PantheaCon This Weekend + Personal Update

Hey all! For those of you who’ve been reaching out asking me about the password for the previous protected blog post, “Introduction to Buddhist-Taoist Esotericism [PantheaCon],” that is material reserved for those who will be at my presentation this Saturday morning for… oh, what could it possibly be for based on that title… that’s right, smarty pants, you!–PantheaCon! =)

If you’re already part of the Closed Circuit, no, the access for that hasn’t changed from what it was before. For those of you who went into the last public post and commented in the public post with the Closed Circuit password explicitly spelled out… *shakes my head* Come on, guys! Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of the Closed Circuit?

I’m also unable to personally reply to each and every e-mail message and ping about this due to how many of such messages were received. Literally, if I were to reply to each individual, that exercise itself would take almost two hours. Not kidding. Verified by personal experience.

As already referenced, this weekend I’ll be at PantheaCon in San Jose, California. If you’ll be there, be sure to say hello! I was tempted to just say “I’ll be the Asian chick with long hair that you see walking around” but I have a couple of “Asian chick with long hair” friends who are going to be there so yay for diversity! [For much of my life, that description was more than enough to help people identify me in a crowd.]

Lately I’ve been a little MIA and not as responsive to all the private messages and pings I’ve been getting. So sorry! I have this horrible wonderful personality trait of single-minded obsession when I’m immersed in a passion project. It’s horrible from the perspective of anyone who is unfortunate enough to be friend or family, but it’s wonderful for the project itself. =)

At the moment I’m immersed deeply in just such a passion project so basically the only time anybody hears from me is when I have writer’s block or I need to eat or I’m on the treadmill or I’m in transition between other activities (I do a ton during commutes or while walking from Point A to Point B–yeah, I’m one of those assholes staring down at my phone while I walk down the street). I’m debating whether or not to talk more about that mysterious passion project in my newsletters or Closed Circuit. 😉

Alrightey. That’s it for now. Thanks so much for everybody’s understanding as I continue to totally ignore you (after PantheaCon, I’m going to carve out a couple hours to tackle my inbox so I will get to addressing some of those reading requests or trouble-shooting questions!).

One thought on “PantheaCon This Weekend + Personal Update

  1. Be well, and happy new year. I’m bummed that the upcoming tarot salon sold out in five minutes due to facebook and those not on fb didn’t make it, even if we’ve gone for years, so I won’t get to meet you there. Oh well–five of pentacles theme, I guess. Enjoy your activities!


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