Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards

The Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards is a fun, beautiful New Age divination deck by Kyle Gray with art by Lily Moses. It’s a quintessential Hay House deck and one I’m really loving. These cards will pleasantly surprise you with resonant messages. Readings with Angels and Ancestors will bring clairvoyant images that leave you with a lasting imprint.

It’s a 55-card deck printed on heavy-duty cardstock in an absolute matte finish. Angels and Ancestors is a self-contained system and kit, which means you don’t need to know a darn thing about cartomancy to pick this deck up and begin working with it. The guidebook is a wonderful primer for the beginner.

Let’s see how you’re connecting to this deck, shall we? Let your eyes scan across the three cards–left, center, and right. We’re going to be following the ceremonial instructions provided in the companion guidebook. Take a moment to concentrate on your breath and continue scanning the cards, from one to the next. I’m going to rephrase the recitation a bit for the purposes of this exercise.

Start by reciting to yourself:

I am here in this space to forge a sacred bond with the Angels & Ancestors oracle deck today.

Now recite to yourself:

Guardians of the four corners,
Mother in the Earth, Father in the sky,
Angels, ancestors, sacred ones,
I call on you and welcome you here now.

The full transcript in the guidebook goes on further, but I think this will suffice for our purposes.

Now choose a card– left, center, or right. Remember your selection. We’ll return to this at the end of the deck review. The card you select will represent the spirit guardian who has stepped forth to work with you for the next seven days.

What I love most about this oracle deck is its organization. Gray has done a superb job thinking through the system. Unlike a lot of oracle decks now on the market, which is just a haphazard collection of pretty pastel cards with quasi-mystical sounding verbiage, there’s a system here.

There are four “suits” (for lack of a better term), or four classes of cards: The Sacred Ones, which make up 30 cards, 12 Guardians and Messengers, 9 Warrior Symbols, and 4 cards that are the Seasons.

The Sacred Ones are kind of like ascended masters. That’s probably not a good equivalent, but it’s my lay observation. The Guardians and Messengers are angelic beings. Warrior Symbols are universal symbols from the collective unconscious that surface to bring an important message. And finally, the Seasons are about life cycles, changes, and directional flow.

Now recall which of the three cards you selected. Here they are:

The card you selected reveals the guardian spirit for you to work with, to fully retrieve the messages, lessons, and gifts from this spirit. You can think of this as a mythological personification of something important and relevant to you right now, that was embedded deeply in your own unconscious memory, but is now raised to the surface through the expression of a guardian spirit.

Click on the photo to enlarge and read the card entry.

Star Ancestor. This is a Sacred One, which I read as an expression of an ascended master. I won’t be interpreting these cards for you, but rather, the card’s corresponding entry in the guidebook is provided. Click on the photo of the card entry for an enlarged view and read the pages for yourself.

Click on the photo to enlarge and read the card entry.

Knight. This is another Sacred One. I love how the guidebook has a short form Message that is your quick takeaway, and then an About section describing the card, and finally, an Extended Message, which gets more in-depth about how to interpret the card.

Click on the photo to enlarge and read the card entry.

Protection Guardian. Here, a Guardian/Messenger, or angelic being, has appeared before you. If something has clicked for you here, don’t ignore that feeling. Sit with the message you’ve read and maybe even save the photographic image of the card you selected. Take a few moments each day for the next seven days to connect and attune with this spirit guardian. There’s something here for you and it may be worth your while to lean in to the resonance.

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards is a deck that I associate with eclectic Wicca, and maybe even more specifically, American Wicca. Bear in mind that’s coming from someone who does not identify as Wiccan and who probably has no more than a passing knowledge of what “eclectic Wicca” even means. Nonetheless, there you have it.

The imagery and concepts in the deck were inspired by Celtic, Native American, Aboriginal, and Earth-based spirituality, according to the product description. I did find it to be a powerful tool and one that taps into mythology to reveal what’s in your own unconscious. Retailing at under $20 U.S. dollars, this deck is well worth your money.

August 4, 2022 Update:

This video review and commentary of the Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards raises cultural awareness of some concerns with imagery in this deck and how indigenous cultural intellectual property rights may have been appropriated without due credit.

Inlé’s Inlet shows how the distinct drum design featured on the Drum card, the Shaman card, and on the card back have been taken directly from Sámi religious and spiritual iconography. However, no credit, reference, or source citation is provided in the guidebook, in effect erasing the Sámi, who are a historically marginalized indigenous minority.

10 thoughts on “Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards

  1. Donya Lynne

    I did the exercise in this post and picked a card, and I swear on all that’s holy that it was absolutely spot on perfect for what I’m going through right now. I got the Star Ancestor, and when I read the entry in the book, it was in total sync with where I am and what I was just thinking this morning about my purpose in this life (I’m here to help heal the planet and to teach others how to heal the planet, as well). The Star Ancestor card fits in perfectly with the oracle cards Spirit pulled for me just last night. So, yeah, I think I need to buy this deck. LOL.


  2. Jam

    I was going through your deck reviews and found myself coming back to this one repeatedly. Even the card I picked on the post was so relevant to what I’m working on in my life at this point in time, so I ended up getting this deck because of this review.

    And I really love it! I see what you mean about the eclectic Wicca aspect of the deck as well. I had an eclectic Wiccan moment in my life, and it’s long since over, but I actually look back on that time very fondly! This deck does remind me of that, and so it feels sort of nostalgic and warm for me.

    (Also for the record, this deck pairs up really well with the Ancestral Path Tarot. I’ve been reading with the two of them together and they make a great team.)

    Thanks for the review and recommendation, I’m really glad I got this deck.


  3. Toni T Slaughter

    I love this deck of cards, I am Christian, but I love every thing about this deck. I also have native American roots, so I love the colors and details on the cards. Thank you for the detail you put into them.


  4. What a great oracle deck! I’m new to oracle and tarot decks so I’m browsing google for resources! You caught my attention with this oracle deck, the images are lovely!

    Thank you for this post, it really helps me make u my mind if I want to buy this deck or not! It’s on my wish list now!


  5. Mishel

    This is a beautiful oracle deck. I’m just conflicted as an Aboriginal woman. The Elder card is not cool, from my interpretation anyway. The belief is that our Ancestors in the Spirit world hold teachings for every aspect of life, so I would never move beyond their patterns.
    Maybe …remember their patterns would be better, stay connected to my Ancestors, know they are always with me giving me strength and understandings.


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