Info Galore for the Professional Tarot Reader, from Christiana Gaudet


I had heard her name here and there because, really, who does tarot and hasn’t heard of Christiana Gaudet? Both of her books, Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know (Juniper Gardens Press, 2010) and Tarot Tour Guide: Tarot, the Four Elements, and Your Spiritual Journey (Juniper Gardens Press, 2012) are essential to any halfway decent tarot library, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing about the tarot info galore she’s provided that is readily available for your consumption. She demonstrates generosity and knowledge and I aspire to be a tarot practitioner like her.

I’ve been watching her YouTube channel during every free moment I have. When I watch her, I get great vibes from her aura, so I watched video after video, disbelieving of the wealth of tarot resources here. No matter what stage of tarot study you are at, whether you just picked up a deck, are still making heads and tails of the Celtic Cross, or you’ve been reading professionally for decades, you have something to learn from Ms. Gaudet.

From her YouTube channel, I learned about Christiana’s Psychic Café, which is an online streaming show that takes place on The Para Encounters Network (PEN) every Sunday at 9 pm. The recorded video is then uploaded on YouTube and you can enjoy it at your leisure from Ms. Gaudet’s channel. I love hearing from professional tarot readers and others in various metaphysical or spiritual practices. Her guests are always entertaining. For the most part they’re incredible, impressive, and I’m in awe. There are a few times you cringe, though, and you watch to learn what not to do. But that’s important, too, so either way, there’s much to absorb on Christiana’s Psychic Café. Coolest yet is when different generations of tarot readers converge.

Then there’s her blog, Tarot Trends, which is all empowering substantive content. Also be sure to subscribe to her weekly e-mail newsletter. Ordinarily I dislike e-mail newsletters to my inbox and the ones I do get I don’t even open let alone read. However, I read Tarot Topics when it arrives because I always know there’s something in there I’ll learn from. Sorry if this little post seems neither here nor there, but I just had to share my latest discovery. Amazing!