Bonnie’s #WhoAmI Tarot Spread

Tarot OG Bonnie Cehovet and an awesome human being (I know, I met her) shared a really cool tarot spread that I now must re-share. Check out her article here. It’s a ten-card “Who am I” spread where you ask your tarot deck to tell you about you. You’re going to want to try this one out for yourself, too, and when you do, be sure to share it and tag Bonnie Cehovet. (Twitter handle: @bonnie_cehovet).

And you know what? This would be a great spread to try today, during the Total Solar Eclipse. For those of you of a Chinese Taoist bent, Ghost Month also begins today, so you can modify this tarot spread and bring in mediumship. Use tarot to contact someone who has passed on who knew you well. Think of someone you would have gone to for life advice, perhaps a relative you would have had a heart to heart with, who knew you well, and so would have been able to see you more objectively than you see yourself and thus answer these questions for you.

Okay, here are the questions. Set out the cards in any arrangement you like, but with the intention of these ten points:

  1. How do I see myself at this point in time?
  2. What are my passions?
  3. How do my passions sustain me?
  4. What are my fears?
  5. How can I best deal with my fears?
  6. What are my fears here to teach me?
  7. What are my goals?
  8. How can I best support my goals?
  9. What do I fear about my goals?
  10. Where are my goals taking me?

For my own reading, I didn’t do anything fancy–just two rows of five. Here I’m using the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori, which I reviewed here. I really like working with just the Majors in the Starseed Tarot, so I pulled out just the 22 Majors, shuffled, and did this reading with Majors only.

Question 1 is answered by the top left card, and in the top row, you’ve got, left to right, 1 through 5. Bottom row, left to right, are the cards’ answers for my Questions 6 through 10.

How do I see myself at this point in time?

Karma (Key 20: Judgement)

I am gazing into the surface of that water and by examining my own reflection, see what’s underneath that surface. Also, to me, the Judgement card appearing in a reading is the “you are now reaping what you’ve sowed” card. What I am experiencing at this time that’s most prevalent at the forefront of my mind is the result of things I’ve put into action a long time ago.

What are my passions?

Higher Self (Key 2: High Priestess)

Ah…the endeavor to acquire esoteric knowledge. ‘Tis true– my passions at this moment do seem to be very High Priestess-y.

How do my passions sustain me?

Abundance (Key 3: Empress)

I am so very lucky in this lifetime because my passions, from law to divination, are able to sustain my lifestyle. My passions are able to feed my body, mind, and spirit.

What are my fears?

Hanging Man (Key 12: The Hanged Man)

Fear of not being recognized or appreciated for my Work and the wisdom of emotional detachment that must be learned the hard way– how does one dissipate that fear? How does one detach, truly detach, from that insidious need for validation?

How can I best deal with my fears?

Transition (Key 13: Death)

Doh. Okay. There’s the answer. Thanks, tarot. Except…do you mean literal death, in that the cycle of rebirth and through that cycle the absolution of karma or are you coming at me in a more figurative form today and there is something in my life that I must end? Who else loves it when the tarot prompts more questions with its answer?

What are my fears here to teach me?

Reason (Key 4: Emperor)

In a past post I mentioned how crazy the Sirian Starseed Tarot is, if you recall, and here it is proving my point. Check out the way the deck is answering my questions. It really is an incredible deck to work with, even if on all superficial counts I ordinarily wouldn’t connect with such a deck.

Dominion and personal sovereignty. Of course.

What are my goals?

Alchemy (Key 14: Temperance)

I believe I’ve made it known publicly on many fronts that Temperance is one of my favorite cards in the tarot deck. Here, I love the version of Temperance manifesting as Alchemy…. considering some of the books currently on my nightstand are on medieval alchemy. Hunh. Interesting.

How can I best support my goals?

Guidance (Key 5: Hierophant)

By definition, the hierophant is someone with specialized knowledge or attunement who, because of that specialized knowledge or attunement, can interpret sacred mysteries for the rest of us. For me, I’ve always turned to mother for me. She’s always been Hierophant-y to me. Alrightey. Guess placing a call to Mom is in order later today. That always goes well.

What do I fear about my goals?

Luna (Key 18: The Moon)

I guess I fear that it is but illusory and the luminosity I think I see is not in fact substance that is there.

Where are my goals taking me?

The Great Wheel (Key 10: Wheel of Fortune)

If you read Bonnie’s post, you’ll see she pulled the same card (albeit from a different deck) for herself for this final question. Hmm…are we all collectively headed toward a particular phase of consciousness that the Wheel of Fortune expresses?


Now it’s your turn. You’ve got to try out Bonnie’s #WhoamI tarot spread for yourself. Be sure to tag her. You can find her on Twitter as @bonnie_cehovet and her website address is She’s also the author of several powerful, celebrated tarot books, so be sure to find her work on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Bonnie’s #WhoAmI Tarot Spread

  1. Ughh, the insidious validation thing! I can so relate. That said, I look forward to this spread and I really like the idea of doing a majors only version. I respect that you have such a willingness to give shout-outs to other great Tarot authors. Great karma in that!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Monday!


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