Holistic Horoscopes: Your January 2015 Sun Sign and Tarot Forecast


Every few months I get the itch to dabble in sun sign horoscopes. To do so, we focus on what’s up with the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus, with an eye on the Moon. I use the day-night rulership approach, running transits animations for January, 2015 and analyze those transits. There’s really no science to sun sign horoscopes and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is just pulling your leg. Still, they’re fun and every once in a while, by some synchronous fluke, can even be useful. So here we go. January, 2015, and even some additional insights into the rest of the year for each sign.

I’m also going to throw in a tarot card draw for good measure, coming to you from the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless. (Click on any of  the card images for a larger view.)

I like to open with the sun sign of the month, and that’s you, Capricorn.

Capricorn | December 22 – January 19

It could be a hectic start to the New Year and you’ll feel like you are at the center of everyone else’s personal predicaments. That’s only because people see you as always reliable and need you to be their rock. Be alert to curve balls that could get thrown your way. You’re going to feel a child-like fragility and vulnerability this month. Drama may ensue this month and it won’t be your fault. You just have to breathe, hold back, do not overreact, and try not to let the uncertainties of the future unnerve you. You’re contemplating a new course of action as part of your resolutions, but fear of the unknown holds you back. You need to regain confidence in yourself, and then blockages to your creativity can be eliminated.


Card Drawn. Nine of Crystals: Narrowness

Your hard, impenetrable character grounds you, gives you a sense of stability, but it is also isolating and lonely. There seem to be bars over your view, restricting your perceptions. And yet such narrowness is also what keeps you focused.


Aquarius | January 20 – February 18

What you say matters, Aquarius, and could make all the difference, so have faith in yourself and speak up. Facets of your inner self seem to be emerging to the surface this month. You’re moving into a new phase of your life and in all decision-making, follow your intuition. Also, when was the last time you thought about faith and your life philosophy? January may be a good month to pick up a book on the subject and get inspired. For your New Year’s resolutions this year, focus on the internal, on family, home, and love. Strive for emotional balance. This is going to be an interesting year of self-discoveries.


Card Drawn. Two of Wands: Purity

Light white candles this month and reflect on what it means to live authentically for yourself. Then lead. Lead others with your light.


Pisces | February 19 – March 20

First, some losses and disappointments, with loved ones feeling emotionally distant; but the year turns up for the better after January and the tides change. People are supportive of you if you give them the chance to be. For your New Year’s resolutions, focus on yourself. Don’t worry about feeling selfish if you put your needs before others. Taking time out for self-care is important this month. Nurture your own wounds. What is it that you want, and not what’s best for others? When you make decisions, do not worry about what others might think or how they might feel; put your interests first. It’s okay. You shouldn’t feel pressured to live up to other people’s expectations of you. It is also a good time to think about your long-term goals.


Card Drawn. Key VI: Lovers

The law of union–the marriage of opposites. That’s the theme for the month. It is a month of dualities and ambiguities. It is also a month of facing tough choices. You’ll be feeling indecisive, but go with what you want, not what you think others expect you to want.


Aries | March 21 – April 19

It’s a good time to revisit your financial goals and think about your assets and investments. For your New Year’s resolutions, focus on money management, security, financial stability, and your property. It may be a tougher start for you, and late January, life may get emotional and intense. You’ll just have to roll with the punches. Don’t let minor obstacles get you down. Be persistent and stop procrastinating. Although it is a new year, you do have some catch-up work to do, and you’ll want to use as much of January as you can do complete it all. Don’t let the unfinished work drag on into February. Aries, you’re usually such a straight shooter, so naturally you might hesitate to indulge in any sudden inclinations toward the eccentric, but go ahead and indulge. March to the beat of your own drum this month. That’s how you’ll regain a sense of perspective and best navigate any trials to come.


Card Drawn. Nine of Cups: Fulfillment

Honor your successes. There will be harvest. Your drinking glass is full. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Celebrate.


Taurus | April 20 – May 20

Get out there and be more social and influential this month! Getting involved in humanitarian work can bring unexpected and pleasant opportunities. Pursuits in the arts, literature, or music will help bring you a sense of calm. In fact, think about how you might be able to commercialize on your crafts. For your New Year’s resolutions, focus on yourself and your personal aspirations. This may sound crazy, but when you list out your priorities, put your biggest, wildest dreams at the top. You don’t always have to be the cautious, responsible one.


Card Drawn. Child of Crystals: Learner

Explore new ideas. Try on new perspectives. See the world through a child’s eye and laugh a lot this month.


Gemini | May 21 – June 20

It’s a good time to take short road trips and do something out of the ordinary for yourself. Break old habits. It’s an auspicious time for you professional-wise, so ask for a raise, or heck, just raise your voice more often and speak up. You’re more persuasive than you give yourself credit for. You’ll also want to focus on family, relationships, and the emotional sphere. Key your New Year’s resolutions to being more present on the home front. You are capable of great accomplishments in 2015, Gemini, and January is going to jumpstart a fruitful year for you.


