Beginner Learning and Teaching of Tarot: A Socratic Method


I often get asked how I would teach tarot to a beginner, what Lesson 1 would be, and also how to learn tarot if you are a beginner with no past exposure to tarot.

Recently I had an encounter where I gave my version of Lesson 1 of beginner tarot and I’ve been granted permission to share a transcript of it. Of course, this is paraphrased, but my memory for details is pretty good. I dare say this is a pretty accurate representation of the conversation and discourse that took place. I taught by the Socratic Method, though I wonder if she realized that.

The cards drawn and as identified are the actual cards from the Lesson 1 reading experience. For those who are more familiar with tarot techniques, basically what I did was first have her select her significator card, perform the Opening of the Four Worlds from the First Operation of the Opening of the Key, and then from the card pile she found her significator, draw three cards at random and perform a three-card past, present, and future reading.


If you’re at all curious how I might teach Lesson 1 of Beginner Tarot, here it is, as a downloadable PDF.

Download “Beginner Learning and Teaching of Tarot: A Socratic Method” (PDF)

7 thoughts on “Beginner Learning and Teaching of Tarot: A Socratic Method

  1. sybes1

    I loved this Bell. You are such a good teacher. I love the deck you used in your article and wish that I had the graphic skills to do something similar. I so enjoy your writing!


  2. This is lovely. I’m always asked by beginners where to start and there’s never a clear answer. I love how you approached the situation so thoughtfully, and with a clear “lesson” in mind.


  3. Tiger Lily

    thanks, this has helped me go deeper into the symbology of the cards, what a beautiful way to teach and use tarot. thanks for another profound sharing. I am so grateful for your perspectives and gifts.


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