Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards: Review

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue)

I’ve been meaning to work with and try to understand angel oracle cards and what better introduction to the phenomenon than through Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from Your Angels oracle cards!

There is also a related sister book that was published one year after the deck, Daily Guidance from Your Angels: 365 Angelic Messages to Soothe, Heal, and Open Your Heart (Hay House, 2007), which can be used as an oracle tool in the form of bibliomancy or for daily guided meditations. In this post I will only be reviewing the 44-card deck, Daily Guidance from Your Angels (Hay House, 2006).

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Box and Deck

It’s a 44-card deck, 3.375″ x 4.875″ in dimension, with a semi-gloss finish, good, heavy cardstock, and gold gilded edges. The box is just as sturdy, again with a semi-gloss finish. As with most Hay House oracle card publications, Daily Guidance comes with a perfect-bound companion Guidebook and the package is a complete system that you can start using as soon as you get it, no learning curve required.

Daily Guidance with Your Angels (Virtue) - Card Backs

The deck is grounded in the gnosis of angelic beings, in particular guardian angels. The guidebook begins: “Your guardian angels are always with you, even when you’re unaware of their presence. These angels want to help you with every aspect of your life.”

Daily Guidance with Your Angels (Virtue) 2

The Guidebook also explains that “oracle cards are an ancient, time-honored way to connect with angels and spirit guides,” further assuring you that they are “completely safe.” After going through this deck, however, I didn’t find it safe. I found it quite dangerous. Sugarcoating reality and pretending that everything is fine is a pretty dangerous way to live.


For instance, one of the cards, “There’s Nothing to Worry About,” worries me. There are very, very few scenarios I can think of where “There’s Nothing to Worry About” would be appropriate advice. Also, the picky editor in me wants to change that line to “There is Nothing to Worry About.”

Clearing and consecrating your deck are also instructed in the Guidebook, as well as other cartomancy basics, like shuffling and spreads. The three card past, present, and future spread is taught.

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Three Cards 1

The art is gentle, calming, and reminds me of children’s bedroom wall art, the kind of art that loving, religiously devout parents might choose to frame up and hang in the baby room.

Also, there is multiculturalism depicted in the deck, which I definitely appreciate. One of the things I’ve seen Doreen Virtue do very well that other New Age spiritualists seem to have neglected is multi-ethnic inclusion.

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Card Sample 5

Authorship for the deck is focused on Doreen Virtue as the creator, and only on the copyright page will you find in size 7 font the artist credits. The works come from fantasy illustrator Lisa Iris, though it’s not clear to me whether all of the art in this deck is by Iris or just some of it, and only Iris is getting credited.

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Card Sample 1

Looking through the deck, it does not feel like all the art is coming from the easel of one artist. It must be a collaborative work.

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Card Sample 3

About two-fifths of the card is occupied by a solid colored background with a key word or phrase and then a quote in italics. The quote is intended to be the message transmitted directly to you from the angelic realm. The writing here is well done and it does convey the sense that you are being spoken to by a higher force.

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Card Sample 2

The messages are inspirational, uplifting, and presumptive of a monotheistic religious view. I almost wonder why Daily Guidance doesn’t just come right out and say that it’s a Christian or Abrahamic based oracle deck. Maybe that was a given from the mention of angels? I don’t know.

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Card Sample 4

Some of the cards are calls to action, such as the above. Drawing such a card can be that gentle nudge you needed to initiate a project you’ve been meaning to start on. I see great merits in this deck and definitely understand its mass appeal.

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Three Cards 2

Oh, okay, heart chakra isn’t very Christian or Abrahamic-faith-ish. Neither is Law of Attraction I don’t think. If there is a cohesive structure or system to the messages for this deck, I couldn’t pinpoint it. You’ve got cards like “Acceptance” and “Assertiveness” to “Ask” or “Focus” to “Daydream,” “Heart Chakra,” “Law of Attraction,” and “Ground Yourself.” Some feel predictive, like “New Partner.” It felt a bit haphazard and scattered, but then I suppose another way to put it would be that the messages flow like the stream of consciousness.

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Three Cards 3

The premise behind the deck is that these 44 messages were channeled by Doreen Virtue and therefore represent the 44 messages for the deck that the angels have decided upon for the Daily Guidance deck, in which case I am certainly in no position to question the structure, system, or logic of the angels.

This deck is very much for someone who is softer in disposition, creative, and who seeks comfort in believing that guardian angels will reach out and communicate through oracle cards that have been mass produced in a factory in China. (These cards are made in China.)

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Card Sample 6

The artwork and the verbiage kind of sort of go together and then kind of sort of not. In the above card sample, you see a beautiful angel in a slinky dress, a bouquet of daisies in her hair, playing a Native American style flute (maybe, I’m not sure). Yet the message is “Assertiveness.” You want a picture that conveys assertiveness? Look no further than the Queen of Swords. Even the tarot Strength card, in its gentleness, is more assertive.

