The length in A4 is 11.69 inches, so it’s longer than the standard 11.0 inches in US Letter. To account for the extra length, A4 size options include a bonus “Daily Routine” checklist table in the top left corner of each weekly page spread. Also, the A4 is the only size option of the three where the area (in terms of square inches) for the weekday boxes and weekend boxes are exactly the same.

Left to Right: Trade Paperback, US Letter, A4 European

The above photo shows what the printed spiral-bound versions of the MDP look like. If you need a planner-organizer you can take on the go to work or school, then I recommend Trade Paperback. If this is to be kept on the desktop of your home office, then either US Letter or A4 European will give you more space to write.

I tape label tabs to mark the sections I use the most. I’ve found this to be indispensable, along with cutting, taping, and putting together a folder pocket in the back of my planner. The guidebook that comes with your MDP will walk you through how to create that folder pocket with tape or gluestick and scissors.

Note: You always choose your own cover design, so if these look bleh to you, no worries– it’s not the product, it’s actually just me. This is my own aesthetic. =) You will have the option to go with your own style. In fact, that’s the whole point.

This MDP, specifically how it’s structured and what it contains, is the most essential factor to my professional and personal success. It’s how I manage my time. It’s how I make sure not to neglect any area of my life, emotional, spiritual, professional, financial, or intellectual.

I have been using this MDP every day since 2017 when I first came out with it for the public, and with daily use, I experience what works, what doesn’t, and also, I listen closely to your feedback. Many of you write to me about your own experiences with the structure, layout design, and contents. When multiple people voice the same point repeatedly, I take your advice and make edits.

Order Your 2023 Metaphysician’s Day Planner

Click on the above link to order your MDP for 2023.

8 thoughts on “The Metaphysician’s Day Planner & Yearly Guidebook

  1. Pingback: 2023 Metaphysician’s Day Planner: Pre-Order – benebell wen

  2. Question: astrological ascendant. I have my time of birth and have verified it astrologically over many years, but sometimes when I order something with my time (not your things), the ascendant is off (sometimes quite a bit). Is there anyway of verifying the ascendant degree prior to receiving the planner?


    1. Without looking at the charts to assess with specificity, I can’t say for sure what the issue might be. However, I’m speculating it’s due to the astrologers using different house and horoscope systems.

      For example, someone who is a Sagittarius rising at 21 degrees under Tropical Whole Signs would be a Scorpio rising at 27 degrees under Sidereal Whole Signs. What’s more, cusps and house placements will look different between Whole Signs and Placidus. So it’s most likely a matter of the astrologers using different systems to cast your charts.

      This metaphysician’s day planner, and all astrological readings I do, are keyed to Tropical Whole Signs unless a client specifically requests Placidus or Sidereal. Hope that helps! ❤



    1. Hi S. T.! When the birth time isn’t known, astrologers can cast the day chart, or a sun chart, which is your date of birth and location of birth, timed to high noon, or 12 pm of that day. The signs that the planets are in and their decan rulers will be accurate, but not the houses, since that’s keyed to the hour. What appears as the ascendant and midheaven on your sun chart will also be inaccurate, since that’s determined by the hour of birth.

      The substance of the Metaphysician’s Day Planner would still be viable however! =) We create many planners every year for people who don’t have their birth times. Thank you for your interest!


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