31 Days of Tarot 2019: Day 1

How many years before something becomes a tradition? I don’t know. In any event, you may have heard of Ethony Dawn’s yearly “31 Days of Tarot” community challenge that she hosts every year.

You can watch Ethony’s YouTube video here introducing the 2019 prompts and get the full listing here on her website. Be sure to also connect in to the tarot YouTube community or find the community on Instagram via the hashtag #31daysoftarot19 to catch up on what everybody else is saying in response to each of the daily prompts.

I’ll be participating via Instagram and by blog posts (though after the first few prompts, I’ll be aggregating the daily prompts into end-of-the-week blog post recaps).

Reading, Energy, Major Lesson for 2019

I’m using a prototype test deck for Spirit Keeper’s Tarot where I’m test printing different shadings of sepia and different styles of the parchment background to get the aesthetics as close to what I want as possible. In the SKT deck, you’re given 3 versions of Key 0 to choose from for a significator card. For this reading prompt, I’m using The Seeker card as my Key 0 significator.

As I shuffle, I intend the card preceding The Seeker to be the energy and the card following The Seeker to be the major lesson.

For energy, Key 4: The Emperor. Commander of Intellections. This is about self-possession and reign over the temporal part of my life. It’s the divinity of Logos, and what you’re capable of commanding if you apply rationalism to your exercise of will, of intuition, and of your emotions.

For major lesson to learn this year, Key 21: New World Order. Crown of the Magi. Welp. Sounds like 2019 is going to be the year of a catalyst toward a major change. Will 2020 be the mark of a new epoch in my life? Perhaps. Yay?

To me, though, Key 21 is also about social responsibility. I can’t wait to talk about why I drew Key 21 the way I did here, and why the redesigns of certain cards in the deck.

I’m intrigued that in Key 4, you get the skeletal structure of the masonic cubic stone, and then in Key 21, it’s the solid form of the cubic stone, suggesting to me that a lot of progress in terms of self-development will be made in 2019.

Also, how hilarious is it that both cards I pulled for the reading just so happen to be two cards I completely redesigned from the first edition deck to the second edition?

I hope you’ll join in on the fun!

5 thoughts on “31 Days of Tarot 2019: Day 1

  1. Ana Ottenwalder

    These cards!!!
    I think @31DaysofTarot is already a tradition and it’s something that the entire community actually looks forward to when time is approaching, even the ones who are not as active in other media’s join in on this particular activity which just helps to pull us all together more, I still feel too shy to post but hope 2019 will be the year I am able to break free of this hard shell, maybe when I get my copy of Spirit Keepers 😍😍.
    How appropriate indeed I really think the world just wanted you to show us those cards!!!
    How ap


  2. “So tarot” for the cards you redesigned be your cards. And 2020 is when the nodes switch again so that makes sense too. I have your first edition and now because I love the redesigns I might have to get the second. By the way I love the exercise of coloring in one piece of the cards to tune into it. Anyways Happy New Year. Thanks for all you add to tarot.


  3. Rosa Squillaro

    Hi! I’m Rosa Squillaro, from Italy, in the south, a land called Cilento, do you know Paestum, Palinuro? I follow you with pleasure, thanks for your blog! Sorry for my awful English 🙂 I’m realizing a Tarot deck inspired by my wonderful land and every Arcana will be a symbol of Cilento. I opened a crowdfounding to print the first deck https://www.okpal.com/le-carte-del-cilento-i-tarocchi-del-cilento-2/#/ can you help me to share and contribute? Thanks!

    Il giorno mar 1 gen 2019 alle ore 16:18 benebell wen ha scritto:

    > benebell posted: “How many years before something becomes a tradition? I > don’t know. In any event, you may have heard of Ethony Dawn’s yearly “31 > Days of Tarot” community challenge that she hosts every year. You can > watch Ethony’s YouTube video here introducing the 2019″ >


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