Planets in Retrograde and What It Might Mean: November to December 2014 Edition

Retrograde Mars. Image Credit: Tunc Tezel. Source: NASA APOD.
Retrograde Mars. Image Credit: Tunc Tezel. Source: NASA APOD.

So we, we being all the planets in the solar system, go round and round the sun in our orbits, right. Each one’s orbit is a little different, some are rounder and others more elliptical, and then there’s the tilt of the axis, each one tilted a bit differently from the others. Because of that, at certain times, earth will round a corner at a different pace than one of the other planets on its different-shaped orbit, i.e., maybe a little faster. At that point, from the earth’s perspective, because we’re rounding the corner a touch faster (and on a different-shaped orbit and a different tilt), that other planet appears to move backwards.

So the term “retrograde” kind of stuck.

At least that’s how I understand it. Hey, I’m no astronomer and barely even cut it as an astrologer.

Anyway, let’s just say that’s all about right. Well. Metaphysically, the change of pace is most definitely a change of energy flow and retrograde or not, astrologers are interested in how that change of energy affects life on earth. That’s basically what astrology is all about, whether you’re talking Eastern or Western astrology. It presumes the concept of a cosmic unity, that the whole universe is one being with a collective Spirit, and like our bodies, sometimes, something going on with the hands can affect what’s going on with the feet. So that’s the whole “As above, so below” and also the Dao and Qi concepts distilled into baby terms. And if you ask me, it’s entirely aligned with the concept of God.

We just survived an inordinately brutal Mercury in retrograde and now this. There’s Neptune in retrograde until the 15th of this month and Uranus in retrograde until December 22. It coincides with Jupiter going into retrograde on December 10.

That means right now you’ve got Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries in retrograde (from the earth’s perspective) plus the Northern Node in Libra in retrograde plus Chiron in Pisces with Neptune in retrograde. November 13-14th-ish, the Northern Node goes stationary (but it won’t stay there or be prograde for long; more on that later). By noon Saturday November 15, 2014, Neptune will go stationary. November 16th onward, Uranus and Chiron continue in retrograde. On November 23, Chiron goes stationary; December 9, Jupiter goes stationary. Then December 10 onward, you’ve got both Jupiter and Uranus in retrograde. Oh, also on that same day, the Northern Node is in retrograde again. During that whole time, by the way, after my last statement about the Northern Node, it comes in and out of being stationary, in prograde, and in retrograde. I just stopped jotting down the dates as I cycled through the transit charts. December 22, Uranus in Aries finally goes stationary and is what we would call normal by the 23rd. Now Jupiter and the Northern Node continue in retrograde into 2015. Oh, and by the way, Jupiter is going to stay in retrograde until about April 7 when it goes stationary and then is back to normal after that.

And here’s what it kind of looks like animated:


Oct. 21 – Dec. 30, 2014 Transits

So what does all that mean? Depends on who you ask. Now let’s say you’re asking me, because– sad day for you– you have no one smarter to talk to about these things.

Image Credit: NASA, Photojournal, by JPL. 1989.
Image Credit: NASA, Photojournal, by JPL. 1989.

Neptune in Pisces, in Retrograde

Neptune’s movements affect particular energies and vibrations here on Earth. It’s said to have the most impact on metaphysical energy as it manifests here. In other words, it relates to our intuition, psychic energy, dreams, and our imagination. It’s about mind over matter. It can also affect addictions. When Neptune’s influence is strong over someone, they have a gentler outward demeanor, but probably get cranky and moody in ways that seem completely arbitrary to outsiders looking in, and also it brings about a higher developed psychology. Artists, musicians, writers, poets, and actors: pay attention here.

When Neptune appears to go into retrograde, it means Earth is, from Earth’s point of view, outpacing Neptune. Thus, all those energies I mentioned are amplified. You may remember more of your dreams during the time that Neptune is in retrograde. Psychics are going to find their intuitive and metaphysical connections going wonky, either for the way-better-and-they’re-on-a-roll-here or in uncontrollable ways that will frustrate you. Overall, everyone is going to be feeling more intuitive and spiritual, or if you’re not readily connected to that side of yourself, then just more agitated and high-strung. The pull toward the esoteric is going to be stronger and so many of you might find yourself dabbling in new and interesting fields and practices… maybe like astrology. Or tarot.

Oh, but addicts, take care. They say this is a time when folks may be more prone to addiction or feel pulled back into addictive behavior. Neptune in retrograde can also bring about difficulties with setting boundaries and as we all know, how that pans out on a case by case, individual by individual basis can be quite intense. So watch out for that.

In the single rulership approach in modern (as opposed to traditional) astrology, Neptune is the ruling planet for Pisces. And… Neptune is in Pisces right now. Water energy at its most intense, you could say. Emotions are going to run high. Family issues may become front and center. Crises, changes, losses, and challenges will take a stronger emotional toll. Everyone is just generally going to be feeling hypersensitive, maybe at the expense of logic and pragmatism. All that being said, we may also see more compassion and people being more empathetic to one another. Neptune goes stationary around November 15 and then prograde. Until then…

* With Chiron in Pisces, in Retrograde

Let’s talk about Chiron for a quick minute. Chiron relates to our deepest wounds and how we recover from those wounds, what kind of newfound strengths we develop as a result of that recovery, and then how we utilize those strengths to help others. There’s a strong shamanic sensibility to Chiron. In more basic terms on the mundane level, it shows how we might overcompensate for our perceived weaknesses in our day to day interactions with people. In Pisces, we’re going to be feeling a lot more emotional about these perceived weaknesses. In retrograde, amplify everything I just said. If you’re actually a sun sign Pisces or heck, a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio), then, um, I hope you have a really good therapist. Remember: that’s from now (November 12, 2014) until about November 24.

