The Oracle of Human Destiny: Cartomancy + Bibliomancy Reading Method

This is fun! A delightful soul and kindred spirit gifted me with the above book, which you can download a pdf of at the Internet Archive, since it’s in the public domain. The Oracle of Human Destiny (1825) is credited to someone going by the pen name “Madame Victorine Le Normand” and is written in first person, with references to doing divinatory readings for Napoleon.

You’ll need a standard deck of 52 playing cards. I opted for the pips, pages (knaves), queens, and kings from a Tarot de Marseilles deck. Works just as well.

From the below charts, decide which of these 12 questions (along the right side of the page spreads) best expresses what you want to ask the oracle. Then note the corresponding zodiac sign on the left side of the page spread.

Table of the Celestial Signs with Corresponding Questions, Part 1 of 2

For example, say I want to ask about financial stability to come, business opportunities, or employment. I might opt for Libra and the question I’ll be asking will be, “Inform me whether I shall ever be Promoted, Wealthy, or Fortunate?”

Table of the Celestial Signs with Corresponding Questions, Part 2 of 2

Shuffle your 52-card deck while focusing on the question you want to ask the oracle. Repeat the question several times.

Maintaining focus and concentration on your question, cut the deck into 3 card piles (any way you like).

Of the 3 card piles, choose 1, any 1.

Turn it over, that bottom-most card in the pile, which after you flip is the top card you first see, will give you the answer to your question.

Look up that card in THE MYSTICAL TABLE, which you can download below.

The Mystical Table

Download the PDF

And here’s the original:

The Mystical Table (Scan)

The roman numeral corresponding with your selected card will denote where in The Oracle of Human Destiny book to turn.

For example, say I pulled the Eight of Hearts. The Eight of Hearts (8♥) corresponds with XXV, so I’ll be looking for the XXV tables in the book. If you pull the Knave (or Page) of Clubs (Knave ♣), then you’ll be consulting the XVI tables in the book. And if you pulled the Three of Diamonds (3♦), flip to the LI table near the back.

Now let’s say you were the one who drew the Eight of Hearts (8♥). Per the Mystical Table reference, you’ll be looking at the oracle messages in the XXV table.

The PDF download for THE ORACLE OF HUMAN DESTINY book is HERE.

via Internet Archive

Remember the question you asked? What was the zodiac sign corresponding with that question? Find the row designated by that zodiac sign in the XXV table.

For example, if your question was “Inform me whether I shall ever be Promoted, Wealthy, or Fortunate?”, then look across at Libra (♎︎). Your oracle message would be “Persevere, and thou shalt be fortunate.”

The other example I gave was the Knave of Clubs (Knave ♣). The table to look at would be Table XVI in the pdf book download, THE ORACLE OF HUMAN DESTINY.

And finally, the example of the Three of Diamonds (3♦). If you had asked the Libra question and pulled the Three of Diamonds, your oracle message is: “You will have much success in business.”

Oh, and as for when to perform a reading?

Apparently, Friday, because this “day has been held mystical,” if this little book can be trusted.

You can purchase a physical copy of this text from Gyan Books HERE.

If you do give this cartomancy + bibliomancy fortune-telling method a try, please do tell me how it went and what you think of it! =)

5 thoughts on “The Oracle of Human Destiny: Cartomancy + Bibliomancy Reading Method

  1. Emme

    Oh my, this looks juicy!
    I’ve been looking for a reason to purchase a ”fancy” deck of playing cards from Uusi and this is it. For today, a Marseille deck is in order. I might also try the Maybe Lenormand.
    Thank you, lovely Bell! Always so kind and generous 🙏🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am looking at this and I admit, I’m completely entranced at this idea. I’ve printed out the table and wondering where my deck of regular cards are at. Or if I even have a regular deck anymore. *gasps*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Starlight

    Thank you for sharing this resource. I love playing cards although I haven’t learned cartomancy. Now I can play with them a bit more. 🙂


  4. Anonymous

    So very cool. I just received a vintage Alice in Wonderland playing card deck I purchased off of Etsy to start using them for cartomancy. Gotta love synchronicity.


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