Daily Guidance Oracle (Virtue) - Card and Book Sample

I do appreciate the layout of the Guidebook, however. You’ll find all the cards in alphabetical order, for easy referencing. An image of the card is reproduced in the Guidebook, again, for easy referencing. The directly-communicated message from the angels in quotations is reproduced, and then you have a paragraph or two that further explains the meaning of the card. Then there is a final section (not shown in any of these photographs) called “Additional meanings for this card” where additional phrases and keywords are given, often in second person, giving a sense of intimacy and personal connection between reader/seeker and the cards/angels.

In terms of my study of angel oracle decks, I will need more than this deck to work with before I can formulate an informed conclusion. I confess that I did not connect with Daily Guidance. It was too feminine for me and the messages didn’t resonate. I’ve never really been a fairies, unicorns, and bombshell-angels-in-flowy-dresses kind of gal.

Yet I see this deck resonating with anyone who may have at some point in their young lives dressed up and pretended to be a princess, or who collects guardian angel figurines and believes very deeply in them, or one who finds gentle, inspirational messages to be the most effective way to get motivated. This is the deck I would give as a gift to a feminine (irrespective of gender or sex) monotheist friend who might be intrigued by the idea of oracle cards.

Daily Guidance with Your Angels (Virtue) 3

The Daily Guidance from Your Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue is incredibly well-crafted, well-written, and highly appealing. The cards succeed at conveying a sense of direct communication with angels or a higher power that is watching over us. The use of first person plural, i.e., “we” when the angels are speaking to the seeker and second person, i.e., “you” paired with religious imagery (combined with imaginative fantasy art) does transport the seeker to a higher vibrational consciousness.

20 thoughts on “Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards: Review

    1. Hey Suzanne! I tried sending you an email via an email addy you had left before. ;-D But it didn’t work. Any way for me to reach you? I was trying to send you an e-mail. benebellwen at live dot com.


    1. I agree. It also depends on the person’s character. For softer dispositions, this would be a fantastic inspirational deck. In my times of need, I tend to need a kick in the pants and a “Why the hell are you wallowing in self-pity? Get your ass up and go do something about it!” kind of message. 😛

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  1. I just about died at “I am certainly in no position to question the structure, system, or logic of the angels”. Still, I think that you did a far better job of pointing out the potential merits of this deck than I would have, and I can see some scenarios in which it might be useful. Or perhaps “usable” would be a better word. Thank you for another excellent deck review.


  2. I find that this deck can be quite useful if a) you believe in Angels or Spirit guides of some sort, and b) if you are going through a really difficult time in life. Doreen Virtue goes with the premise that if you ask your angels and put your worries into their hands (praying basically) and do your share fo work, the best will always happen, even if at the time it doesn’t seem like it.
    I’ve personally used this deck when I was going through a very stressful time in my life and it helped me to calm down while I worked towards my goals (I can be quite anxious) and I found it very helpful aligned with my Tarot readings. I also think that if used as a special message in the end of a reading, like many positive thinking oracle decks, it can end a “rough” reading on a gentle note for a client that believes angels.
    That said, this was the very first Oracle Deck I’ve purchased. Since then, I’ve bought other Oracle Decks that I find a lot better in terms of coherence in the art work and messages and this one kind of stays in my shelf now.
    In any case, I’ve really enjoyed your review. Probably the best one I’ve read about this deck!


    1. Thank you, Bella!

      Yes, the reason I got this deck is because several people I respect highly love this deck, work with it, and rave about it. With any tarot or oracle deck, reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt– it’s so subjective, and based entirely on whether there is any energetic chemistry between that specific deck and that specific reviewer. You know? =)

      I also like to reach for a gentle oracle deck at the close of a tarot reading when the tarot reading has been… perhaps… more straightforward than any of us would have liked. =)


  3. Thank you for your review. I enjoyed reading it because it captured (in words) the feeling that I’ve had when I’ve come across certain decks– like the one above. I certainly respect everyone’s right to choose what they resonate with and I believe that many people are drawn to Doreen’s Angel Decks. For me though, they have a one dimensional quality– almost like going to a therapist and only hearing supportive and good things about yourself. You may walk away feeling supported, but perhaps still feeling lost about how to deal with the “dark stuff” in your life. For me, it is helpful and necessary to look at the messages that may mirror difficult things and issues that I need to face. Anyway, thank your thoughts on this deck. They validated my own inner reactions that I haven’t been able to put into words.


      1. Um! Holy what in the … ?! Sorry, Chris! I don’t know what happened there. What I had MEANT to say was:

        Thanks, Chris! Glad to see we’re on the same page about this. Even when one goes to see a pastor or priest for counsel, I’m sure that kind of guidance is “100% safe” and yet the pastor/priest is going to guide you to confront your shadows, no?


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  5. A nicer and possibly “stretchier” deck than I might have expected. I recognize some of the art styles from my Archangel Oracle Cards, which I like a lot. A nice review. You also inspired me to speak out with my thoughts on Doreen Virtue decks, so thank you for that. Gave me something productive to do while I’m home sick!


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  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for your review! They are comforting in a way, but don’t really contain any practical advice as such. Just leave it to the Angels and they’ll take care of it, seems to be the message in a lot of the cards. Funny to say (since they are both decks of cards) but I’d rather stick with my Rider-Waite Tarot deck, which I find much more helpful, specific and based in the real world.


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