Card Drawn. Nine of Worlds: Harvest

Do not undersell yourself. Have conviction in your own worth. It is a good time to plan ahead for the future and think about your savings.


Cancer | June 21 – July 22

Don’t let setbacks in career aspirations bring down your confidence. There will be bumps along the road—that is to be expected. For this New Year, you have to be ambitious and embody strong energies of fire. Persistence and motivation will be the key to success and overcoming any initial obstacles. Consider seeking out spiritual guidance to help keep you motivated and on track of your own goals. Joining a professional association or networking with like-minded folk can help support your aspirations. Blaze through whatever January may bring, Cancer, because the rest of the year will be amazing, and you’ll gain the recognition you’ve been craving from your peers.


Card Drawn. Ace of Wands: Illumination

It is a month of visions and revelations for you. You’ll touch upon an important truth, and that awareness will make all the difference. You’ll have the power to transform not only yourself, but others as well. Be influential.


Leo | July 23 – August 22

Be health-conscious this January and make a concentrated effort to not only eat better but try to maintain a more routine schedule. Focus on the details and minutiae. For your New Year’s resolutions, focus on money management, security, financial stability, and your property. In the beginning of the month, you’re thinking more about where you’re headed in life and what this year means in the grander landscape; in the later part of the month, you conclude that it doesn’t matter and you’re just going to take it one day at a time and play things by ear. Yes, start the New Year by focusing on baby steps. Love and romance is also in the air for Leo, bringing a sense of emotional exhilaration you may not have felt in a while.


Card Drawn. Key XI: Strength

Strength corresponds with Leo, the lion. You are at your peak. This is a time of your dominion. You can wear any mask and play any role. You may be doing that a bit this month.


Virgo | August 23 – September 22

For your New Year’s resolutions, focus on love and relationships. Any disappointments in romance will only be temporary, so stay optimistic. In quarrels with loved ones, even if you are insisting you’re right, swallow your pride and be the first to apologize. You’ll also want to think about how you’re expressing yourself through the written word, and how to communicate in relationships, personal and professional. Be sure to reread your e-mails carefully before you send them out. Redecorate your living space to facilitate a shift in your mental perspective. This will help boost your energy. Pick up a new hobby or sign up for an interesting class to stay mentally stimulated.


Card Drawn. Six of Wands: Trust

Light red candles for power, vitality, luck, and love. This month, be involved in your community. Be active and social. Meet people. Friendships, relationships, alliances, and partnerships of all sorts are auspicious this month.


Libra | September 23 – October 22

It may be an intense and emotional month for you, Libra. Be wary of confrontations. Do not overexert yourself. Say “no” more than you say “yes.” This could become a month of letting things go. Instead of taking on new commitments from the external or social sphere, focus on the internal, on family, home, and love. Take the time this January to regain your sense of emotional balance. For the Libra, January is going to bring a new conquest, perhaps one of an intellectual nature, or one that brings glory. Be fierce, strong-willed, and even rebellious when opportunities for advancement present themselves. Doing so brings success and great gains, so don’t get sluggish and just do what you can to overcome any fatigue that might be brought on by the Northern Node in retrograde.


Card Drawn. Two of Crystals: Equanimity

This is a month of having to be acutely self aware. Keep yourself detached and non-judgmental. Be objective in all that you do. Keep your cool and embrace sapphire blue this month.


Scorpio | October 23 – November 21

Be adventurous! You’re happiest when you’re involved in creative endeavors, so be involved in creative endeavors. January is also a great time for you to be ambitious and key your goals ambitiously. Aim high and take risks. Don’t pay any attention if you become the subject of petty gossip. Keep your vibrations high. Exercise routinely to stay energized and motivated. That way you will have the stamina you need to complete your goals. This January make a concentrated effort to take time out for spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, or just listening to uplifting music. These are the little things that will yield a great return and keep you mentally on track.


Card Drawn. Ten of Wands: Growth

You are like a tree growing upward toward the light this month. It’s a great time for development and advancement. It’s time you move up in the world, but to do so, think about how you can not only grow upward, but also grow toward love and light.


Sagittarius | November 22 – December 21

It is a month of transformations for you. Significant advancements in the social or public sphere can be had. This is a month for you to shine, Sagittarius. Gains in social status can be made if you seize the opportunities that come your way. Network, network, and network. Push yourself to schedule power lunches with folks who can help you get ahead. Reconnect with old friends—they could prove indispensable in helping you. Be goal-oriented and results-oriented, but don’t get too pushy with other people. Set expectations for yourself, and don’t try to impose those same expectations on others. For your New Year’s resolutions, focus on money management, security, financial stability, and your property.


Card Drawn. Key 0: Fool-Child

Trust in the universe and live on faith. You can take risks. Be open and curious. It is a time of new beginnings for you. The toucan is your totem animal for the month, representing showmanship and communications.

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