Image Credit: NASA, PlanetQuest, by JPL. 1986.
Image Credit: NASA, PlanetQuest, by JPL. 1986.

Uranus in Aries, in Retrograde

Uranus is the introvert’s planet. It’s also the planet of eccentrics and revolutionaries. It lends the kind of energy that propels some people into unconventional career paths. It motivates invention, innovation, and progress. Uranus is very Enlightenment-Renaissance-ish and is quite dynamic, but it also sets certain folks off into a brooding, contemplative state. It’s about how certain people prefer to preserve their energies for the development of art, literature, or science instead of the development of what these people might perceive as superficial interpersonal relationships and mindless chatter. Hence, the introvert’s planet.

In retrograde, it creates energies that might push along rebellion, riot, people restless for change, and people not wanting to play by the current sets of rules. It also makes people more unpredictable.

Oh boy, and in Aries, it’s going to be all about the Self. People may be more prone to a “my way or the highway” attitude. On the plus side, ambition becomes an incredibly powerful force and enterprisers will be even more enterprising, artists more creative and inspired, and behavior will be driven more by passion (err… or arrogance and stubbornness). Fire signs, Air signs, and people with Uranus-dominant natal charts will feel most affected by this retrograde. Uranus will leave retrograde and go stationary around December 21st and will be back to business as usual on the 22nd-23rd.

* Both Neptune and Uranus in Retrograde Contemporaneously

So. When you have both Neptune and Uranus seeming to go into retrograde at the same time, that change of energy, the way that change affects how Qi flows on Earth is going to cause what may feel like a collision of the physical and metaphysical. Usually, the most obvious sign of that is in how it affects electromagnetic frequency (EMF) waves. (EMF is, like, totally an important thing in feng shui, and feng shui will most definitely be affected by all these retrogrades.) Okay. What does all that mean?

Your electronics will be wonky. Technical malfunctions of digital equipment shouldn’t surprise you. Light bulbs might flicker for no apparent reason. Interesting things might happen with the radio or walky-talkies (do people even use those anymore?). If you’re writing for NaNoWriMo right now, I hope you’re saving your work every 3 seconds because computers might be more prone to crashing. I know, I sound so weird right now. Just… indulge me. Be more wary. Try to keep your cool when modems and wireless stop working properly.

On the plus side, with the disturbances of EMF radiation comes (allegedly) heightened psychic energies, being way more attuned to Spirit, God, the Divine, the Dao (or Tao), loved ones past, and maybe even feeling a bit more religious than usual. Oh, cats will meow more than usual, dogs will bark at the wall, and animals in general might be more prone to cozy up with their human companions and be all lovey-dovey. Unless they (and now I mean humans inclusive) are by nature quite introverted or sensitive, in which case they may appear more high-strung than usual. Yeah.

But Neptune and Uranus in retrograde together ends this Friday. So maybe this post comes a little late for you. Oh well.

Image Credit: NASA, Photojournal, by CICLOPS, 2000.
Image Credit: NASA, Photojournal, by CICLOPS. 2000.

Jupiter in Leo, in Retrograde

Jupiter in Leo is going to be in retrograde for quite some time, so I’ll probably write more on this later and keep this section short for now. However, generally it’s not too big of a deal since half the time Jupiter is in retrograde anyway. You’re probably already used to it.

In both Eastern and Western astrology, you devote quite the focus on Jupiter to gauge a person’s luck. Astrological schools of all sorts seem to agree that the energies that Jupiter sets into motion in the solar system affect our success factor, our fortunes. Jupiter is the extrovert’s planet. It affects our popularity. People in positions of power and authority and people in my profession–law are going to want to pay attention to what’s going on with Jupiter. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) with nocturnal natal charts: you, too; especially Sagittarius.

In Leo, we’re… going to have more public drama than usual. Oh, right. Because that was exactly what world politics needs more of right now. More public drama. It also means a whole lot of Fire power concentrated together and so if something sparks in your life, especially for anyone with a natal chart full of Fire, it might very well set off an explosion.

Now. Jupiter retrograde is generally a time for inner reflection and reopening figurative cold cases from your past and addressing them in the present. It’s doing catch-up work. Extroverts with a lot of Fire, however, could become more assholey than usual, needing some way to release all their agitation. That probably causes introverts dealing with such extroverts to retreat even deeper into their shells. Anyway, for most intents and purposes, chill out. Relax. It’s going to be fine.

Starting in early December and well into the coming year 2015, we’re going to be feeling the effects, whatever they may be for us, of Jupiter in retrograde.

Northern Node in Libra, in Retrograde

The Northern Node is said to influence our happiness and sense of fulfillment. It affects how our personality traits, desires, and behavior help or hinder us in our goals. Libra will direct those influences toward our preferences, toward discrimination and bias (not always a bad thing, not usually a good thing), and on a more superficial but still significant level, our sense of style and fashion.

So when it goes into retrograde in Libra, we might be attracted to people we would normally be repelled by and we might be repelled by people we would normally be attracted to. Issues of balance may also come into play. Perhaps the retrograde will make those under sun sign Libra feel less motivated than usual or experience peculiarities in the areas I mentioned above.

Oh by the way, how the foregoing might manifest specifically on a particular day will also depend a great deal on the sign influencing the sun (changes every 22-23 days), what’s going on with the moon (every 2-ish days), Mercury (sign changes every 7-8 days), and Venus (every 18-19 days). And how it might manifest in particular for you depends on your sun sign and ascendant sign, i.e., your ruling planets, and moon sign.

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